After the two phantoms flew out of the five-cornered tower, they came to Sun Hao with a respectful appearance.

These two phantoms are a pig shape and a human shape.

The two of them bowed deeply at Sun Hao to show respect.

Then he flew into the void and disappeared.

"One pig bajie soul, another one?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, the other is the spirit of Zhu Bajie's nine-tooth rake!" said the six-eared macaque.

"Qi Ling will also be suppressed?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes, son!"

"Qi Ling has the strength not weaker than their masters, they are also quite terrifying when they riot!" said the six-eared macaque.

Hearing this, Sun Hao nodded slightly.

It seems that when I saw the two phantoms, one of them must be a golden hoop.

"Is it true that Tathagata tricked you here?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, that's right, the old man Tathagata fooled me!"

"Otherwise, how could I end up like this!" The face of the six-eared macaque was full of bitterness.

"Then do you know who arranged Green Nightmare here?" Sun Hao asked.

"Green Nightmare?"

The six-eared macaque looked puzzled, "My son, is there a green nightmare here?"

"Not bad!"

Seeing Sun Hao nodding, a look of fear appeared on the face of the six-eared macaque.

"My son, Green Nightmare is..."

Having said that, the six-eared macaque looked around and seemed to be afraid of some existence.

After confirming safety, he continued to speak.

"Green Nightmare is a slave of taboo existence, it is very difficult!"

"Where are they now?" the six-eared macaque asked.

"All dead!" Sun Hao said.

"Dead? How is this possible?"

The six-eared macaque looked at Sun Hao up and down with a look of surprise, "My son, they are all gods!"

"Gods? I think they are just demigods!" Sun Hao said.

"In this way, the strength of these Green Nightmare has also declined?"

"Could it be that their strength has also been sealed?" The six-eared macaque frowned, his face solemn.

"Don't care about it, let me talk about who is the taboo?" Sun Hao asked.

"do not know!"

The six-eared macaque shook his head for a while, "No one has seen the true face of taboos, because those who have seen it are already gone!"

"There are taboos, and heaven must be jealous, no one can tell his name!" The six-eared macaque looked cautious.

Listening to these, Sun Hao frowned and thought deeply.

There are taboos, even the way of heaven must be jealous?

Will the existence of taboos be transformed by heaven? Does it deliberately deceive sentient beings and play with them in applause?

God regards everything as a dog?

In other words, the way of heaven was created by the existence of taboos?

Also, what is the relationship between the Tathagata and the existence of taboos?

Or is it that Tathagata is a taboo?

What's in the forbidden place? What does it have to do with the existence of taboos?


The more I thought about it, the bigger Sun Hao became.

There may be everything.

However, this taboo exists and is definitely his enemy.

Is it the worst enemy?

Because the two cosmic giants pressed on their chests like giant mountains, making Sun Hao afraid to relax.

In front of those powerful people, Sun Hao believed that with his current strength, it was nothing different from an egg hitting a stone, and there was no difference between looking for death.

Nowadays, the most important thing is to obtain the right technique for you!

"Liu-ear, where are the other three seals?" Sun Hao looked at the six-eared macaque and said.

"My son, can you... can you call me grandson?"

The six-eared macaque looked at Sun Hao weakly and asked.

"Shut up, speak up!"

With a soft drink, the six-eared macaque trembled with fright.

"The son, the other three seals are the Taichu Mine in Tianluo Continent, Mount Xumi in Elysium, and the Black Bone Cemetery in Forbidden Land."

"These three places suppressed the souls of Sha Wujing, Zhu Lie, and Tang Sanzang!" said the six-eared macaque.

Listening to these, Sun Hao frowned.

In the beginning, the mine was nothing terrible.

It is said that there are taboos there, which must be fake!

At most, there is only a taboo, and he should be confident of confrontation.

Xumi Mountain in the Paradise of Elysium, I have never been to it. I don't know the strength of the people guarding there?

As for the forbidden places, I have been there.

At that time, those who do not know are not afraid.

Now that I understand it, I know that the gods cannot come out even if they enter it.

It must be extremely dangerous there.

It seems that trying to release Ning Mingzhi's soul is not that easy.

"By the way, why is the scholar I met at the inn at random, Tang Seng?"

"This is a coincidence too?"

"In other words, it's not a coincidence. There is an invisible big hand pushing all this?"

Thinking of this, Sun Hao's scalp numb.

Cold sweat flowed down unconsciously.

It's not easy to be able to push all of this with that invisible hand.

Could invisible big hands be taboos?

Why would he do this?

With his strength, it must be easy to destroy us, right?

In other words, does he make fun of us people?

Thinking about it this way, Sun Hao felt even more hell.

An unspeakable conspiracy came.

He felt that he was living in a terrifying situation.

It’s really bad to be manipulated like this.

"Don't think about it, maybe I'm not right!"

"Doing everything right next is the top priority!"

"No matter who it is, dare to prevent me from being resurrected as a dream, I will crush you!"

Sun Hao thought secretly, his face getting firmer and firmer.

"My son, a forbidden place is extremely dangerous, I advise you not to go in easily!" said the six-eared macaque.

"I know this."

Sun Hao nodded slightly and looked at the six-eared macaque, "Don't you want to free yourself from other physical bodies quickly?"

"My son, of course I want to!"

"However, you need strength!"

"I suggest that you go to Mount Xumi first. It is relatively safe and there are only a few old bald donkeys guarding. You must use your strength to rescue Ao Lie's soul. It's not a problem," said the six-eared macaque.

"Do not!"

Sun Hao shook his head slightly, "Go to the Taichu mine first!"

"My son, no!"

The six-eared macaque showed a look of fear, "It is said that there is a taboo, so it is hidden in the mine of Taichu!"

"It's okay, on the way. Since there are taboos, then I'll just visit him for a while!"

"See why it prevents me from going to the Lunar Realm!"

Sun Hao stood up, with a cold killing intent on his face.

The six-eared macaque opened its mouth, unable to speak.

He looked at Sun Hao's back, jealous.

This kind of strength of the son must have the opportunity to deal with the existence of taboos.

"My son, shall we go now?" asked the six-eared macaque.

"Don't worry, wait for him to wake up!"

Sun Hao looked at Lei Jie Master and spoke.

Shortly after.

Lei Jie Master woke up leisurely, and a strange light appeared in his eyes.

"I broke through, and I became a Ninth-Rank Demigod!"

"Damn monkey, come again!"

Lei Jie's master glanced away and stared directly at the six-eared macaque.


The six-eared macaque jumped up and hid behind Sun Hao.


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