Nine Heavens God Luan surrounded Sun Hao, rubbing his trousers, croaking.

"Come, eat!"

Sun Hao threw the Soul Eater in front of the Nine Heavens God Luan.

Jiutian Shenluan opened his eyes, and the hairs all over his body exploded.

Soul Eater!

Of course I recognize this thing!

Back then, I was almost killed by the Soul Eater!

Now see that it is instinctive fear.


The wings of the Nine Heavens God Luan shook, and he retreated two steps, his eyes fixed on the Soul Eater, his face full of horror.

Sun Hao looked at this scene and shook his head for a while.

This is obviously a chicken that has never eaten bugs.

I am afraid of such a small bug!

Simply speechless!

"Hurry up and eat that bug, or else, I will stew you into chicken soup!" Sun Hao said.

The words came out.

Jiutian Shenluan's body trembled.

Sweep the mind.

Secretly relieved.

Fortunately, this Soul Eater has no strength, and it should be eaten!

Nine Heavens Shenluan thought to himself, and hurried to the Soul Eater.

He closed his eyes and pecked hard, swallowing the soul eater into his mouth.


A soul power poured into my mind from the meridians.

At this moment, Nine Heavens God Luan could clearly sense that his soul was soaring.

After digesting the Soul Eater, there was no discomfort.


Nine Heavens God Luan ran to Sun Hao, rubbing his trousers.

"Want to eat?"


Jiu Tian Shen Luan kept nodding.

"That's OK!"

Sun Hao picked up a handful of scarlet spar and swiped it with his hand.


Like popcorn exploded.

The soul eater was lying in Sun Hao's hands, shaking.


Sun Hao sprinkled the Soul Eater on the ground like a millet.


The Nine Heavens God Luan ate quickly like a chicken pecking at rice.

It looks like that, eating very cheerfully.

In this scene, I saw Hua Fairy's eyes, his expression kept changing.

The Soul Eater didn't even have the courage to struggle in front of the son.

The young master can seal all the abilities of the Soul Eater and cannot use it with just a light grip.

Jiutian Shenluan even ate it directly without any discomfort.

The Soul Eater was just a bug in the eyes of the son.

After a while.

Jiutian Shenluan was lying on the ground, lazily basking in the sun, so uncomfortable.

"It looks like Xiaoying is full!"

"Rumeng, please put away the other bugs!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng waved his right hand, and all of the blood-colored spar like a small mountain was in the soul space.

Jiutian Shenluan is a chicken in the eyes of the son.

Soul Eater is a worm in the eyes of the son.

Those undead medicines, in the eyes of the son, are just ordinary herbs.

The supreme treasure in his eyes is extremely ordinary in the eyes of the son, and it is so ordinary that it is no longer ordinary.

"My son, what kind of existence are you?"

"You won't be the creator, are you?"

Flower Fairy muttered to herself, looking at Sun Hao, his face was full of worship.

"Girl Xiaolan, take a break first!"

"It's getting late, I'll cook first, it will be ready soon!"

After Sun Hao finished speaking, he gave Huang Rumeng a wink.

Huang Rumeng took out the kitchenware and handed it to Sun Hao.

Sun Hao took out the net and fished it lightly, and he fished hundreds of loach.

He grabbed one, took a knife and cut through his belly, pushing it out of his intestines.

Then, throw it in the bowl.

The whole action is smooth and flowing without any stagnation.

After a while, hundreds of loaches were cleaned by him.

Boil the fairy tea oil.

Pour the loach into it.


Oil and water splashed everywhere.

A scorched scent came over.

In less than a moment, it was golden.

Pick up, drain...

Pour oil in a pot, heat to 70%, add chives, ginger...

After sauteing, pour boiling water, add tofu, boil...

After a while, the strong fragrance wafted around.


Flower Fairy touched her belly, saliva secreted rapidly in her mouth.

She looked at the steaming cauldron with surprise on her face.

"I should be hungry? Isn't that impossible?"

"This...this is the dragon race, absolutely can't eat it! Otherwise, it's dead!"

"But, my life was saved by the son, and the son told me to eat and not to leave!"

"What to do? What to do!"

Flower Fairy muttered to herself, very tangled.

"Rumeng, you take Miss Lan to pick some green vegetables and come back with some tea by the way!"

"The next dish, I will make tea stuffed loach!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng nodded and walked to Fairy Flower, "Sister Xiaolan, let's go!"

"it is good!"

Fairy Flower nodded subconsciously, and followed Huang Rumeng.

She glanced around, looked around, but did not find the vegetable garden.

"Sister Rumeng, where are the vegetables?" Hua Fairy asked.

"Don't worry, we will be there soon!"

Soon, the two walked to a pill of immortality.

"This is?" Flower Fairy asked.

"This is the vegetable!" Huang Rumeng said.


With a blast of thunder, Hua Fairy did not respond for a long time.

This is green vegetables?

How does this look like vegetables?

Obviously it's the elixir of death?

Don't tell me, you are used to stew loach, oh, dragon?

Ten plants? Are you going to pick ten plants?

what? A hundred?

More than 500 plants?


Flower Fairy took a breath, her eyes widened.

More than 500 undead medicine for cooking?

Simply unheard of, unseen.

What is Shenhao?

What is the boss?

This is the real boss!

Even the dragon clan is a scum compared to the young master.

What is there to be afraid of?

Eat, eat hard!

Such good fortune may not be able to be cultivated in ten thousand lifetimes.

"Sister Xiaolan, let's go!"

Huang Rumeng awakened Fairy Hua with a voice.


Then, the two came to the tea garden.

Flower Fairy followed behind, quietly watching Huang Rumeng move.

Then, her scalp exploded and her eyes widened again.

"This...Is this to collect Taoist tea?" Flower Fairy looked stagnant.

"Sister Xiao Lan, don't froze, come and help!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Oh, well, how many slices shall we pick?" Flower Fairy asked.

"How many? How many? Do I need to help Sister Xiaolan? Of course, several thousand!" Huang Rumeng said.

"What? Thousands of pieces?"

Flower Fairy was originally numb in her heart, and then there was waves.

Thousands of enlightened tea leaves, what does it mean?

do you know?

Enough to buy dozens of life planets!

"Sister Rumeng, picking so much at once, there is not much left!" said Hua Fairy.

"Don't worry, it will grow up in a few days!" Huang Rumeng said.


Flower Fairy opened her mouth, but did not say a word in a daze.


this moment.

Endless chill, flooded Fairy Hua's body.

Will it grow up in a few days?

Doesn't it take three thousand years to collect enlightenment tea?

How many days?

My ancestors!

What kind of existence is the son?

Except for the Creator, Flower Fairy could not think of anything to describe Sun Hao.

"It looks like the son must be the creator!"

"Unexpectedly, I, Hua Xiaolan, would know the Creator one day?"


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