"Only this broken hatchet can make such a terrifying blow?"

The rough man picked up the hatchet and looked left and right, his face full of doubts.

After all the methods are exhausted, the clue cannot be seen from the hatchet.

It seemed that it was just an ordinary soldier, not enough.

Next second.

The rough man's scalp was numb, and he quickly threw the hatchet out of his hand.

However, the hatchet seemed to be in the palm of his hand and couldn't get rid of it.

The strength in the rough man's body is rapidly losing and pouring into the hatchet.


The rough man shrank his pupils and reacted extremely quickly. In an instant, he chopped off his claws.

"What is this that can actually swallow my power?"

"It's just a breath, I was swallowed by it, **** it!"

The rough man looked at the hatchet on the ground, his face full of anger.

"I deliberately let me take the hatchet in order to swallow my strength, swallow you, and can't make up for it!"

The rough man walked towards Chen Daoming step by step.

On him, a monstrous dragon's might was emitted, and Chen Daoming did not move at all.

"come back!"

Chen Daoming looked at the hatchet and gave a soft drink.


The hatchet vibrated wildly, turned into a stream of light, and instantly appeared in Chen Daoming's hand.


The surrounding coercion cracked.

Chen Daoming regained his freedom.

Without any hesitation, Chen Daoming poured all his strength into the hatchet for the first time.

Afterwards, he aimed at the rough man and made a groundbreaking blow.


All around, fell into darkness instantly.

A bright light came quickly, aimed at the brow of the rough man, and flew over.

The speed was so fast that even the rough man did not react.


A sword pierced into the flesh and blood sounded.

The rugged man's eyebrows spurted blood.

He wiped it with his hand, looking at his hands full of scarlet, calming his face, and instantly twisted.

"You can hurt me?"

"You dare to hurt me!"

The rough man stepped out, bumping into layers of ripples.

Instantly appeared in front of Chen Daoming and blasted out a punch.


With a loud noise, Chen Daoming's body flew out.

"Boom! Boom..."

Everywhere I went, the house cracked and the dust skyrocketed.

Flew directly out of a kilometer and hit the city wall.


The wall cracked and collapsed.


Chen Daoming spit out a few mouthfuls of blood, struggling one after another, but couldn't get up.

He looked at the rough man, his face full of fear.

The strongest move turned out to be just to make him shed a few drops of blood.

This dragon will be too strong!

This is in trouble!

The rough man looked at Chen Daoming, his expression changed slightly, "Not dead?!"

"The physical body is really strong enough to be compared with ours!"

"However, even if the Nine Immortals of Human Race come today, they won't be able to save you!"

This was just finished.

"is it?"

It sounded.


An icy air fell from the sky and enveloped the rough man.

Mu Bing was dressed in blue, falling from the sky like a fairy.

Behind her, the four ancestors of the Mu family followed closely.

She stood in the air, looking at the rough man with a calm face.

That expression is like a goddess who controls the world.

"Dragon General?"

the other side.

Three figures came slowly.

The three of them are Luo Liuyan, Su Yiling and Wenrenshi.

Seeing Chen Daoming's injury, Luo Liuyan said, "Daoyou Chen, step back and rest. Next, leave it to us!"

"it is good!"

Chen Daoming struggled to stand up and backed away.

The rugged man looked at these people with a trace of disdain.

"Just rely on you..."

The words are not finished.

Luo Liuyan and Su Yiling moved at the same time, and seven pictures flew up at the same time.


There was a sound of shaking.

Terror Dao Yun, like a tsunami, crazily flooded from all directions.

Seeing this scene, the rough man's face changed dramatically.

"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!"

"How can a little human race have so many treasures?"

The rough man used his birth law and fled frantically.

It's just no time.


Shocking roar sounded.

Shocking Daoyun shrouded the rough man in a blink of an eye.

"Damn it!"

The rough man gritted his teeth and roared, but it was extremely difficult to move his fingers when he was stuck in the quagmire.

"I want to trap this seat with this, and break it for me!"

The rugged man swelled and creaked.

In the blink of an eye, he turned into a thousand-meter-long dragon.

Each scale, the size of a roof, surged out with that indestructible momentum.


It sounded like an egg shell cracking.

The Dao Yun shrouded in the dragon's body instantly burst.


The dragon looked up to the sky and roared.

Long Yin shattered nine heavens and ten earth, spreading everywhere.


A cloud of white light spit out from the dragon.

The white light contained the power of destroying the sky and the earth, aimed at the two women of Su Yiling, and blasted over.

Seeing this scene, Luo Liuyan's scalp exploded and the two hurriedly used birth law.

It's just that, where is too late.


A loud noise made the entire Xifu Xiancheng hum and tremble.

The attics burst open.


A shock wave swept the Quartet.

Wherever I went, the dust was lifted up in layers.

Smoke and dust covered the surrounding sky.

Wait for the smoke to clear.

A huge hole 100 meters deep appeared on the ground.

In the huge pit, a huge dragon stood there, with a lot of scales off its body.

The dragon struggled to stand up and looked up at the sky, his pupils shrinking.

I see.

In the sky, Luo Liuyan and others stood beside Mu Bing, intact.

No trace of injury was left.

In the higher sky, a phantom dragon hovered there, looking at the dragon coldly.


The dragon's scalp exploded, shocked and shocked.

"I don't know what the so-called senior came here?"

The dragon crawled his head down to show respect.


The Sky Dragon didn't even look at him, with an arrogant posture.

The dragon's eyes were staring at the Shenlong phantom, his face was full of anger.

"It turned out to be just a ray of remnant soul, in that case, this seat will swallow you!"

"Seeing you dare to be arrogant!"

After speaking, the dragon opened his mouth and vomited hard.


A white bead emerged into the sky.

The world changed color instantly at this moment.

Throughout the sky, all I saw was this white bead.

"Dragon Ball!"

An exclamation sounded.

"What? He actually cultivated Dragon Ball, this is in trouble!"

"We are going to shoot!"

At this moment, Mu Ao's four people stood up with a serious look.


With a wave of Mu Bing's right hand, the phantom of the dragon in the sky changed rapidly, turned into a statue, and returned to Mu Bing's hand.

"You wait for the ants, thank you so much for sending me a strand of dragon soul!"

"As long as I swallow it, I will be able to break through the fairyland!"

"By then, do I need to fear anyone?"


There was a big laugh.

Echoing leisurely between heaven and earth.

White light flourished on the dragon.

Strands of white light rushed to the dragon ball from its mouth.


The Dragon Ball exuded all the power of destruction, aimed at everyone, and blasted over.


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