"It's not good, it's not good!"

Outside the door, there was an exclamation.

Su Yiling opened her eyes, with a trace of doubt on her face, "Something big happened? The evil race invaded?"

Thinking of this, Su Yiling's scalp exploded and she quickly stood up.

"The son's instructions have been fulfilled so soon?"

Su Yiling opened the door, looked at the incoming person, and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Holy Maiden, the big thing is not good, the Heavenly Ming Sect has surrounded us, saying that they want to avenge their dead Zongzun and wash the Jade Lake Palace!

Hearing the female disciple's voice, Su Yiling snorted coldly, "Reverse? Are they not afraid of being beaten?"

"Where are they now?" Su Yiling asked.

"Holy girl, they are outside the big formation and keep clamoring." said the female disciple.

"Did they attack?"


No offense, keep clamoring.

Obviously, it was deliberately to stimulate the people inside to go out.

Zongzun died tragically, with the character of Tianming Sect Master, he would never come forward to provoke.

There must be a conspiracy.

Must be handled carefully!

Su Yiling muttered and made a decision, "Send my order, no one can get out of the big formation, everything, wait for the master to come back to decide!"

"Holy woman, but we have several disciples falling into their hands, now, in front of all the disciples..."

The female disciple could not go on.

"Damn it!"

Su Yiling clenched her fist and creaked, "If that's the case, then you go to die!"

After speaking, Su Yiling ran out quickly.

After a while.

She came to the square and stood on the edge of the big array.

Seeing the scene before her, two angers rushed up from the soles of her feet and hovered over her chest.

I saw that several female disciples were bound to the pillars and surrounded by several male practitioners.


The sound of cracking silk, through the amplified sound array, resounded throughout the square.

In such a scene, I saw a group of female disciples with shame and anger.

"Saint, let me kill them!"

"Saint, let me save the sisters!"

One by one disciples stood up, bowed down in front of Su Yiling, and asked to fight.

Su Yiling waved her right hand, and all the disciples calmed down.

She calmly looked ahead and stepped out of the formation.


It sounded.

A sleepy formation enveloped Su Yiling in an instant.


Sect Master Tianming looked up to the sky and laughed.

"Unexpectedly, the sage of the Yaochi Palace is so mentally retarded, so little stimulation, I can't stand it!"

"Now, with you falling into my hands, Luo Liuyan can't catch it without hesitation?"

Sect Master Tianming looked at Su Yiling, very proud.

"Di Ming, with your character, you don't have such guts! Let's talk, what's the purpose?"

Su Yiling looked at Sect Master Tianming and said.

"Huh, Hugh is so nonsense, Luo Liuyan killed Zongzun, how can he not be reported?!"

Seeing Su Yiling so calm, Sect Master Tianming revealed a trace of worry.

"Hehe, just you, dare you?"

Su Yiling smiled slightly and spoke lightly, "Since you don't want to say, I have a way to let you speak!"

"What? Let me speak?"

Sect Master Tianming was taken aback for a moment, and then he laughed, "The turtle in the urn is still talking loudly, it's so funny, haha..."


The elders and disciples of Tianming Sect also laughed.

"Being a gun in the hands of others is still so stupid!"

After speaking, Su Yiling raised her finger and tapped it lightly.


The formation that shrouded her body broke apart.

Sect Master Tianming's pupils shrank and his face changed drastically.

Is preparing to retreat.

But seeing that Su Yiling had already stood in front of him, her jade finger lightly tapped.


There was a loud noise.

Sect Master Tianming is like a broken kite, flying upside down, sprinkling a rain of blood on the sky.


It fell to the ground and exploded a piece of dust.

One blow, serious injury.

When the disciples of Tianming Sect saw this scene, they were all frightened.

This... how is this possible?

Sect Master couldn't even stop a finger in front of this girl?

This...what can I do?

They looked at Su Yiling with jealousy on their faces.

Su Yiling ignored these, but looked at Sect Master Tianming.


Sect Master Tianming spit out a mouthful of blood.

After struggling several times, he couldn't stand up.

He pointed to Su Yiling, ""

"Ha ha……"

Su Yiling smiled slightly, pointed her right hand, and the tied female disciple returned to freedom.

"Wait, go back to the big array first!"

"Yes, saint!"

These female disciples quickly flew back to the formation.


Su Yiling turned around.

Before Sect Master Tianming could react, he stood in front of Sect Master Tianming and stepped on his chest with one foot.


His chest seemed to be pressed by a Tarzan, and several bones broke.


Sect Master Tianming let out a scream.

"You only have one chance, let's go, who is behind the scenes?" Su Yiling said.

"I said, I said..."

Sect Master Tianming repeatedly begged for mercy.

A touch of complacency, at the corner of his mouth, was fleeting.


"Say you a big hammer!"

The body of Sect Master Tianming burst open, turned into light and shadow, and disappeared without a trace.

Su Yiling's face changed drastically, and she was about to move.

At this time.



A crimson cage enveloped Su Yiling in an instant.


With a light touch, her hands were burned into black.

"The fierce prison cage?"

Su Yiling's face changed drastically, and she exclaimed.

"Somewhat knowledgeable!"

At this time, a middle-aged man with a red body appeared not far away.

Beside him, Sect Master Tian Ming followed him like a licking dog.

" are the Zongzun of the Burning Fire Sect-the Hell?"

The words came out.

Within the large array of Jade Lake Palace, there was an instant wave.

"What? The Fire Gate? The seventh class Sect Fire Gate?"

"Is this heavenly death our Yaochi Palace? We were besieged by two seventh-class sects, what should we do?"

"Let's go and save the saint, fight with them!"

"Shut up, the saint said, no one is forbidden to attack without her order!"

The disciples of Yaochi Palace all stared at Su Yiling, their faces worried.

"Little baby, a little knowledgeable!"

"Come on, where is Luo Liuyan?" Lie Prison said.

"My master is here, you will definitely die. If you know, let me go!" Su Yiling said.

"Little Wawa, at this moment, dare to threaten me?"

After speaking, Lie Prison waved his right hand.


A ball of flame hit the fierce prison cage one at a time.

Strands of red flame, like silk thread, penetrated into Su Yiling's eyebrows.


Su Yiling clasped her fists and screamed up to the sky.

The voice was faint and harsh.

"Holy Woman!"

A group of female disciples stood in the formation and shouted loudly.

Everyone clenched their fists, their chests undulating violently.

"I'm fighting with you!"

"Dare to do something to the saint, go!"

A group of female disciples completely lost their minds.

Seeing, they are about to rush out of the big array.

At this time.

"Stand out!"

The great elder let out a loud shout, awakening the disciples.


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