"The mark of the Chilian Sect, they belong to the Chilian Sect."

"What? People from the Northern Territory have all arrived here?"

"The sixth-class sect is arrogant!"

Many immortal cultivators talked in a low voice, not daring to face those bald heads.

Hearing the sound of fighting, more and more onlookers watched.

The big hammer looked at these bald heads with a look of unwillingness.

He sacrificed dozens of brothers before killing the Lion Rock Beast.

As soon as he saw it, he had to open his stomach and take out the Shiyan core.

Now, someone from the Chilian Sect came unexpectedly.

Damn it!

Let it go directly to them, I am unwilling!

Shiyan Heart is no less than the best spirit stone!

After decades of hard work, he may not be able to obtain a superb spiritual stone!

Humph, fight it!

"What do you want to do?"

The strong man raised the giant hammer, pointed at the bald heads in front of him, and shouted angrily.


Without any nonsense, the bald heads came straight to the brawny.

The strong man raised his hammer, aimed at a light head, and smashed it hard.


It was like hitting an ancient clock with a roar.

The bald body flew upside down and knocked down a rock.

Immediately after.

The bald head immediately stood up, shook his head, gritted his teeth, like a wild beast leaped at the strong man.

In such a scene, the faces of the cultivators changed greatly.

"The Chilian Sect is really strong, and this physical defense is not much worse than the Lion Rock Beast!"

"It's terrible, but fortunately I didn't conflict with them!"

Beside the Lion Rock Beast, a dozen bald heads looked like tigers, desperately culling at the brawny.

At the beginning, the strong man could cope.

To the back, he was quickly defeated.

The brawny man was covered in bruises.


He fell straight down like a cannonball, into the distance.

He struggled to stand up, looked at the group of bald heads, and quickly left without looking back.

His subordinates also quickly followed.

For these, the group of bald heads completely ignored.

They came to the lion rock beast's side, picked up the long knife, and broke their stomachs.

However, the lion rock beast's skin is as hard as iron, and it is extremely difficult to break open.

It took a lot of strength to break a hole.

It took a full half an hour before they took out a fist-sized red spar from the belly of the lion rock beast.

As soon as this thing came out, it instantly attracted hundreds of greedy eyes.

"Lion Rock Heart!"

"This is a superb spirit stone!"

"This thing is better to absorb than the best spirit stone!"

The head of the bald head carefully put away Shiyanxin, and then they stepped forward and left at great speed.

Luo Liuyan and the others watched this scene without any waves on their faces.

Following the son, his horizons have been fully opened.

This kind of vulgar thing does not interest them at all.

"Let's go too, try to hide in the dark and save strength!" Luo Liuyan said.

"it is good!"

Then, the three figures quickly rushed forward, and no one noticed them under the phoenix smoke.



Death forbidden to the west.


A figure wearing a pale green long gauze was flying.

She is a woman, with a touch of determination on her pretty face.

She is Xuanyuan Shi, the daughter of the Patriarch of the Xuanyuan Family.

"Father, when I get the blood phoenix demon pill, you will surely be able to break through. By then, you won't have to look at the faces of those elders!"

Xuanyuan Shi murmured and rushed forward.

Suddenly, she stopped, looked at the big blue rock not far away, and frowned slightly.


The sound of rubbing against a boulder sounded.

Xuanyuan Shi's scalp exploded and he backed away again and again.

She hid behind a rock, watching from a distance.


At this time, several figures galloped in Huang Yan.

"Brothers, hurry up, we will be in the center soon!"

"Once you find the entrance and enter the Blood Phoenix Nest, it is possible to obtain the Blood Phoenix Demon Pill!"

"More than that, there is the Demon Swallowing Technique. With that technique in hand, the world will belong to us!"

"Huh, what is that?"

Several figures looked at the blue boulder far away, turned into a Changhong, and hurried away, standing on the blue boulder.


It sounded like thunder.

A few people's scalp exploded and rose to the sky.

"call out……"

Several sounds of breaking through the air blew up in my ears.

The blue tentacles instantly penetrated several people's chests, binding them up like rice dumplings.

Then, pull back the blue giant rock.


The big blue rock opened a big mouth and swallowed a few people into it.


The rubbing sound of stones continued to sound.

After a while, calm was restored.

To death, those few figures did not make a scream.

Xuanyuan Shi looked at this scene, her pretty face showed a lingering expression.

"It turned out to be an ice rock behemoth! I'm afraid that this seven-step ascendant realm powerhouse is not an opponent!"

"This death penalty zone is really scary, you must be careful!"

After speaking, Xuanyuan Shi changed a direction and ran away quickly.

after one day.

Around the ice giant beast, it was extremely quiet.

Most immortal cultivators have entered the hinterland.

On this day, two figures came quickly from a distance.

It was Sun Hao who walked ahead.

He looked around, his mouth raised slightly.

They all say that this death penalty area is extremely dangerous, and the cultivator enters it, there is no way out.

However, that is for the weak.

Next to him, but the master Yu Meng followed.

After walking for a day, not to mention the danger, not even a monster beast.

It seemed that after sensing the dreamlike breath, they were all scared away, and they didn't dare to approach.

"Since Rumeng is so strong, I don't have to stay at home all the time, I have to go out and shop!"

Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng and nodded secretly.

Then, he took Huang Rumeng's little hand and led her forward.


Huang Rumeng stopped and looked ahead, frowning slightly.

"My son, you stand here for a break first!" Huang Rumeng said.

"There is a monster?" Sun Hao asked.

"Well, it's a giant ice and rock beast, I'll come as soon as I go!"

After finishing speaking, Huang Rumeng's figure fluttered and left quickly.


Sun Hao looked at the figure of Huang Rumeng, looking around.


A deafening sound rang.

I saw that a blue boulder stood up.

Three thick legs, like three Optimus Primes lying in the sky.

On the leg, is a huge blue round stone.

It seems very strange.

"This kind of monster beast is too strange, right?"

Sun Hao stared blankly, his face full of surprise.


Huang Rumeng flew in front of the ice rock giant beast, watching it calmly.

"call out……"

Suddenly, dozens of air-breaking sounds sounded.

Tentacles flew out of the ice giant beast, and they flew straight towards the Phoenix like a dream.

Above the tentacles, there is the power of extreme cold.

The ambient temperature drops rapidly.

When Huang Rumeng saw this scene, his face remained unchanged.

In no hurry, stretch out his right hand and wave it forward.

It seemed that he only waved once, and his strength waved countless times.

Thousands of handprints, fused together, aimed at the ice giant beast and blasted over.


There was a very soft sound, and the tentacles were rapidly cracking.


The ice giant beast let out a stern roar, shaking the whole world and shaking.

Sun Hao saw this scene, cold sweat.

Fortunately, I was far away.

This is really terrible!


Huang Rumeng snorted softly and pressed the handprint of Nirvana on the ice giant beast.


There was a sound of cracking rocks.

Cobweb-like cracks spread all over the body of the ice giant beast.


An explosion!

The behemoth of ice and rock burst directly and exploded into powder.


Sun Hao stared at this scene in a daze, with shock on his face.

Slap to death?

Such a terrifying monster, can't bear the slap like a dream?

Like dream strength, there is no way to imagine.

Then what else do I have to worry about!

Thinking of this, the corners of Sun Hao's mouth raised, and the whole person was extremely relaxed.


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