"Hey, this eel is so fierce, it is going to bite the eel!"

"Well, you will all be eaten anyway, don't mess around!"

Sun Hao stretched out his hand to press on Huo Tun's body, and immediately he felt weak and unable to move.

Lie there, motionless.

"That's right!"

"Everyone, it's late today, let's go back!"

"Bring the three big guys together in a big hot pot!" Sun Hao said.


The old man Jiuyou stood up and bowed to Sun Hao, "I'm really sorry, I still have something important, so I can't accompany you!"

The words came out.


A glance came.

Quite a few people looked surprised.

You don't even eat the son stew hot pot?

Old man Jiuyou, your head was kicked by a donkey?

Are you afraid of offending the Dragon Race?

As for, there is a son, what is the dragon?

"Lao Jiu, since you have something, then I won't keep it!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you son!"

The old man Jiuyou bowed deeply at Sun Hao.

"My son, I'll see him off, I will come to you soon!"

Ruoxi Taoist stood up and said.

"it is good!"

Seeing Sun Hao nodded, the two turned away as Changhong.

"Like a dream!"

Sun Hao's voice awakened Huang Rumeng.

She rushed forward, "My son!"

"Go, let's go back to the Shang Cangyuan together!"

"Okay, son!"



"Elder Jiuyou, I didn't expect you to be so timid!"

Ruoxi Taoist looked at the old man Jiuyou and shook his head for a while.

"If you regret fellow Daoist, why do you call me like this?" Old man Jiuyou looked puzzled.

"The son invited us to dinner, what are we eating, don't you know?"

"But it's the son of the Galaxy Dragon King. You actually found an excuse for fear of being contaminated with cause and effect. Are you timid?"

"Also, you are completely doubting the abilities of the son!"

Ruoxi Taoist showed a look of hatred for iron and steel.

"If Xi, Fellow Daoist, I think you have misunderstood. I was anxious to leave because of another reason!" said Old Man Jiuyou.

"Other reasons? What is more important than gaining good luck?" Taoist Ruoxi looked puzzled.

"The human race is weak, the son is very worried!"

"The old man is really ashamed that he can't share some for the son!"

"It's all my fault, I've learned too much, and everything is fine!"

"Today, when I was fishing, the son woke up a little bit, let me wake up!"

"So, I was anxious to leave, ready to practice hard!"

The old face of Jiu You was full of gratitude.

"Wake up? What did you realize?" Taoist Ruoxi was puzzled.

"The son wakes me up, let me go to my cultivation base and concentrate on cultivating fishing avenue!"

"If Xi Dao Fellow, don't say anything, I must find a place to disperse my cultivation base!" Old Man Jiuyou said solemnly.


Ruoxi Taoist expression stagnated, his face was full of consternation.

You don't know what it means to go away for cultivation, do you?

It means you become a mortal and everything starts from the beginning.

"Old man Jiuyou, don't be impulsive..."

As soon as he looked up, he found that Old Man Jiuyou had disappeared and he didn't know where he had gone.

"Hey, it seems that the Nine Immortals of Human Race have become eight immortals!"

If Xi Taoist sighed secretly, his figure slowly disappeared.



To the northeast of Zhongzhou.

Here, there is a barren mountain range.

At the bottom of the mountains, there are the five major life restricted areas in Tianluo Continent-Longling.

In the Long Tomb, in a passage.

"Quick, go, leave me alone!"

A man with bruises panted and shouted loudly.

This person is exactly Xuanyuan Lie, the ancestor of the Xuanyuan family.

At first, after he had eaten dragon meat, he took Xuanyuan Shi into Longling.

Along the way, he broke into numerous agencies, survived in danger, and finally won a treasure.

Presumably the son would be very happy to see this treasure.

"Old ancestor, how can this be? The exit is coming soon, let's go!"

Xuanyuan Shi helped Xuanyuan Lie up and ran to the exit with him.

"Don't worry! You flee with Taixuzhu, there is a glimmer of hope!"


Xuanyuanlie pushed Xuanyuanshi away.

He showed a resolute color, took a step forward, and ran back.


Xuanyuan Shi roared loudly.

"Don't worry about it, you must give the Taixuzhu to the son!"

After saying this, Xuanyuanlie grabbed his right hand towards the sky.


Above the right palm, a raging fire ignited.

A fireball quickly condenses.

"come on!"

Xuanyuan Lie let out a roar and rushed forward with a ball of fire.


A loud noise shook the entire passage humming.

The dust enveloped the surroundings in an instant, and disappeared.

Wait for the dust to clear.

Xuanyuan Lie struggled to get up, seeing the scene before him, his scalp exploded.

I saw two big blood-red eyes, staring straight at him.

The eyeball is big enough to be the size of a house.

The monstrous blood came, and Xuanyuan Lie's body trembled and cold sweat flowed.


The two huge nostrils lightly sprayed, like two strong winds, blowing Xuanyuan Lie upside down.

"This...this is the ancient blood dragon, oh my god, it's suppressing this kind of monster!"

Xuanyuanlie's voice trembled, and his legs trembled involuntarily.

"It looks like you are the one who released the deity!"

"Good job!"

"In order to express the deity's gratitude to you, the deity decided to turn you into the deity's strength and fight the world with the deity!"

"It will be a great honor for you!"

"Are you happy?"

A huge blood-colored dragon head stared at Xuanyuan Lie, uttering words.

"come on!"

The faucet opened its big mouth and sucked hard.


The entire passage burst layer by layer, and flew quickly into the big mouth of the blood basin.

A horrible suction wrapped Xuanyuanlie and flew to Big Mouth quickly.

Seeing, Xuanyuanlie was about to be swallowed into his stomach.

At this time.


A sword glow was fleeting.

Immediately after.


There was an explosion.


The ancient blood dragon flew out and fell heavily into the depths.


Xuanyuan Shi arrived in a hurry, and took Xuanyuan Lie, and ran away quickly.

"Xiao Shi, why don't you run away, why do you want to come back?" Xuanyuan Lie's face was full of bitter expression.

"Ancestor, I just absorbed the last word. Although I haven't reached the fairyland, I am not weaker than the fairy!"

"Although it is not the opponent of the ancient blood dragon, there is no problem in taking you to escape!" Xuanyuan Shi said.

"Really? Congratulations!" Xuanyuan Lie's eyes beamed.

"Ancestor, now is not the time to be happy, I will take you away first!"

Xuanyuan Shi waved his right hand, the body was like a long sword, and the sword and man were one.

Turned into a stream of light, rushed forward.

After a while, the two of them came to the entrance of Longling and saw the scene in front of them. They couldn't help but raised their brows, their expressions changed dramatically.

"The entrance to the Dragon Tomb can only be entered, not exited. How should this be done?"

"There is no way, let me try, can I break it!"

After speaking, Xuanyuan Shi's gaze swept away, a sword light condensed and formed, and it blasted on the entrance in an instant.


There was a slight sound.

The entrance cracked bit by bit.

"Hope!" Xuanyuan Lie's eyes beamed.


Xuanyuan Shi nodded, as he was about to attack.


A dragon chant came from behind, trembling.


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