Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1035

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Chapter 1035: An Evil Woman

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After leaving the office, Sun Ye suddenly said casually, “It’s rare for Mr. Ji to stay in the office to rest. I wonder if Madam will be worried… Oh right, you haven’t seen Madam, right?”

Tang Ranran’s eyes flashed as she said softly, “No, she didn’t attend the board meeting last time.”

“You know quite well.” Sun Ye looked at her meaningfully.

“That’s my duty.” Tang Ranran smiled. “You’re even more attentive than me, Assistant Sun. I still have a lot to learn.”

Sun Ye raised an eyebrow.

‘Does this woman think that he was praising her? Does she really not understand or was she acting dumb?’

Sun Ye decided to make things clear. After all, he and his wife had been married for three years. He could not let a woman with ulterior motives stay by the president’s side.

“You do have a lot to learn.” Sun Ye’s tone was very impolite. “Mr. Ji has never liked women other than Madam. To him, you’re just a subordinate. So if you have any thoughts that you shouldn’t have, Mr. Ji will immediately dismiss you. Do you remember?”

Tang Ranran looked at him in surprise.

“Of course I know.” She smiled calmly. “Assistant Sun, you might have some misunderstanding about me.”

“I hope so.” Sun Ye snorted lightly and entered the elevator first.

In the office, Ji Shiting received a call from Qiao Yanze.

He lit a cigarette and pressed the speaker.

“Are you alright now?” Qiao Yanze’s voice resounded in the empty office.

Ji Shiting paused. “What do you mean?”

“If you ask that, it means you’re not well.” Qiao Yanze clucked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “It doesn’t sound right. Where are you?”

Ji Shiting didn’t want to answer this question. He even wanted to hang up the phone.

However, his silence explained the problem. Qiao Yanze suddenly laughed. “You’re not in the office, are you? You were chased out by Sister-in-law?”

“If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.” Ji Shiting frowned and said in a deep voice.

“Don’t.” Qiao Yanze became serious in a second. “I have something to ask you.”

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Ji Shiting grunted and took a deep puff of the cigarette.

“At the family banquet tonight, my old man said that he will definitely retire in two years.” Qiao Yanze’s voice was calm. “Then, he will choose one of the four of us to inherit his position.”

Ji Shiting’s pupils dilated. “Two years… Uncle Qiao is a reasonable man.”

Qiao Yanze’s father, Qiao Fengnian, was actually still considered young. Logically speaking, he should be able to stay in this position for at least five years. If he was full of energy, ten years was not impossible. When Ji Shiting took over T.S. Corporation, Old Master Ji was already over 70 years old. However, his children were already grown up. If he did not choose an heir earlier, Fengqiao Corporation would definitely fall into endless internal conflict.

Therefore, Qiao Fengnian decisively decided to step down. He did not choose his eldest son directly, which was equivalent to giving his other three children a chance. The final outcome was still uncertain.

Qiao Yanze snorted. “He’s not being rational. He just realized that he’s really old…”

“I remember that you have always been on your brother’s side, haven’t you?” Ji Shiting asked lightly.

“That’s right.” Qiao Yanze’s tone was casual.. “If it wasn’t for Brother’s support, I might not have been able to participate in the company’s board meeting until now.”

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