"Undead medicine!"

"My son uses immortal medicine for cooking!"

"Presumably after I finish eating, I will be able to break through!"

Luo Liuyan picked up a cabbage with a look of excitement.

Open your mouth wide, take a bite, chew a few times, then swallow it in your abdomen.


Infinite celestial power flooded all over the body.


In a flash, Luo Liuyan successfully broke through and reached the fairyland.

Dantian Yuanying burst into pieces directly, turning into a wave of body-hardening force, flowing all over the body.

Luo Liuyan faded from the mortal body and grew into a fairy body.

at the same time.


Infinite black clouds enveloped the entire Zhongzhou land in an instant, impervious to the wind.


All kinds of electric lights, lingering in the dark clouds, burst out shocking power.

In the dark clouds.

The Lei Jie giant walked forward cautiously, with a look of fear on his face.

"God bless, I hope I don't encounter the supreme being this time!"

After praying for a long time.

The Thunder Tribulation Giant swept to the ground.

Suddenly his scalp exploded, his body trembled, and he sat down directly on the ground.

"My master! Why is it supreme again?"

"Where the supreme existence is, there will be people crossing the robbery!"

"Why am I so bitter?"

"No, what did they eat just now?"

Thinking of this, the giant Lei Jie summoned up his courage and glanced at the table.


His pupils shrank and his face changed drastically.

The color of shock, written all over the face.

"My God, that...that's the immortal medicine. Is much used for cooking?"

"The master seems to have a few magical medicines for death, but he keeps it like a treasure, and doesn't give it to you at all!"

"Unexpectedly, the supreme being would actually eat the undead medicine as a dish!"

"Who can do it in this world?"

"If the master sees this scene, I am afraid that he will drop his jaw!"

The Lei Jie giant kept swallowing saliva, revealing a look of eagerness to see through.

Finally, Weak retracted his gaze, took out the thunder hammer, and drew a ray of electric light from above, and threw it down to Luo Liuyan.


Lei Jie Giant's face is full of reluctance.

Finally, take a big step and disappear in place.

The black clouds scattered, and the sky instantly became clear.

The sun goes down, the sunset clouds cover the sky, and the beauty is beyond words.

Everyone looked at the sky blankly, with a look of astonishment.

"Run? The Thunder Tribulation Giant actually ran away!"

"The young man scared away the Thunder Tribulation Giant before he even moved, it's incredible!"

They looked at Sun Hao's eyes, and their faces were full of worship.

"Everyone, why are you looking at me? Eat it, it won't taste good when it's cold!"

Sun Hao's voice awakened several people.

"Okay, son!"

Everyone began to pick up vegetables and continued to eat.


The blood wolf was at Sun Hao's feet, rubbing his trousers.

Sun Hao looked down at the blood wolf and shook his head for a while.

"you want to eat?"


The blood wolf kept nodding.

"As a wolf, shouldn't you eat meat? This is a vegetarian dish!"

"Although the immortal power is lingering above, it stands to reason that you should not be able to digest it!" Sun Hao said.


The blood wolf kept whispering, his eyes blooming with strange glow, staring at the cabbage on Sun Hao's chopsticks.

"Well, let's eat it for you!"

After speaking, Sun Hao picked up a bowl, put it on the ground for the blood wolf.

"Huh, is this?"

Sun Hao touched the blood wolf's head and pulled out the left and right hair with his hands, and found that the blood wolf had two horns on its head.

These two horns are obviously just growing out, very immature.

"Your wolf has horns?"

As soon as this word came out, it instantly attracted everyone's attention.

Everyone squinted, and their scalp exploded.

The shocking appearance is beyond words.

"This blood wolf is evolving, it seems to be evolving into an ancient beast-a unicorn!"

"This must be the result of following the son, my god, the son can evolve an ordinary blood wolf into a divine beast, it is really an ancient legend!"

"Really unseen, unheard of!"

Several people talked for a while using divine sense to transmit sound.

The shocking expression did not dissipate for a long time.

After a meal.

"Master, you will go fishing with us tomorrow!" Sun Hao said.


No way?

Now is the time for Dragons to attack Humans!

Son, you can find someone else.

Zhong Lilang's face was full of bitterness, "My son, I don't know how to fish."

"It's okay, I can teach you!" Sun Hao said.

Hearing this, Zhong Lilang couldn't help but sighed secretly.

"Okay, son!"

Zhong Lilang nodded.

"Master, where is a good place for fishing near here?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, Biyuetan is a good place for fishing, where the water is deep, there are many fish, and the environment is good!" Zhong Lilang said.

"Okay, we will go there tomorrow!"



Somewhere on the seabed south of Tianluo continent.

In a temporary palace.

The dragon lord, Qing Chi sits in the main seat, holding a jade bottle in his hand, constantly looking at it.

After opening the bottle cap, he couldn't help but shrink his pupils and his face changed drastically.

"This... there is such a fairy brew in this world?!"

Qing Jia took the jade bottle and poured it into his mouth.


Strong immortal power and terrifying Taoist rhyme, flooded every cell of the body.

Just a moment.


He immediately broke through from the Yellow Wonderland to the Profound Wonderland!

Qing Jia's eyes widened, and he couldn't believe it.

Just drink a cup of fairy brew, the realm that can't be broken through bitterness, just like that?

More than that, his physical body has actually doubled.




Qing Chi's heart beats violently.

If this thing can be brewed by the Dragons, it will be just around the corner to revive the glory of the Dragons and rule the entire world!

If I tell my father this news, will he still say that I am a trash?

I'm afraid it will transfer me back immediately!

The more I think about it, the more excited Qing Chi is.

After a few long breaths, he calmed down.

He looked at the man kneeling in front of him, "Where did this thing come from?"

"Master, I asked someone to buy this in Xiancheng, Zhongfu!" the man said.

"Bought it? Then why did you only buy three bottles and not more?" Qing Jia shouted.

When the man heard this, his face was bitter, "Master, I also think, but that man only sells three bottles, and he can only buy it once!"

"Is there anything else?"

Qing Jia muttered to himself, "Who is that person's name?"

"Lord, that person's name is Sun Hao, he seems to be the celebrity beside the gods and treacherous men, and his methods are so powerful!"

"A few days ago, he killed a few immortals without using any power!" the man said.

"Just relying on the physical body, so powerful?"

Qing Jia frowned slightly, revealing the color of thinking.

Shortly after.

Qing Jia looked at the man and said, "You did a good job this time, and you have done a great job! This matter cannot be spread, can you understand?"

"Yes, Dragon Lord!"

When the man stepped back, Qing Jia gave a soft voice, "Come here!"

"Master, what's your order?"

"Go to General Yan!" Qing Jia said.


After a while.

A man in red armor knelt down in front of Qing Chi, "Well, Lord!"

"No gift, General Yan, come and have a look!"

"Yes, Lord!"

Taking the jade bottle in Qing Chi's hand and opening the cap, the red-armored man's face changed drastically, "This...this..."

"This is the Supreme Immortal Brew, I only drank a bottle, and then broke through to the realm of Profound Immortal, and my body doubled!" Qing Chi said.


The red-armored man widened his eyes and couldn't believe it, "Lord, you... are you?"

"Calling you to come over is to let you send these two bottles of fairy brew to my father, and tell him that on Ziyang star, there is a person named Sun Hao who can brew this kind of fairy brew! Father knows what to do What to do!" Qing Jia said.

"Yes, Lord!"

The man in red armor bowed and saluted and stood up.

The man in red armor quickly retreated.

Shortly after.

"Report, Lord, General Chi, see you!"


Immediately afterwards, a man bowed down in front of Qing Chi.

"How?" Qing Jia asked.

"Master, the second son agreed, saying that his clone will come at a critical moment!"

Upon hearing this, Qing Jia let out a sigh of relief.

With the support of the second brother, this time, you can attack safely.

Terran? God treacherous man?

You must surrender, otherwise, die!

And Sun Hao, you must become my queen winemaker!

Wait until I slaughter the humans clean first, and then grab you in my hands!

"Come on!"


"Why haven't the turtles arrived yet?"

"Lord, I will never know!"

"Hmph, in that case, the agreement with them fell through!"

"Pass my order, the Ten Route Army will attack!"

Qing Jia said.

"Yes, Lord"

The messenger quickly retreated.


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