Mu's family is tight.

Mu Bing slowly opened his eyes.

"this is……"

Mu Bing struggled and found that his whole body was bound by a huge iron chain.

She raised her eyes, but saw Mu Hong and his wife looking at herself with a sneer.

"Patriarch, what do you mean?" Mu Bing asked.

"what for?"

Mu Hong sneered coldly, "Didn't you ask knowingly? Let's talk, where are the gods?"

"Haha, don't think about it!" Mu Bing said.

"A bit spine, I'll see if your bones are hard, or your hooks are hard!"

After speaking, Mu Hong gave a look.

Then, a camel came in, he grinned, showing a few big yellow teeth, looking very sick.

He looked at Mu Bing, and said, "Skin and tender meat like you, let's be honest, so as not to suffer from the skin and flesh!"

"Tell you, this is called Soul Claw. Once it pierces the flesh, it will cause a pain of soul tearing, which is not something you can bear!"

"If you don't want to suffer, it's better to say it obediently!" Huozi said.

"I bother!"

Mu Bing spit out directly.

"Little lady, you forced me!"

After speaking, Huozi carefully took the Soul Claw and pierced Mu Bing's arm.


The metal symphony sounded.

Mu Bing's skin was just like King Kong did.

Can't get in at all!

How can this be?

On the forehead of the camel, fine beads of sweat overflowed.

Even if it is a dragon body, it can't be so strong, right?

"Hurry up, why are you so long?" Mu Hong said.

"Yes, Patriarch!"

The camel gritted his teeth and roared with all his strength.


A sound of piercing into flesh and blood sounded.


A scream came.

The camel fell to the ground and screamed

I saw that on his finger, the Soul Claw plunged into it.

It looked like a capital punishment, words could not describe.

"what happened?"

"Home... Patriarch, she... She is too strong in physical body, this... This Soul Claw can't be pierced at all!"

After speaking, the camel screamed again, "Ah..."


Mu Hong frowned slightly, drew a long sword, and slashed it at Mu Bing.


The long sword split at the sound, without causing any harm to Mu Bing.


Mu Hong and the middle-aged woman were dumbfounded.

This is a high-grade spiritual weapon, and it is filled with immortal power.

It breaks so easily?

How strong is her physical body?

The faces of the two were full of jealousy.

"Ahong, what should I do? Right now, it's just sealing her body strength, but the physical body can't seal it!"

"What should she do if she breaks free and jumps up?" the middle-aged woman said.

"Huh, what are you afraid of!"

There was a murderous intent on Mu Hong's face.

He looked at Mu Bing and said, "Handing over the fairy sword will save you from death!"

"Haha, don't think about it!" Mu Bing smiled coldly.

"Toast and not eat fine wine, there is no way, you can only ask someone to break your soul space!" Mu Hong said.

Hearing this, the middle-aged woman's face changed drastically, "Ahong, if she breaks through her soul space like this, she will die!"

"Women's benevolence, as long as we get the fairy sword, what are we afraid of!"

After speaking, Mu Hong left quickly.

After a while.

Mu Hong walked in with a man in a blood gown.

Bloodthirsty, gloomy, cold...

Various breaths rushed to the face.

Mu Bing looked at the man in the blood robe, her pupils contracted, "Sure enough, he is the one who followed me!"

"Mu Hong, you... you colluded with the demons? You should be punished according to the law!" Mu Bing roared.

"Haha, collusion? When Zhuo?"

Mu Hong sneered coldly, "You know what a fart, do you have the right to collude with our little Mu family?"

"Jie Jie..."

The blood-robed man licked his lips, as if seeing a bunch of delicious food.

"It's so delicious, and so rich! This trip is worth it!" said the blood-robed man.

"My lord, please break through her soul space, she is your food!" Mu Hong said.

"it is good!"

The blood-robed man stepped forward, full of blood on his body.

In the blink of an eye, the entire secret room was enveloped.

A wave of coercion flooded the Quartet.

These blood qi quickly condense to form a blood claw.

The cold, icy breath enveloped the Quartet.

This blood claw seems to be able to crack the soul and break everything.

"Little baby, die!"

After the blood-robed man finished speaking, he controlled the blood claw, aimed at Mu Bing and grabbed it.

Seeing this scene, Mu Hong's eyes showed a cruel smile.

"Mu Bing, you won't even think about it when you die, I transplanted Chen'er's spiritual root from your childhood!"

"The reason why he is so strong now is all because of you!"

"However, I really didn't expect that if your spiritual roots were taken away, you could grow to this level!"

"It's surprising, but from now on, you will no longer exist!"

Mu Hong muttered to himself, his eyes gleaming.

What he didn't know was that these voices clearly reached Mu Bing's ears.

"Sure enough!"

In Mu Bing's eyes, the killing intent was fleeting.

"I wanted to forget, but I remembered you again!"

"Originally, you are from the same root, but you are for your own benefit, regardless of brotherhood!"

"Today, you-must-must-die!"

Bing Mu's body, cold killing intent, continued to rise.

Her hair was dancing wildly and her breath was soaring.


The iron chains bound to her broke one by one.

Between the **** claws, he stretched out his right hand and held it lightly.


There was a loud noise.

The entire chamber trembled violently.

The blood-robed man hadn't realized what was going on yet, but he saw that Mu Bing had arrived in front of him.

The slender hand grabbed his neck at once.


The blood-robed man was like a chicken with his neck twisted, letting him struggle without any effect.

"The son is right, evil spirits shouldn't exist in this world!"

After speaking, Mu Bing shook it lightly!


There was an explosion.

The man in the blood robe clenched his neck, tilted his head, and fell limp to the ground.

After a few convulsions, there was no movement.

Looking at this scene, Mu Hong stood silly on the spot.

How can this be?

How did she break free?

This is made by the best spirit iron!

Her strength has reached this level?

Mu Hong muttered to himself, unbelieving.


At the moment when Mu Hong was stunned, Mu Bing had already come to him and looked at him condescendingly.

"You...what do you want to do?" Mu Hong's voice trembled.

"What do you think?" Mu Bing smiled coldly.

"You want to kill?"

There was a look of fear on Mu Hong's face.

Suddenly, he moved.

A puff of purple smoke sprayed out of his hand, and immediately enveloped Mu Bing.


"Mu Bing, you are still a bit too tender, don't you know how to speak after you catch the enemy?"

"Now that I am in ecstasy, you can still have strength."

Mu Hong's face was full of pride.

After Ziyan disappeared, she saw Mu Bing standing there, intact.

"This is impossible?!"

"You... are you immune to my poison?"

To Mu Hong's surprise, Mu Bing was completely unharmed.

"You are right, catch the enemy before you speak!"

She looked up Mu Hong as if twisting a chicken.

In the same way, the middle-aged woman who was frightened in place was also mentioned.


There was an explosion.

Mu Bing broke through the ground and stood high in the sky.


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