Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1056

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Although these thoughts flashed across Ji Shiting’s mind, he quickly put them down and turned his attention to work.

However, within half an hour, these thoughts occupied his mind uncontrollably.

Ji Shiting frowned slightly. He couldn’t help but click on the search engine.

Back then, every time this woman took on a film, he would find a way to investigate the background of the actor she was working with. Although he remembered this matter, he could not understand his behavior before, but now, he seemed to understand.

Su Yao was the first name that popped up on the search engine. He searched for Su Yao and found a bunch of photos and Su Yao’s Weibo.

Ji Shiting took a quick glance at the photo and commented in his head, ‘Childish.’

Following that, he clicked into Weibo.

The latest post was a photo of Su Yao and Ye Shengge.

“It’s the first day of filming! My Sister Shengge is so beautiful and charismatic!

Looking forward to filming a scene with her! [Shy] [Shy]”

Su Yao’s Weibo had always been like this. His fans would not misunderstand

anything because of this. The hot comments were all praises, and at most, a

few fans would kick up a fuss.

But Ji Shiting did not understand this.

His eyes darkened as he clicked on the picture to enlarge it.

The boy in the photo smiled brightly. The woman put her hand on his shoulder

and smiled. Her smile was sweet and relaxed, and she seemed to be in a good

mood. The two of them were quite close.

Ji Shiting suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

This kind of emotion didn’t seem like anger or jealousy, but it made people feel


He pressed his lips together and closed the page.

In the evening, the filming finally ended.

“Overturning the World” was an ancient fantasy drama. The costumes were

more elegant, and there were no heavy head accessories. It was not as

troublesome as “The Legend of Xue Ning” back then. In this drama, every time

she put on makeup and changed her clothes, it was less than an hour.

Especially in the early stages, the female lead, Changqing, was still dressed as a

young girl, and her makeup was even simpler. This meant that she did not

have to work so early in the morning, and she could finish early at night.

Hence, after removing her makeup on the first day, she decided to go home

instead of going back to the hotel booked by the production team.

When she reached home, she was warmly welcomed by the two little guys.

Although she and Ji shiting had decided to send the two children to

kindergarten, they had yet to find a suitable one, so they stayed at home

during the day.

They were very interested in Ye Shengge’s filming process. Ye Shengge

promised that she would bring them to the production team to play in the

future. Only then did they manage to suppress their curiosity.

That night, Ji Shiting did not come back for dinner. Ye Shengge did not take it

to heart because ji Shiting had called Sister Xiu in the afternoon to inform her.

Ye Shengge brought the two children to have dinner and played with them for a

while. She only left after she coaxed them to sleep.

Ji Shiting did not retum until then.

The man had just reached the living room when he looked up and was slightly

startled when he saw him. His dark eyes seemed deeper than ever.

Ye Shengge smiled and walked down to him. “Why are you only back now? Hey,

have you been drinking?

As she got closer, she could smell the odor of alcohol.

He hummed softly and reached out to pull her into his arms. “I thought you

would be staying with the crew tonight.”

It was a magical feeling.

When he held her in his arms, that indescribable feeling of suffocation

miraculously disappeared..

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