"Girl, I don't want to torture you either. If you know me, please say it!"

"Also, where is the **** and treacherous person behind her?" Hell said.

"Hehe, it turns out that you are actually looking for death!" Su Yiling said.

"We don't know if we die, but if you don't say it, it may be destroyed!" Lieji said.

This was just finished.

"is it?"

It sounded.

A silver-haired man carried a big knife and walked out of the Yaochi Palace step by step.

"What? There are men in Yaochi Palace?"

"Fuck, what about the promise of breaking love? A lie?"

"My pure love is gone!"

The disciples of Tianming Sect, with bitter expressions, stared at Chen Daoming.

That kind of envy and jealousy can almost kill him.

The corner of Chen Daoming's mouth raised, and he stroked a handful of silver hair with an arrogant expression, "What kind of ability to bully a girl! Let her go, there is something to come at me!"

"That red hair, what do you look at? It's you! He looks like a flamingo, but he is embarrassed to beep?"

Chen Daoming pointed at Lie Prison and said.

"you wanna die!"

Lie Prison gritted his teeth and rushed towards Chen Daoming.

For a while, the two scuffled together.


The metal cried and rang continuously.

The sound of terrorist explosions is endless.

The immortal cultivator who was close was directly severely injured by the aftermath.

The farther to the back, the more intense the fight.

The fierce prison was pressured by Chen Daoming and there was no way to fight back.

"This... how is this possible?!"

"What is his physical body made of? It's harder than a middle-grade spirit weapon!"

"It hurts me!"

"How come you encounter this kind of monster, it can't be burned no matter how you burn it, this is troublesome!"

Lie Prison murmured with a bitter expression on his face.


There was a loud noise.

The two were separated.

Lie Prison's body kicked straight back, and it took a lot of strength to stabilize his figure.


A mouthful of blood, spit out into the sky.

He looked at Chen Daoming with jealousy on his face.

"Hey, if he suppresses his strength like this, he can't beat me, it's really useless!"

Chen Daoming sighed secretly, then stared at Lie Prison with a sneer.


He kicked his right leg, hitting the air, and banging constantly.

Just one step, he stood in front of the fierce prison, "Since you are willing to be a thug, then go to death!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming raised his foot and stomped down towards Lie Prison.

"My lord, help!"

Seeing this scene, Lie Prison was so frightened that he shouted loudly.


With a loud shout.

Then, a figure came quickly.

In an instant, he stood in front of Chen Daoming.

He is two meters tall, his strong muscles seem to break through his armor, and his whole body exudes an aura of destruction.

He covered his face, unable to see his looks.

He glanced at the fierce prison, his voice was cold: "Huh, what a waste!"

Afterwards, the masked man stared at Chen Daoming and looked closely.

In the early stage of Dongxu, he was a realm lower than himself.

It is indeed stronger than Luo Liuyan's waste.

"Luo Liuyan, it turns out that you are just a green tea bitch, find a concubine, not even me, pretend to be noble!"

The masked man murmured to himself, shaking his head for a while, "Today, let's see how I killed your concubine!"

Thinking of this, the masked man raised his mouth and said, "Boy, let him go!"

"Hehe, what if I don't let it go?" Chen Daoming said.

"Then you will die than life!" said the masked man.

"is it?"

After speaking, Chen Daoming lifted his foot and stamped it down.

"Do not……"

"you dare!"

Two sounds sounded at the same time.


The head of the fierce prison shattered, red and white things splashed everywhere, and died on the spot.


very quiet.

Everyone stared at this scene blankly, unable to believe it.

The seventh-class sect Zongzun was stamped to death?

Can't even resist?

All the disciples of Tianming Sect were so scared that their faces changed greatly.

When the Tianming boss was there, Tianming Sect was the sixth-class sect.

Now that the old monster Tianming is dead, the sect has naturally fallen to the seventh-class sect.

In the whole family, who is this kid's opponent?

How to do?

Many people's legs trembled, and their complexions changed again.


What is the difference with death?

The masked man looked at Chen Daoming, angrily.

He pointed to Chen Daoming, "Okay, so cruel! Since you want to die like this, this seat will fulfill you!"

After speaking, the masked man rushed towards Chen Daoming.

The two fought together.


The metal humming sounded constantly.

Neither of them used weapons, and relied entirely on their bodies.

The flesh is like a magic weapon, indestructible.

The onlookers looked at this scene, dumbfounded.


There was a loud noise and the two separated.

The two of you looked at me, I looked at you, and each other was full of jealousy.

"Damn, he is physically stronger than me?!"

The masked man's right hand trembled slightly, his expression unbelieving.

I practiced it by myself, but the strongest physical body exercises in the Cangyuan Academy.

With blood, you can crack the middle-grade spirit weapon with bare hands.

Although the realm only reaches the early stage of Mahayana, even if you encounter a complete Mahayana cultivator, you can kill with your bare hands.

Now, in the face of a brat who was in the early stage, he didn't even have the power to fight back?

How can this be?

"Does it hurt? The pain is right, it proves that you are alive!"

"If you just do this, you can go to death!"

Chen Daoming held the long knife in his hand and began to draw it.

"Hmph, pretend to be a fool, die!"

The masked man rushed towards Chen Daoming.

At this time.

The long knife was pulled out slowly.


The sound of a long knife rubbing like a scabbard made people's ears roar.

The horror sword intent, centered on Chen Daoming, shook in all directions.

It was like a huge mountain blasting.


A crowd of immortal cultivators close by, all like cannonballs, blasted in all directions.

Those with low strength were directly shaken into flying ash and disappeared on the spot.


The masked man was no exception. He was hit hard and fell to the ground, vomiting blood.

Before the knife was pulled out, he was seriously injured!

He looked at Chen Daoming and shook his head again and again with a look of disbelief!

"How can he perceive such a powerful sword intent? Fake, it must be fake!"

"Ha ha……"

Chen Daoming retracted the long knife and stood in front of the masked man, "Do you know the biggest difference between you and the pig?"

"You..." The masked man's chest was stagnant, and there was nothing to say.

"The biggest difference is that pigs have always been pigs, and you can't even compare to pigs!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming raised his foot and kicked it hard.


The blood was spilled, and the masked man flew across the ground.

He bowed like a prawn, looking painful.

At the corner of his mouth, black and red blood kept flowing.

Vitality is losing rapidly.

Kick seriously injured!

"He is still hiding his strength when he is fighting against me?"

"His strength is so terrifying, it's troublesome!"

Thinking of this, the masked man's scalp numb.

He took a deep breath and yelled hard.

"Chai Yuanchu, what else are you looking at? Come and save me!"

This sound, like thunder, rolled out.


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