"Boss, I just can't figure it out. When I see Senior, why don't I ask Senior to join our team?"

Han Xing looked at Qian Su and complained.

"You, use your brains more!"

Qian Su's small mouth was raised, he looked up and down the cold torture, and shook his head for a while, "You have lived a million years, and your mind is still like a child!"

"Senior who can create the supreme blessed land by writing a pair of characters, is it me who is qualified to ask?" Qian Su said.

"Well, boss, you are right!"

Han Xing looked helpless, "However, seniors want to give us gifts, why don't you accept them?"

"There is no other way to say anything."

"Are you sure you don't care about those colorful auspicious lights?" Han Xing asked.

"Of course I care."

Qian Su sighed secretly, "However, that kind of senior has a moody temper."

"Say about giving gifts, maybe just to test us."

"If we agree, we might be slapped to death by the senior!"

"If the senior really wants to give a gift, he will insist on giving it again after I push it down!" Qian Su said.

Hearing this, the cold torture secretly wiped out the cold sweat, "Boss, in this way, Senior is really just testing us?"

"Not bad!" Qian Su nodded.


The cold torture took a breath, revealing the look of the rest of his life.

"Boss, thanks to you!" Han Xing said.

"If you don't listen to me, you won't be able to turn the danger into a breeze." Qian Su said.

"Boss, shall we go to Splitting Star now?" Han Xing asked.

"of course."


"Must go!"

Qian Su's face showed a solemn expression, "In the Lunar Realm, there are not only magical tools, but more importantly, Hunyuan Dao Qi!"

"What, Hunyuan Daoqi? Boss, are you kidding?" The cold torture's face was full of consternation.

"Be quiet, don't be listened to by those who care!" Qian Su made a silent gesture.

"Boss, I understand, let's go, then we must go for a break!" Han Xing said.


The four of them soared into the sky and disappeared into the void instantly.

Not long after the four left.


A transparent figure appeared in the air.

If you don't look carefully, you can't find it.

This figure cannot see the facial features.

From the outline, she can be seen as a woman.

"Hunyuan Dao Qi, it's interesting!"

"How can we not let more people know about such a good place!"

Having said that, the transparent woman looked at the direction of Big Demon Mountain, "However, you should go slowly!"

"Jie Jie..."

If there is something like nothing, a gloomy laughter reverberates in the same place for a long time and then dissipates.

The transparent woman's figure gradually disappeared without a trace.



Big Demon Mountain, in the hall where Sun Hao lived.

The principals of the Suppression Evil Alliance surrounded Luo Liuyan one after another.

"Lord Luo, the son has gone to the Taiyin realm. I am not able to wait for the strength, so the son will not be allowed to follow, hey!"

"Lord Luo, I am really ashamed that I can't share the worries for the son!"

"Otherwise, let's help the son?"

Hearing these words, Luo Liuyan shook his head slightly.

She looked at the crowd with a solemn expression.

"What the son means, don't you understand?" Luo Liuyan asked.

What do you mean?


Lord Luo, what have you learned?

Have something to say directly.

Such a roundabout, anxious.

"Master, the son meant that we should work hard to cultivate?" Su Yiling scratched his head and asked.

"Ha ha……"

Luo Liuyan glanced at Su Yiling and smiled slightly.

"Lord Luo, doesn't the son mean that?" Flower Fairy asked.

"of course not!"

Having said that, Luo Liuyan looked at the west, and said with a serious look: "Do you remember the look of the son when he stood here?"

"of course."

"The son was melancholy at the time."

"Yes, the son is very melancholy, and there seems to be a trace of worry in the melancholy."

"So, the son is worried about the world of bliss?"

"Could it be that the son asked us to save the Paradise of Bliss?"

"Lord Luo, you are so amazing, no one can match this understanding!"

The crowd looked at Luo Liuyan, worshiping Jingmang, and writing on their faces.

Luo Liuyan smiled and shook his head, "You guys have praised, you only guess one, not two!"

"The son has a second meaning?" Zhong Lilang asked.

"Not bad!"

Luo Liuyan nodded and looked at Fairy Hua, "Elder Hua, do you remember the son asking you about the Buddha Kingdom?"

"Of course, the son wants the technique inside!" Hua Fairy nodded.

"Not bad!"

"The son said that he wants the exercises inside."

"However, young masters and other characters, I am afraid that God-level techniques are in his eyes, and they are also despised!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Don't the son care about the technique?"

"Gong law?"

Luo Liuyan smiled and shook his head, with a sure face, "Of course he doesn't need it!"

"The son talks about the exercises, and the strength refers to the master of the exercises!"

"If I guessed correctly, the gods who entered the Buddha Kingdom are probably not dead!"

"The son looks at the west, but he is actually worried about them!"

"The dark era is coming again, and the gods are the main force!"

"The son must have considered the latter thing, and these gods need to join the team to guard the world!"


Listening to Luo Liuyan's words, everyone's eyes widened, with a look of surprise.

After a long time, they gradually calmed down.

"Unexpectedly, the young man could be considered such a long-term one!"

"Lord Luo, without you mentioning something, where can I wait to think of it!"

"Lord Luo, give your order!"

Looking at a pair of firm eyes, Luo Liuyan nodded slightly.

"I'm going to Tathagata Buddha this time. There are many things, I don't know everyone..." Luo Liuyan stopped talking.

"Leader Luo, since the death squad has been established, I have no fear at all!"

"That is, the son gave us son, and helped us break through! How can we not repay such great favors!"

"For the future of Human Race, why not die?"

Looking at the pair of firm gazes, Luo Liuyan nodded slightly.


"This time I went to Tathagata Buddha, and the soldiers were better but not too many!"

"You can go ahead only if your strength is above the Immortal Emperor!"

"As for the elder Hua, the son appointed you to stay and take care of it. The task is even more important!"

"Luo Continent is left to you this day!" Luo Liuyan said.


Fairy Flower opened her mouth, and finally nodded slightly, "Okay!"

"Lord Luo, when will we leave?"

"This matter sooner rather than later, immediately summon all the emperors and set off with me!" Luo Liuyan said.


After a while.

Nearly a hundred people stood in front of Luo Liuyan with a look of death.

"Are you all ready?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"Okay!" The voice was neat.

"Follow me!"

"call out……"

Hundreds of Changhongs cut through the sky and hurried to the Paradise of Bliss.

It wasn't until everyone disappeared that Fairy Hua looked back.

"My son, don't worry, I will keep it safe!"

Flower Fairy has a firm face.


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