Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1196

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Ye Shengge nodded, grabbed Lin Ran’s arm, stood up, and walked out. Countless terrifying guesses flashed across her mind, especially since Ji Shiting had been in frequent contact with Jiang Yu recently. Had he been targeted because of this…

The more Ye Shengge thought about it, she got more and more flustered. She couldn’t help shaking as she got into the car.

Lin Ran grabbed her hand and said, “Don’t be afraid, Sister Shengge. I’ll call Sun Ye again… Nothing will happen. Don’t scare yourself.”

“I know,” Ye Shengge said hoarsely. She tried to calm herself down, but her face was still pale. She wondered if God was going to agitate her because her life had been too peaceful and happy recently. No, she didn’t want it at all…

Lin Ran dialed Sun Ye’s number, grabbed it and asked, “What happened?”

Sun Ye sounded awkward. “Don’t worry, Madam… Come here first. Come to the top floor directly when you arrive.”

He then hung up the phone.

Ye Shengge almost smashed her phone. What was he saying for nothing? She still didn’t know what had happened to Ji Shiting!

Lin Ran took her phone back from Ye Shengge carefully.

Fortunately, the studio was very close to T.S. Corporation, and the car stopped in front of T.S. Building. After getting out of the car, they rushed to the elevator. Lin Ran pressed the button for the stairs and turned around to say something, but she couldn’t help looking away when she saw Ye Shengge’s pale and worried face.

Fortunately, Ye Shengge wasn’t paying attention to her.

After the elevator stopped, Ye Shengge rushed out and yelled, “Shiting!” However, Ji Shiting wasn’t in the empty hallway. Fortunately, Lin Ran said, “Sister Shengge, let’s take a look at the roof!”

Ye Shengge went upstairs and opened the door to the roof.

She was stunned the next moment.

The situation seemed different from what she had imagined.

Night had fallen, and the sky was still dark. She stood on the roof of T.S. Building, and she could almost see the entire Yang City. The lights in the distance gradually lit up, and the decorative lights on the roof shone like starlight, making the stars on the ground fall into her eyes. She also saw the tall back at the end of the roof.

Ye Shengge’s eyes widened, and her breathing became rapid.

Because of her fear and worry, and because of the run just now, her blood flowed faster than ever. Her beating heart didn’t calm down at all, but instead, it pounded more and more frantically.

A breeze blew across her face, and it felt like a warm hand was stroking her. She seemed to have come back to reality. Be it the lights in the distance, the decorations that were like starlight, the stars on the ground, or the roses on the railing, they could only fade away in her vision. Instead, the man’s figure gradually became clearer.

He was wearing a white suit, which was rare. The color that was so eye-catching still looked dazzling on him. Perhaps it was the color of the suit, or perhaps it was the gentle smile in the man’s eyes that diluted his cold and distant temperament, but it made him look more handsome and gentle.

“Come here.” He walked closer to her and reached out his hand, as if the starry sky was reflected in his eyes.

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