Below the Taichu mine, in a passage.

A red-haired man walked forward like a zombie.

He is Lie Shang.

"Child, come on, I'll be here soon!"

"My strength is unparalleled in the world!"

"After you get it, you will become the supreme master, no one is your opponent!"

"Those who have bullied you, hurt you, framed you will all be trampled under your feet!"

This sound kept ringing in my ears.

Shortly after.

He came to a tomb and stood in front of a dark coffin.

"Child, come on, press your hand on it, and my strength can be passed on to you!"

The voice came from the coffin.

Lie Shang stood there, restoring a trace of clarity in his eyes.

"Why am I here?"

Lie Shang muttered to himself, hugged his head, and screamed in pain.

"Do not……"

"Master is not like this!"

"Why does he treat me like this!"

"In my eyes, you are my relatives!"

Lie Shang said each sentence, and in his voice, despair gradually appeared.

"Since there is no nostalgia, then such a world shouldn't exist!"

"Give me strength, let me destroy it!"

After speaking, Lie Shang stretched out his palm and pressed it on the coffin.


The wisps of red blood flowed up from the coffin, submerged in Lie Shang's body.


Lie Shang was like an electric shock, his body trembled frantically, and his mouth kept foaming.

His body was full of blood, his hair was dancing in the wind, and his blood-red eyes stared straight ahead.

The breath is rising rapidly.


The rocks on the ground, seemingly unable to withstand this pressure, are rapidly cracking.

After half a moment.


Lie Shang looked up to the sky and smiled like crazy.

"One million years, one million years!"

"Unexpectedly, my empress will come back to life again!"


"The very strong resentment is really a big tonic!"

"He has the blood of the Lieyang Golden Crow, and heaven helps me too!"

"Huh, what bloodline is this?"

"God, this...this is the bloodline of the Sky Devouring Golden Crow, no...not good!"

This was just finished.

"Do not……"

A roar resounded throughout the tomb.

Lie Shang knelt on the ground, laughing and roaring.

The two looks constantly change.

Finally, his face gradually returned to calm.

a long time.

He just opened his eyes, and two spirits shot.

"Houqing? One of the ancestors of the Demon Race? You are really careful enough to divide your soul into two!"

"Unexpectedly, you should have left so many secret treasures in this world, but all these are my Lieshan's!"

Lie Shang muttered to himself.

"However, what your queen did is far from enough!"

"This world, let this seat conquer it!"

Lie Shang's eyes were blood red, and his anger rose to the sky.

With a wave of his right hand, a sea of ​​blood appeared in the palm of his hand.

In the sea of ​​blood, the corpses floated up and down, terrifying.

"Master? Wait for me, I will come to you soon!"

"Don't die, otherwise it's not enough!"

"And Huang Rumeng, since you dare to kill my father, then I will kill your whole family!"

After speaking, Lie Shang's figure flashed and disappeared.

Not long after he disappeared.


A figure appeared in the tomb like a ghost.

This figure is covered with green hair up and down.

That strange face, like the demon of hell, made people afraid to look directly.

It looked at the direction of Lie Shang's disappearance, and moved forward.


It sounded.

The green-haired monster flew upside down and bounced back.

Like some kind of prohibition restricting its actions.


The green-haired monster let out an unwilling roar, and the entire tomb was crumbled into dust.

After a while.


A gust of wind passed.

The monster figure gradually disappeared without a trace.



North of Tianluo mainland.

Across an ocean, there is a barren continent called the Heavenly Demon Continent.

On the mainland, no grass grows, and rain never drops.

The sky is filled with **** fog all year round, blocking the sun.

The whole continent was turned red by the blood mist.

In the center of the mainland, a blood-colored hall with a height of 100 meters stands proudly.

In the hall.

A man with a height of five meters and a pair of blood-red wings was sitting in the hall, his eyes closed for cultivation.

The blood of evil spirits on him kept whistling.

He is the Lord of the Demon Race-Blood Night.


Xue Ye opened his eyes, stretched out his right paw, and gently squeezed, the blood of the evil spirit was completely submerged in his body.


Gently grasped the claws forward, the air pulsed and rippled, and a letter was taken out.

After opening it, Bloody Night looked surprised.

I saw that on the jade slip, an old man appeared.

This person looks exactly like Yu Jizi.

"My lord, he is a **** and treacherous man. He must get rid of the big things of our clan!"

The old man murmured to himself and kept repeating this sentence.

Xue Ye looked at this phantom, two red lights burst out of his eyes.


The jade slip shattered, and the phantom disappeared.

"God treacherous man? It's your bad thing again!"

"If you don't get rid of you, it's hard to understand the hatred in my heart!"

"I want to see where you are!"

Xue Ye put away his anger, looked ahead, and said, "High priest!"


The air was rippling.

An old man appeared in front of the **** night, bowed down, "Master, what do you command?"

"What happened to the deduction of the gods and treacherous people last time?" Xue Ye asked.

"Going back to the Lord, there is a mysterious aura over the gods and treacherous men, who cannot deduct everything about him!" said the high priest.


Xue Ye frowned secretly, "Is there no other way?"

"Back to the Lord, unless you turn on the Peeping Sky Array, you can break through this layer of mysterious aura!" said the high priest.

"Looking into the sky?"

Xue Ye frowned slightly, revealing a deep thought.

After a while.

He opened his eyes, two fierce rays of light burst out, "That's it, immediately open the Great Sky Array!"


The high priest looked stunned, thinking that he had heard it wrong.

"What? Didn't you hear what I said?" Xue Ye's voice was cold.

"Yes, Lord!"

The high priest's figure flashed and disappeared in place.

When he appeared again, the high priest came to a pavilion.

Take the long stick in your hand and dance lightly.

"All the priests follow the order and come to see the altar assembly!"

His voice was clearly transmitted into the ears of every priest through the secret method.

At this moment, the priests in Fanghui Baili inside clearly heard the voice of the high priest.

Shortly after.

To the north of the main hall, around a huge altar.

Standing full of armor guards with surging aura.

Each one has ten steps and a half immortal strength.

The headed person has the power of a fairy.

If the body exudes like coercion, people dare not approach.

In front of the altar, in the main seat, Bloody Night sat there.

Even if he is sitting, he is three meters tall, like a giant.

He looked at the high priest standing in front of him, nodding slightly.

"Yes, Lord!"

The high priest bowed back and walked straight to the altar.


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