Tianluo Continent, Zhongzhou, and the sky over Longling.


The **** night and the ghost candle appeared.

Compared with before.

Xue Ye's body is full of blood and energy, and his strength is not known how many times it has increased.

The appearance of the ghost candle completely changed, from a skeleton to a five-meter-high giant.

In him, there is also a surging blood and a mighty breath.

There is a violent and bloodthirsty aura on the two of them, which makes people afraid to approach.

"Blood Ye, with our strength, can we flatten the Tianluo Continent, right?" Ghost Zhu said.

"not necessarily!"

Xue Ye shook his head slightly, "That old bald donkey, with extraordinary means, is likely to be a god, I have to wait for my revenge, but I have to plan long!

"God? How could there be a **** in this world?" In the eyes of the ghost candle, there was a look of fear, "What should I do? Can this revenge be paid?"


There was a cold smile on Xue Ye's face, "What we have to do is to destroy this world!"

"Vengeance is a trivial matter! Go, let me go to the Heavenly Demon Continent to gather strength first!" said Xue Ye.


Ghost Candle nodded, and followed the **** night to break through the space and disappear into the Tianluo Continent.

When they appeared again, they had already reached the sky above the Heavenly Demon Continent.

Seeing the scene before him, Xue Ye was completely stunned in place, with a look of belief.

I saw flowers everywhere, all over the mainland.

The fragrance of flowers poured into the noses of the two.

The qi and blood on the body madly resisted these fragrances, and the whole person couldn't help feeling uncomfortable.

The original hall and clansmen have long been wiped out.


Xue Ye clenched his fists, his joints exploded.


The **** night looked up to the sky and howled.

The voice went from low to high, and gradually roared, rolling like a heavy thunder, spreading far away.

"Damn it! Damn it!"

"God treacherous man, you are a dead bald donkey. If you don't get revenge, you will be the devil!"

"When I come here, I will definitely wash your bliss in blood!"

Bloody Ye looked at the west, and the blood-red eyes seemed to be able to spray out flames that would extinguish everything.

Gui Zhu looked at this scene, feeling uneasy, writing on his face, "Blood Night, I have a bad feeling, I want to go back!"

"I'm with you!"

"it is good!"

The figure flashed and disappeared.

They came to the endless sea.

Gui Zhu looked at the islands that had been moved to the ground, and his face was pale with anger.

"God and cunning man, if you don't kill you, you are in vain!" Gui Zhu let out an angry roar.

It took a long time before he calmed down.

"Brother Xueye, what do you say? I'll listen to you!" Gui Zhu asked.

"Since that old bald donkey clone is in Tianluo Continent, let's go to Elysium to find his deity, and then..." said Xue Ye.

"Okay!" Gui Zhu nodded.

The two of them were transformed into two Buddhas.

One fat and one thin, one tall and one short.

The golden light radiated from his body, it looked like two Taoist monks.

"From today, my name is Fat Buddha!" ​​said Xue Ye.

"Then I will be called Thin Buddha!" ​​Ghost Zhu said.


The two turned away, flew to the west, and soon disappeared.



Beyond Ziyang Star, in the void.


The space fluctuated for a while, and boats of immortals emerged from the ripples.

Lined up in a row, covering the world, looks full of momentum.

These immortal boats are exactly one hundred thousand Galaxy Guards headed by the Galaxy Dragon King.

See this scene.

The alien cultivators who were planning to leave stopped one after another.

They looked at these immortal boats with all doubts.

"This...this is the Galaxy Guard! It is the subordinate of the Galaxy Dragon King!"

"What do they want to do? Is it possible that they are also here to win the Taiji Tower?"

"Just their strength, how is it different from looking for death?"

"Don't worry, just go and see it!"

A crowd of immortal cultivators followed these immortal boats, watching from afar.

In a fairy boat.

The Galaxy Dragon King sat in his seat, looked at the priests kneeling in front of him, and said, "Has the deduction reached yet?"

"Dragon King, no!"

Several priests shook their heads slightly, "There is a mysterious atmosphere that we can't deduce!"

"What? No?"

"Then what do you want..."

"Dragon King, but we have counted the place where the prince's breath disappears!"

Several priests spoke quickly.

"Where?" the Galaxy Dragon King asked.

"It's there!"

The priest pointed to the Zhongfu Xiancheng on the Tianluo Continent and said.

"Okay, let's go there!"

"I hope you are right!"

The Galaxy Dragon King glanced at several people, waved his hand, and motioned them to go down.


This team of immortal boats slowly flew towards Ziyang Star and landed in the sky above Zhongfu Xiancheng.

"That is?"

The Galaxy Dragon King swept around through the immortal boat, frowning involuntarily.

I see.

In the distance, a group of figures stood in the air, pointing around their team of immortal boats.

Of these figures, the weakest are the Immortal Kings, the strongest reach the Immortal Venerable Realm.

"The Galaxy Dragon King is doing this?"

"With such a big posture, do you want to destroy Ziyang Star?"

"Exterminate Ziyang Star? Just their strength, is that enough?"

"That can't be said like that, they are Dragon Clan after all, with a profound background!"

Such a voice was heard in the ears of the Galaxy Dragon King from time to time.

He frowned upon hearing this.

Such a fairy, if it is a hostile person, wouldn't it be boring to come here this time?

When did Ziyang Star have so many powerhouses?

The Milky Way Dragon King frowned slightly and gave a soft voice, "Come here!"

"Dragon King!"

"Investigate me immediately, who are those?"

"Dragon King, they are all strong from other planets!"

"Other planets? What are they doing here?"

"It seems to be fighting for some artifact, the specific situation is under investigation!"


The Milky Way Dragon King stood up, with a glimmer of light in his eyes.

However, he calmed down quickly.

With this strength of oneself, grabbing a magical weapon is no different from looking for death.

Now, let's find out the murderer first and kill him.


At this moment, a scream sounded.


"Report to the Dragon King. According to our investigation, we found that everyone in Zhongfu Xiancheng has the breath of a prince in their bodies!"

The words came out.


The Milky Way Dragon King retreated two steps, and sat down on the stool.

Everyone has the breath of a prince.

What this means, he knows very well.

This shows that the prince was divided and eaten by others.

His own son was slaughtered for meat.

The dignified dragon family, has never experienced such humiliation.

Two angers rushed up from the footsteps, half angrily, and burned the whole body.


The Galaxy Dragon King let out a roar.

"Follow me!"

Shattered the world with a loud shout.

A group of figures flew out from the immortal boat, standing in the air.

The Galaxy Dragon King swept his eyes, and finally stared in the middle of the fairy city.

"You wait for the ants, dare to eat my son, this hatred is not shared!"

"Today, I am bound to blow you up into powder!"

The voice of the Milky Way Dragon King was faint and vibrated, resounding throughout the world.

As soon as he said this, the air around him stagnated.

Cultivators onlookers stood there, unbelievable.


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