Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1191

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Ye Shengge coughed and said, “Not so many times… I don’t usually allow him to be so reckless. How’s Sun Ye in that aspect? If not, quickly replace him before you get married.”

Sun Ye moved very quickly. He had reserved the date on the day of the proposal, and their wedding would be held a few days later.

Lin Ran blushed and stammered, “He’s… alright.”

Ever since she heard Shang Tianyi’s suggestion, she had found a chance to mention it to Sun Ye. Sun Ye was very traditional in this aspect and insisted on abstaining from premarital intercourse so he was shocked by Lin Ran. However, he couldn’t handle his fiancée’s pestering. Most importantly, his fiancée was starting to suspect his ability. What was there to be afraid of? Of course, he had to go!

However, the first time they consummated their marriage was a disaster. Lin Ran almost cried. She had to make a painful choice between ‘changing a fiancé’ and ‘not having sex for the rest of her life’. Fortunately, Sun Ye improved later and regained his dignity and his fiancée.

Although Sun Ye couldn’t do it five times in a night, she was still satisfied…

Ye Shengge couldn’t help stroking her head when she saw how much she was blushing.

The driver sent Lin Ran home and sent Ye Shengge back to Qianfan Villa.

The two kids had just returned from kindergarten, and they were pleasantly surprised to see Ye Shengge walking in.

Ye Shengge hugged one with each hand and said, “Have you guys been eating a lot these days? If not, why have you gotten so heavy?”

“Mom, you haven’t carried us for a long time!” Jinchen blinked. “Actually, it’s because my sister and I have grown taller!”

Ye Shengge put them on the ground and gestured. “You’ve really grown taller! I didn’t even notice it!”

She had been busy with filming these past few months, and she could only spend a night every time she came back. She didn’t have much time to spend with the two kids, so she didn’t notice that the two kids had grown taller.

She felt guilty and reflected quietly for a while.

“Aunt Xiu will measure our height every month,” Jinqing said. “I’m taller than Jinchen.”

She gestured smugly.

“No way! Jinqing is shameless. She’s included her braid!” Jinchen was furious.

“My braid is also a part of me. Why can’t it be included in my height?” Jinqing said righteously.

“Hmph…” Jinchen tugged at her braid.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help laughing and stroking her daughter’s braid. Jinqing’s hair was messed up, and she was so angry that she almost cried. Ye Shengge had to braid her hair again to appease her.

She sat on the sofa with the two kids and read the words they recognized in kindergarten. After some time, she turned around and saw Ji Shiting walking toward them.

He had been on a business trip these days, so he hadn’t been able to pick Ye Shengge up from the set. They hadn’t seen each other for days, and they hadn’t even called each other many times due to jet lag, so Ye Shengge couldn’t help being surprised. However, before she could say anything, the man walked to her and kissed her.

It was a long wet kiss.

Ye Shengge heard the two kids chuckle when the man let her go.

Her face heated up, and she coughed. “Aren’t you coming back tomorrow?”

“I miss you.” He smiled, turned to the two kids, hugged them with one hand and kissed their faces.

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