"I really laughed at me. The dishes I usually eat are all immortal medicine?"

"The tea you drink is all enlightened tea? You might as well say that he is a god!"

"That is, bragging about not drafting, I am useless, and I blame others!"

"I won't find any excuses, I see Lei Yang, it's over!"

Many giants have a playful look on their faces.

In the entire field, no one believed Lei Yang's words.

Lei Jie dominated his face, full of majesty, "Quiet!"

After a sound, the entire field was instantly quiet.

"Lei Yang, are you serious?" Lei Jie said.

"Master, it's true!" Lei Yang nodded heavily.

"What's his name?" Lord Lei Jie asked.

"Master, I remember him as Sun Hao!" Lei Yang said.

"Sun Hao?"

Master Lei Jie frowned slightly, searching for memories in his mind.

The strong in memory, there is no such character at all.

Is it because I think too much?

If not, how could a dead star reach the fairyland so many, and even dozens of fairy kings?

Let's do the calculations first.

Thinking about this, Lei Jie Master pinched and forgot.

Eight big hands move simultaneously.


Lei Mang twisted around his fingertips, bursting with thrilling power.

After a while.

The Lord of Thunder Jie stopped, and a solemn expression appeared on each head.

"I can't figure it out at all, isn't there such a person as Sun Hao?"

"It looks like I really think too much!"

How could there be such a dead star like Ziyang Star?

This kid, in order to avoid being punished, even told such lies.

This is really outrageous!

A touch of anger flashed on the face of Lei Jie Master. He looked at Lei Yang and said, "Lei Yang, where is the Thunder Hammer of Xian Jie?"

"Master, here!"

After speaking, Lei Yang took out the Thunder Hammer.

When this thing came out, many people were shocked instantly.

"What? Immortal Jie Lei Hammer only has so few rays of heavenly light?"

"What did Lei Yang do with the Immortal Jie Thunder Hammer?"

Lei Jie Master looked at the Xian Jie Lei Hammer in Lei Yang's hand, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

"Lei Yang, can you offend?" Lei Jie master shouted.

"Master, I don't know where I am!" Lei Yang was puzzled.

"I don't know?"

Lei Jie Master looked at Lei Yang coldly with a majestic face.

"Achievement is zero, this seat does not need to be held accountable! But you are slanderous and concocted, unforgivable!"

"Do you think you are guilty?" Lei Jie ruler's voice was cold.

"Master, I didn't..."

"This is one!"

Lord Lei Jie did not give Lei Yang a chance to speak, "Secondly, you are not good at keeping the Thunder Hammer of the Immortal Jie!

"The blame from above, even this one can't afford it!"

"If you miss your first offense, the death penalty can be avoided, but the living sin is hard to forgive!"

"Come on, take him down and go to the thunder prison!"

The words came out.

Lei Yang's face changed drastically.

"Do not……"

"Master, spare, spare!"

Lei Yang bowed to the ground, begging for mercy.

Lei Jie Master was unmoved, "Take it down!"

Several giants in thunder armor came quickly, lifting Lei Yang up like a chicken.

"no, do not want!"

"Master, I didn't lie, I didn't lie!"

"Master, you will regret it!"

The voice of Leiyang echoed in the whole hall for a long time.


Lei Jie Master smiled coldly, not paying attention.

Afterwards, he glanced at another Thunder Tribulation Giant.

"Lei Wolf!" Lei Jie Master shouted.

"Master, what's your order?"

Lei Lang stood up, with red electric glow bursting all over his body.

Violent and bloodthirsty breath rushed out of him.

He knelt down in front of the lord of Lei Jie with a respectful look.

"You won first place this time!"

"Very good, as a reward, this Thor Sword will be awarded to you!"

After speaking, Lord Lei Jie threw a long sword with electric glow in his hand to Thunder Wolf.

This thing came out.

Instantly attracted the attention of all Thunder Tribulation Giants.

Greedy eyes filled everyone's face.

"This...this is the supreme immortal weapon. If the ruler says to give it away, it is really amazing!"

"It deserves to be the top performer, I really want it too!"

Worshiping Jingmang, waves swept across Thunder Wolf.

The corner of Lei Lang's mouth raised, and he held the Thor's Sword in his hand.

There was a strange glow in his eyes.

It took a long time before he calmed down.

"Thank you Master!" Lei Lang bowed down and bowed his head in salute.

"Free gift!"

Lord Lei Jie looked at Lei Lang, "Since you are the number one performer, you will go to Ziyang Star for the next ten years. Are you willing?"

Ziyang Star?

That waste star?

Since there are so many immortals born above, they will surely continue to be born.

So, it must be no problem to become the number one this time.

After some thinking, Lei Lang made a decision.

"Master, I am willing!" Lei Lang nodded.

"Okay, without further ado, go immediately!"

After speaking, Lei Jie Master waved his right hand, and a ray of electric light flew from the tip of his hand and exploded in front of Lei Lang.


A teleportation vortex shining electric light appeared in front of Thunder Wolf.

"This will send you to the Milky Way galaxy, where do you go to sit in the teleportation array and go to Ziyang Star!" Lei Jie said.

"Yes, dominate!"

Lei Lang clasped his fists in salute, and walked into the teleportation vortex without any hesitation.


After four weeks, calm was restored.

Everyone's eyes swept directly on the Lord of Thunder Jie.

"The second performance this year is Lei Lu."

Lei Jie Master stared directly at a Lei Jie female giant.


A glance swept over, all staring at the giantess.

The light of envy, admiration, and love keeps sweeping, and can't stop at all.

Lei Lu shook a flick of Lei's flashing hair and walked forward proudly.

"Father, originally I took first place because you were partial!" Lei Lu looked dissatisfied.

"Call me the master!" Lei Jie master has a majestic face.

However, it was useless.

Lei Ruth is not afraid, "I will call you Dad, Dad... Dad..."


Lei Jie Master waved his hand again and again, "Speak, what reward do you want?"


Lei Lu's eyes were full of spirits, "Father, I want Thor's Hammer, Thor's Armor!"

"Only one!" Lei Jie Master said.

"I want two! Give it or not?" In Lei Lu's eyes, the threat was very strong.


Lei Jie master sat in place, speechless for a while.

The majesty is so majestic that there is nothing left in front of her daughter.


"Okay, okay, all for you!"

After speaking, Lei Jie master waved his right hand and gave these two things to Lei Lu's hand.

"Retreat!" Lei Jie Master said.

"I won't retreat!"

Lei Lu put the two things away and stood there, without any intention of retreating.

"Good, good, it's up to you!"

The Lord of Thunder Tribulation sighed secretly and swept his gaze on another Thunder Tribulation giant, "Lei Ji, you took second place this time, can you tell me something?"


A voice of kneeling to the ground sounded, "Master, I have killed a person in the Ascended Realm!"


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