"Haha, die, just die for me!"

"With you backing, death will not shake!"

The skinny old man looked at the Soul Eater rushing towards the cultivators, his face was full of pride.

"When you finish eating you, then the Soul Eater will sweep the whole earth!"

"By then, there will only be Soul Eater left in the entire world!"

"Everything, destroy it!"


The thin old man looked up to the sky and screamed like crazy.

"Damn it!"

Chen Daoming looked back at the sky, secretly saying that it was not good.

When preparing to move.

"Do not……"

A shocking cry sounded.

Then, a picture scroll flew out of Yu Jizi's hand.


The picture scroll spread out and grew rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, half of the sky was covered.

In the picture scroll, two figures came out, a man and a woman.

They sat cross-legged in the air and began to play the piano.


The sound of the piano shook to all directions.

At this moment, space is stagnant and time is still.

Everyone's eyes are staring in the air, watching quietly.

"My son, I know that you won't leave us alone!"

"Thank you for waking us up. From now on, I will work hard to cultivate and try to stop letting you do anything!"

In Chen Daoming's eyes, there were two lines of tears.

The touched color is written all over the face.

"My son, thank you!" Mu Bing murmured.

"My son, you are really hitting us!"

"My brain is so stupid, I can't understand your intentions!"


Su Yiling sighed lightly, a touch of shame on her face.

"My son, don't worry, if we have any instructions from you in the future, we will do our best to complete them, and we will not let you take any more!"

"Don't talk about breaking an arm, even if I break a head, I will never frown!"

Wen Renshi muttered to himself, clenching his right fist.


The sound of the piano entered the ears, and the foreground and objects of everyone's eyes changed rapidly.

At this moment, they seemed to be lying on the grass.

Taste food and talk about life with others.

The color of comfort is written all over the face.

They closed their eyes and lay down on the ground.

Their mood is improving rapidly.


Wen Renshi's body slowly rose, floating in the air.

The wisps of rhythm circled him non-stop.

The statue soared up with its broken arm, blending with the wound on Wen Renshi's left arm.

As the piano sounded, skin grew on the broken arm.

From the outside, it looks no different from a normal arm.

In the sky.

Those Soul Eaters who were about to dive down all stopped.

They listened to the sound of the piano, and their bodies changed rapidly.

Finally, it turned into a piece of scarlet spar and fell to the ground.

on site.

The only one who is uncomfortable to hear the sound of the piano is the skinny old man.

His eyes were cracked and his face was full of anger.

He hugged his head and screamed bitterly from time to time.

"Stop playing, **** it, stop playing!"

"God, you must die!"

The skinny old man gritted his teeth, his eyes swept, and finally he stared at Yujizi.

"Damn, I should have paid attention to him long ago! I was cheated by him!"

"It turns out that he is the **** and cunning man!"

"I haven't taken a shot, until the end, I throw out the picture scroll!"

"Hid it deep enough!"

"Wait for the Lord's anger!"

The skinny old man had a distorted face and clenched his teeth.

Then, he took out a blood-colored talisman seal and squeezed it gently.


A **** figure formed.

Its appearance is exactly the same as Yujizi.

"My lord, he is a **** and treacherous man, and he must be rooted out for bad things in our clan!"

A voice was wrapped in a secret method by the skinny old man and placed in the scarlet figure.


The scarlet figure flashed, sank into the ground and disappeared.


The skinny old man screamed harshly.

All the blood on his body shattered and disappeared.

Immediately after.

The skinny old man's body turned into a stream of blood at a speed visible to the naked eye, flowing on the ground.

All that was left was a rotten bone.

The sound of the piano flicked over and burst into powder instantly.

After a while.

The sound of the piano gradually dispersed, and two figures walked back to the painting.


The scroll shrank and changed back to its normal size, making a sound of breaking through the air, disappearing into the sky.

Everything belongs to peace.

Everyone lay on the ground, closed their eyes, and smiled comfortably.

After a long time, everyone opened their eyes in turn.

"So comfortable! Hey, my injuries are gone!"

"Haha..., I recovered, I recovered completely!"

"My talent level is a hundred times stronger, this...this is impossible! I have broken through several levels in a row!"

The exclamation kept ringing.

After regaining consciousness.

All the cultivators bowed to the ground, clasped their hands together, with a pious look.

"Thank you God and cunning man!"

"God treacherous man, I will die without regrets if I listen to you in this life! In this life, I will take you as an example and take the responsibility of saving the world!"

"God and cunning man, your great kindness can only be repaid by action!"

Especially the thousands of disciples of the Chilian Sect, their bodies trembled and tears filled their eyes!

Xiang Shichen crawled on the ground, crying bitterly.

I don't know, I thought he was beaten.

"Recovered? Strength is further!"

Chen Daoming stood there, clenching his hands blankly, unable to believe it.

This song, the son, is more effective than the song heard in the Blood Phoenix Nest.

Just now, the loss of qi and blood not only recovered, but also became more surging several times.

With the song just now, my mood has improved several times.

There is a little more insight into the sense of Dao Dao.

There is still one step left to reach Xiaodao Xiaocheng!

At that time, as long as you survive the Tribulation, you will be a real fairy!

"this is?"

Chen Daoming's mind sank towards Dantian, his expression suddenly stagnated.

I saw that Dantian Yuanying had changed and turned into a big sword.

The domineering and mighty breath rushed to the entire Dantian.

"This...this is Linggen!"

"This spiritual root is extremely difficult, I can't even see the rank!"

"My son, thank you!"

Chen Daoming looked at the direction of Big Demon Mountain, with gratitude all over his face.

the other side.

Wen Renshi stood silly on the spot.

He stared at his left arm blankly, his face full of disbelief.

"It's as flexible as before, but it feels that the explosive power is at least a hundred times greater than before!"

"Could it be that the broken arm was integrated into the body?"

At this point, Wen Renshi was shocked.

Afterwards, his face showed great gratitude, "My son, thank you! Such good fortune, the old news will pay off for a lifetime!"

Two lines of tears rushed down.

Mu Bing and Su Yiling both looked surprised.

Withdrawing from the mood, the four came together.

"Elder Wen, your arm!" Su Yiling exclaimed.

This sound together.

All three of them looked at Wenrenshi.

"The arm grows? Impossible!"

"The song of the son bullet is really incredible!"

"Hey, what about that broken arm!"

Hearing this, Wen Renshi's mouth raised, "Don't look for it, here!"

Wen Renshi raised his left arm with a smug expression on his face.

"What? Melted with your arm? Great luck!"

Chen Daoming exclaimed with a trace of regret on his face.


Wen Renshi let out a hearty laugh.

"Thank you, League Master Chen, if it weren't for your good understanding, I wouldn't know that I would have to break my arm. It turns out that the third level of the son is to give me a shocking good luck!"

"Elder Wen, congratulations!"

"So envious, Elder Wen!"

The two women looked at Wenrenshi, envious.

"Well, since everyone has gained good fortune, then don't be stunned, put away all those soul-eaters, and give them to me!" Chen Daoming said.

"it is good!"

With the efforts of all the cultivators, everyone quickly picked up the scarlet spar on the ground, and finally handed it all to Chen Daoming.

"Leader Chen, I want to join the Evil Suppression Alliance!"

"Leader Chen, can we join?"

A crowd of immortal cultivators gathered around and surrounded Chen Daoming.

"Everyone, don't worry, there is no problem to join the Alliance for Suppression of Evil!"

"However, that is also conditional!"

"Xiang Shichen!" Chen Daoming shouted.


Xiang Shichen stood up.

"From today on, you will be the sub-rudder of the Northern Evil Alliance. You are responsible for all matters, understand?" Chen Daoming said.

Hearing this, Xiang Shichen's pupils shrank, and his face showed endless joy.

"Thank you, leader Chen!"

Xiang Shichen knelt down heavily and began to kowtow.

"Well, you have to join the Alliance for Suppression of Evil, just find Lord Xiang Ruo!"

"I'll wait for something, and leave first!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming took the three of them into the sky and disappeared into the sky.

"Want to slip? No way!"

Yu Jizi let out a gloomy laugh, disappearing like a ghost.


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