Huang Rumeng's heart beat violently, and the call in his mind became more and more intense.

If this continues, it won't take long to see the ancestors and gain inheritance.

Thinking of this, Huang Rumeng's face flashed with uncertainty.

"Help me, who will help me?"

In front, there was a cry for help.

Huang Rumeng turned a deaf ear to these voices.

Along the way, I have encountered too many people seeking help.

They fought against the flames, and when their spiritual power was exhausted, they were finally burned to fly ashes.

Soon, the two came to the source of the sound.

I saw a man's body twitching, his body's spiritual shield, wagging in the flames.

That appearance will be burned to ashes at any time.

Suddenly, the man raised his eyebrows.

When he saw the two of Sun Hao, his eyes bloomed with strange light.

It looks like someone who has fallen into the water sees a life-saving straw.


Without even thinking about it, he picked up the long sword and pointed it at Sun Hao. It was a sword attack.

That speed is as fast as lightning.

Seeing this violent blow, Sun Hao shook his head slightly, "Come again!"

He stood there motionless.

Seeing, the man's long sword was about to stab Sun Hao.

At this time.


The long sword in the man's hand turned into fly ash at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Then, there is the man's arm.

The fear of death directly scared the man to the heart, with regret on his face.

"Do not……"

He let out an unwilling roar.

Finally, his body took his voice and turned to ashes.

Sun Hao looked at the flying ash floating in the sky and shook his head for a while.

If you want to kill someone, you must have the consciousness to be killed.

Along the way, all the immortal cultivators who attacked him were obliterated by Huang Rumeng.

Like a dream by his side, in this Blood Phoenix Nest, it was extremely safe.

It seemed that Huang Rumeng's realm was even more terrifying than I thought!

"Rumeng, is it coming soon?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, just ahead!"

Huang Rumeng pointed to the front of the passage and said.

"it is good!"

The two of them continued to move forward without reducing their speed.

Along the way, whether it is a flame monster or an immortal cultivator, as long as he dares to attack Sun Hao, the result will be ashes.

After half an hour.

The two came to the destination.

Here, is a circular cave several hundred meters high.

The area is large enough to hold a city.

In the cave, a bird's skeleton with a height of 100 meters, like a building, stands in the center of the cave.

Among the giant bird's skull, a scarlet bead is emitting a crimson flame.


The horrible heat wave blasted from the beads to all directions, burning the entire cave red.

Under the skeleton, there are thousands of immortal cultivators standing.

Each one gritted his teeth and roared, walking towards the beads.

Behind the crowd, there was a quiet-looking woman, standing at the end with a sword in her hand, her eyes fixed on the bead, motionless.

She is Xuanyuan Poetry.

When she saw Sun Hao and the two coming, her pupils shrank slightly.

what? Without using the spiritual shield, there is no harm at all?

How can this be?

Xuanyuan Shi's face became more surprised.

The temperature inside is as high as ten thousand degrees.

Even the immortal cultivator who crossed the Tribulation Realm had to deal with it with all his strength, and his spiritual power disappeared quickly like flowing water.

Every half a moment, you have to replenish the pill.

Otherwise, when the spiritual power is exhausted, there will be nothing but ashes.

"The clothes on his body weren't ignited? It seems that the clothes must be the best spirit weapon!"

"However, even if it is the best spirit weapon, it can't withstand such a high temperature, right?"

"There are only two possibilities. Either the young man is extremely powerful, or the young man is a peerless expert. It is very likely that he is a fairy!"

Thought of this.


Xuanyuan Shi took a breath.

Unexpectedly, immortals can be seen here.

If you can establish a good relationship with the immortal, your family crisis may be resolved.

It must be more useful than obtaining that demon pill!

One thought ends here.

Xuanyuan Shi turned around, walked in front of Sun Hao and the two of them, bowed and saluted, "Xuanyuan Shi has seen before..."

The words are not over!

"The son is experiencing as a mortal, if you dare to break the son's moral heart, you will die here immediately!"

The voice of Huang Rumeng made Xuanyuanshi's ears roar!

When she heard this, she nodded secretly.

"Xuanyuan Shi has seen the son!" Xuanyuan Shi saluted.

"Xuanyuan Shi? Good name, the girl is polite!"

Sun Hao looked at Xuanyuan's poem, and carefully examined it.

Xuanyuan Poetry was a bit quiet, with a pretty face, biting his lips, as if there were a thousand words, but there was no way to speak.

This girl is very polite, unlike other cultivators, she rushed forward and killed herself before she spoke.

In the end, it came to a dead end.

Later, I must give her something!

What should I give? By the way, her name is Xuanyuan Shi? Then give her a copy!

Sun Hao muttered and made a decision.


Suddenly, there was a sound.

Below the blood phoenix demon core, the air pulsed in layers.

A book appeared on the ground out of thin air.

On the cover of the book, the four characters 【Sky Swallowing Magic Skill】 strongly stimulated the eyes of a crowd of cultivators.

"Really Swallowing Devil Skill!"

"My God, it is said that this is a technique created by an ancient strong man! If anyone can learn it, the speed of cultivation will be rapid!"

"Chong, go and win the Heaven Swallowing Devil Art!"

At this time, all the immortal cultivators moved at once, and rushed towards "The Demon Skill of Swallowing Heaven" quickly.

Huang Rumeng's face changed slightly, and his heart beat violently, "Master, the ancestor is calling, you are here to wait for me!"

After speaking, Huang Rumeng's figure slowly disappeared.


Sun Hao was taken aback.

Without Huang Rumeng by his side, who will protect himself?

It's not safe in this terrible place!

What should I do.

Sun Hao fixed his eyes on Xuanyuan Shi.

I saw that Xuanyuan Shi was also staring at the "Swallowing Sky Demon Art", his eyes blooming with greed.

She was about to rush forward.

At this time.

"Girl Xuanyuan, wait!"

This sound, like a thunder explosion, awakened Xuanyuan Shi.

Greed in the heart, everything disappears cleanly.

At this time.


Screams came from the front.

I saw that on the demon pill, tens of thousands of blood-colored threads suddenly appeared.

In the blink of an eye, he entangled the immortal cultivator at the forefront.

These blood lines madly swallowed the flesh and blood of these immortal cultivators, turned into a stream of energy, and rushed to the demon pill.

The body of the immortal cultivator dries out at the speed of the naked eye, and finally becomes a skeleton.


The skeleton fell to the ground and exploded into dust.

Hundreds of immortal cultivators died tragically without a breath.

Such a scene directly frightened a group of immortal cultivators.

They struggled wildly and backed away.



On the demon pill, there was a shock.

The dazzling red light enveloped them all at once.

At this moment, they are stuck in a quagmire, in a dilemma.

"no, do not want!"

"Help, who will help me!"

"I'm not greedy anymore, please let me go!"

The whole scene is in chaos.


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