"Little baby, die!"

The old demon Black Mountain snorted coldly, stretched out his big hand to cover the sky, and covered Su Yiling.

"Master, sorry!"

Su Yiling gave up resistance, closed his eyes, and waited for death quietly.

Seeing that she covered the sky with big hands, she wanted to pinch Su Yiling into powder.

At this time.


With a loud shout, the world roared.

Immediately afterwards, a big golden hand peeked down from the sky.

Tightly pinch the palm of the old demon Black Mountain.


The old demon Black Mountain's face changed drastically, struggling frantically, unable to break free.

Before he could react, he saw that his entire arm burst a little bit.


The old Black Mountain demon let out a heartbreaking scream.

"Who, get out of here!"

The old demon from Black Mountain shouted.


It sounded.

Countless golden lights came from the void.

The scriptures are flying all over the sky, like king butterflies overwhelming the sky.

Seeing this scene, the old demon from Black Mountain was horrified.

"Buddha...Buddha, forgive me!"

The old demon from Black Mountain knelt down to the sky and kept kowtow.

"Excuse me, Qingxiu, die!"

The language is out of the way.

The sky is full of scriptures, flying quickly.

In an instant, he wrapped the Old Demon Black Mountain.

"Do not……"

Unwilling to shout, stop abruptly.

Old Black Mountain demon, his body burst into powder a little bit.

Only one demon pill remained in place.

The demon pill kept beating and seemed to be struggling violently.

At last.


The demon pill burst into pieces and disappeared without a trace.

After the black mountain demon disappeared.

These scriptures turned into a King Kong Arhat.

Two divine lights shot out from his eyes, sweeping to all directions.

After a while, King Kong Arhat's body dispersed, turned into Taoist scriptures, flew into the void and disappeared.

The one who stayed in place was just a Su Yiling standing stupidly.

This means!

This strength!

It's so unimaginable!

This... Is this the Buddha?


The problem is that the Buddha is still just a slave?

Who is his master?

How terrifying is his master?

One thought ends here.


Su Yiling was cold and her body was extremely cold

It was a long time before she calmed down.


After recovering, Su Yiling almost fainted to death.

"No, I can't faint here!"

"Master is still waiting for me!"

"Xiao Ruo, I won't let you die in vain!"

Su Yiling swallowed a few mouthfuls of the medicine, and flew outside the Great Demon Mountain with a sigh of force.

Soon, he came to the periphery of Big Demon Mountain.

The injury broke out in the body, and in an instant, she passed out in pain.


She fell to the ground quickly like a cannonball.



"Ding, blessing value +50!"

Su Ziyang just closed the scripture when he heard a sound.

Open the panel and find that the fortune value reaches 120 points.

"Sure enough, chanting also has blessing value, wonderful!"

Su Ziyang's eyes flickered.

"However, this is still a bit slow. To collect one million blessing points, when will you get it?"

"If a few more practitioners come here and give them a few things, they will surely gain luck faster."

This idea has just taken shape.


A loud noise came from outside the courtyard.

This sound, like a bomb blast, was shocking.

Sun Hao was taken aback, with a trace of dread on his face, "There will be no cultivators attacking my yard, right?"

"How can a cultivator like me in a remote mountainous area like me?"

Sun Hao frowned, his mind turned sharply.

He carried his hands on his back, revealing an expert appearance.


Sun Hao gave a soft drink.

no respond.

He didn't rush and walked towards the gate.

Opened the door, glanced away, frowned slightly.

I see.

Under the cherry tree, a woman fell there.

The woman was dressed in red gauze, her face was facing the ground and her face was not clear.

It can be seen from the numerous scars on her body that she was seriously injured.

"Sure enough, in this world, if you make a difference, you will kill people!"

"Presumably not long ago, she went through a brutal fight with others!"

"Hurry up and hide!"

Sun Hao backed away carefully.

Close the door and return to the house.

"It is said that the cultivator will bleed thousands of miles at every turn. Even if I am innocent, if the chaser sees me, I am afraid he will give me a knife!"

"No, you have to hide her, don't let the hunter find out!"

Thinking about this, Sun Hao walked under the cherry blossom tree, picked Su Yiling up, sent it back to the house, and put it on the bed.

He looked at Su Yiling and looked carefully.

I saw that Su Yiling's facial features are exquisite and her figure is expected.

The spring light came out from the tattered clothes, making Sun Hao dry.

In her hand, he held a Ganoderma lucidum tightly.

Ganoderma lucidum is glowing with purple awns, and you can see that it is not ordinary.

"It looks good, but for the sake of a Ganoderma lucidum, even my life is ignored!"

Sun Hao shook his head for a while, stretched out his hand, and reached for the woman's meridian.

"The meridian is broken, the body is seriously injured, and there is still rescue!" Sun Hao secretly said.

His medical skills have reached the highest level.

Although she is a cultivator, she should be able to try to save it.

However, if she rushed to save her, wouldn't she become a farmer to save the snake?

If it is not saved, she will definitely die.

Acquiring medical skills, but not saving you when you die, you can't get past this hurdle in your heart.


Sun Hao's eyes gleamed, and he thought about it.

He walked out of the room and went straight to the backyard medicine field.

The medicinal field is a few acres in size, and the medicinal plants required by the system are all inside.

Shortly after.

After Sun Hao collected the herbs, he returned to the pharmacy and began to boil the medicine.

Slowly simmer, let the herbs fully release the medicinal properties.

After a while.

Sun Hao poured out a bowl of medicinal soup and brought it to Su Yiling's room.

"Now, even if you are a cultivator, you should not be able to deal with me!"

Sun Hao's face was helpless.

It is self-insurance to prescribe medicine.

Make sure the girl is not malicious, then detoxify her.

Feed her a spoonful.

"Ding, the blessing value is +1."

"Ding, the blessing value is +1."


Every spoonful can get a little blessing value.

"This way can you get blessing value?"

Sun Hao deliberately took a little less.

It was discovered that the prompt no longer sounded.

In other words, it is impossible to exploit loopholes.


Sun Hao sighed secretly and continued to give Su Yiling clothes.

Get 50 blessing points for one bowl.

The overall value of good fortune reached 170 points.

"It works well!"

Sun Hao explored Su Yiling's meridians and found that her meridians were recovering quickly.

"In this way, I can cure the cultivator! Do you want to open a medical clinic in the city?"

"No! Let's not say that the world of cultivators is too dangerous. Just these herbs can't be taken. Collecting back and forth, at my speed, I can't walk back and forth in ten days!"

"Hire some repairmen to run errands for me?"

"No! If the cultivator knew that I was so powerful, he would definitely be imprisoned and become their dedicated physician!"

"Life is sinister, I have to guard against it!"

"First find out the situation, and then find a few reliable repairmen to do things for me, that Chen Daoming is pretty good!"

Sun Hao nodded secretly.

"It seems that this girl is pretty good too! I don't know what the scheming is? Let's learn about it for a while!

"Her clothes are too tattered, give her a set!"

Thinking of this, Su Ziyang walked to the weaving room and started spinning.

Every action is smooth and flowing.

Weaving, cutting, sewing...

A set of clothes takes less than an hour.

The light green long yarn looks pleasing to the eye.

"Yes! That girl won't kill people when she gets this outfit, right?"

"It's just that now she wants to kill me, she has no strength!"

Sun Hao murmured, his eyes shining brightly.

"She should be awake already."

After speaking, Sun Hao walked to Su Yiling's room.


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