Lei Jie giant's body trembled, and his whole body was chilly.

He looked at Huang Rumeng and quickly withdrew his gaze.

"Husband...Madam's strength, is it so terrible?"

"I... How dare I shoot my wife? I don't want to live anymore, do I?"

"Yes... I'm sorry, ma'am!"

"I'm wrong!"

After speaking, the giant Lei Jie pointed at Huang Rumeng and bowed deeply.

"Don't stare at me, I understand!"

The Thunder Tribulation Giant took out his hammer, and in his extremely painful expression, drew out a ray of colorful thunder light.

"This is my gift to you, don't blame me, accept it!"

After speaking, the giant thunder robbery left the colorful Lei Mang.


The light flashed, and instantly submerged into Huang Rumeng's body.

This ray of colorful thunder glow contains all kinds of electric glow, and its power is many times stronger than the 18 thunder glow before Huang Rumeng.

The colorful thunder light quickly merged with the Divine Phoenix in the Dantian.

Sensing everything in his pubic area, Huang Rumeng quickly retracted his gaze.

Originally, I also hoped that the Thunder Tribulation Giant would bombard a few more Thunder Tribulation.

Unexpectedly, it directly gave this supreme good fortune to itself?

It feels like a dream.

Thunder Tribulation Giant is afraid of himself?


How could the Thunder Tribulation Giant be afraid of himself, it was only the son!

All these good things are given by the son.

Thinking of this, Huang Rumeng swept to Sun Hao, with gratitude written all over his face, "My son, I am willing to pay for your kindness in ten lifetimes!"

In the dark clouds.

Seeing Huang Rumeng no longer staring at him, Lei Jie Giant let out a long sigh of relief.

He patted his chest secretly, stepped carefully, and walked forward.

Step into the whirlpool and disappear into the sky.

When he appeared again, he came to a certain space.

In this space, the electric lights are shining, and the thunder is rushing.

Just one glance, it makes people shattered and terrifying.


The Lei Jie giant knelt on the ground and let out an unwilling roar.

"Heaven, why, why did I encounter the supreme being again?"

"Why are all the people around him who crossed the robbery?"

"My performance this year is still zero, how can I go back to see the master?"

"It's only five months, God, please send me more people who cross the Tribulation Realm!"

"Even if it violates the rules, I will blow him to death!"

Lei Jie giant's face was bitter and shouted.

His voice shook the entire space humming.

"No, supreme existence is not taken seriously. I won't be so lucky next time!"

"Such a horrible place, I can't go anymore!"

"Supreme exists in the place where I live, within a hundred miles, I want to draw a restricted area, so as not to make a mistake!"

After speaking, the giant Lei Jie swung his hammer to draw a big circle.

An invisible wave of air directly penetrated the space, covering a hundred miles around Sun Hao's residence.

From now on, there will be no more thunder in this area.



Tianluo Continent, Daqi Mountain in the Northern Region, Yuji Cave House.

Yu Jizi opened his eyes.

He looked at the direction of the Western Regions with a face full of doubts.

"No? It's gone in one blow?"

"Should there be a hundred and eight thunder tribulations?"

"Could it be that one blow killed the person who crossed the Tribulation?"

Thinking of this, Yu Jizi gasped.

"This immortal robbery is really terrifying!"

"Fortunately, the old man became immortal early!"

"Otherwise, even with the current strength, I am afraid that I will not be able to survive the immortal catastrophe!"

Yujizi sighed secretly and stood up.

"You have to make some preparations, apprentice, hold on for a while, and come to rescue you as the teacher!"

After speaking, Yu Jizi took out the talisman paper and began to portray.



Tianluo Continent, on an island to the west, in a tall tower covered by a skull.

Gui Zhu looked at the direction of the Western Regions, and the flame of his soul was beating slightly.

I do not know how long it has been.


The soul flame in the eyes of the ghost candle beating rapidly.

"Only a thunder robbery?"

"Do you think you are a person?"

"Unexpectedly, even a thunder robbery could not be resisted!"

"Worry me for nothing!"

After Ghost Candle finished speaking, his figure flashed and disappeared instantly.



Sun Hao's residence, in the sky.

Huang Rumeng stood there, closed his eyes, and quietly felt the changes in his body.


It sounded.

The spiritual roots broke apart directly.

The infinite celestial power rushes all over the body through the meridians.

Every cell in the body is undergoing crazy transformation.

Huang Rumeng's physical body was transforming into a fairy body.

Become an immortal, take off the mortal womb and become an immortal body.

Linggen is directly stored in every cell of the body and can be recalled at any time.

In addition, it is to truly control the avenue.

Only need to condense the soul, then can use the road.

After drinking so many enlightenment teas, my soul is already extremely powerful.

I'm afraid that the entire Ziyang Star, except for the son, is himself.

Wherever the idea comes, the avenue can use it.

a long time.

Huang Rumeng's fairy body has only been tempered.

"Now, the avenue of destruction has been completed, and it can be regarded as a Huangxian! With my current strength, under Xuanxian, I am invincible!"

"You only need to realize the Great Dao of Destruction to the peak state, then I will step into the Profound Immortal!"

"At that time, the strength will be ten times stronger than now! There is also enough strength to return to Demon Ancestral Mountain!"

"Why do you want to do so much now? Stay with the son, this is the most important thing!"

Huang Rumeng muttered to himself, secretly making a decision.

On her body, a layer of radiance is exuded that seems to be nothing.

It looks so beautiful and suffocating.

Between the gestures, there is a natural feeling.

After a long time, she opened her eyes and soared down.

Everyone looked at Huang Rumeng, with a little awe on their faces.

Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng, his eyes gleaming unceasingly.

Rumeng now looks more beautiful than anything else.

On his body, he has a more dusty temperament.

"Rumeng, just now?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, I saw that Lei was about to fall just now, so I took action to stop it. It's all right now!" Huang Rumeng said.

what? prevent?

In this way, Rumeng catches thunder with bare hands?

That voltage is tens of millions of volts, even hundreds of millions of volts.

Moreover, the current is as high as several hundred thousand amps.

It's impossible to imagine how powerful Vaillant is.

Was it picked up by Rumeng with bare hands?

Rumeng is too strong to imagine.

At first, when she first came, she would tremble with fear even when she thundered.

How long will it take to pick up thunder with bare hands?

It's unimaginable to grow so fast!

Could it be said that she is so powerful because of her inheritance from her ancestors?

should be!

"Like a dream, great!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, I'm sorry!"

Huang Rumeng sat beside Sun Hao.

"Don't froze, everyone, keep eating!"

Sun Hao's voice awakened everyone.

"it is good!"

Looking at the small half pot of dragon meat, everyone continued to move their chopsticks.

Luo Liuyan sipped the dragon meat and looked at Sun Hao from time to time.

The light in the eyes, flickering and uncertain.

There will be a son in the future, face the immortal robbery, don't be afraid at all!

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family trembled, holding the dragon meat, shaking from time to time.

What I have seen and heard these days is better than the previous 100,000 years.

Thinking about it now, it still feels like a dream.

"Brother, even the Thunder Tribulation Giant is afraid of the son, you say..."

"Don't say it, I'm scared to death, Young Master Realm, not what I can imagine, eat your meat!"

"Yes, brother, but my hand is shaking so badly that I can't help it!"

"At such an old age, you have to calm down. You need to remember one thing. From now on, you should look forward to the head of the son. Don't neglect!"

"yes, Sir!"

The four ancestors of the Mu family conducted divine consciousness transmission and reached a consensus.

Mo Haoshi looked at Sun Hao and took a few deep breaths.

"My son, you actually scared away the Thunder Tribulation Giant!"

"What is your identity?"


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