Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Are You Disappointed?

Ji Shiting bit her delicate neck hard, as if he was going to suck her blood and eat her flesh.

Ye Shengge shuddered from the pain, and she even felt like she was being devoured by him.

At that moment, the man finally let out a moan. With a safety net in place, it really felt like something was missing.

Feeling aggrieved, Ye Shengge loosened her clenched fist and said, “Can… Can I go back now?”

Ji Shiting buried his head in her neck, panting, and his face turned downcast and frightening.

He pinched her chin and sneered, “You’re satisfied with just one time?”

Ye Shengge’s eyes twitched. “You… You said you haven’t fully recovered…”

She was really scared. She couldn’t handle the same thing again.

“Heh.” Ji Shiting said gently. “Very soon, you shall know whether I’ve recovered or not.”

However, that voice made Ye Shengge shiver.

Ji Shiting could see her fear. He picked her up and carried her to the bathroom.

The warm water helped relieve the soreness in her muscles, but Ye Shengge still couldn’t stand straight. She had to lean against his chest. Ji Shiting saw how weak she looked, so he gulped and held her butt against the wall.

Ye Shengge shivered and tried to get used to it. She hadn’t expected the second time to be this painful as well… The only consolation was that he wasn’t wearing a condom this time, and she wouldn’t be suffering for nothing.

However, Ye Shengge knew that she was being too naive… At the last moment, that man backed out of her shot all the fluid to the ground.

Ye Shengge was dumbfounded. She hadn’t expected that to happen.

Ji Shiting sneered, lifted her chin and said, “Are you disappointed?”

Her eyelashes trembled, and her lips shifted. Her face was pale, making the birthmark appear even more seductive.

Ji Shiting put his hand on the birthmark and said, “It’s already been two times yet there’s still no change here. Do you feel like you’ve suffered a great loss?”

Tears welled up in Ye Shengge’s eyes as she shook her head. She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t.

Ji Shiting took a deep breath and punched the wall.

Ye Shengge was startled and looked up at him, “You…”

“Don’t worry. I’m not crazy.” The man seemed to have calmed down, but his eyes were profound and abtruse.

He carried her back to the bedroom and threw her on the bed.

Ye Shengge subconsciously shrunk back and forced a smile, “Do you want to bandage your hand?”

Ji Shiting saw how she wanted to run away, and a snide smile appeared. “It doesn’t prevent me from dealing with you.”

Ye Shengge didn’t sleep at all that night.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to sleep, but the man on top of her didn’t seem to be tired at all. He had kept having her time after time. She didn’t even know when that man had prepared so many condoms on his bedside table.

She knew she was in the wrong and she tried to hold it in. However, she couldn’t take it anymore and begged for mercy, but Ji Shiting turned a deaf ear to it.

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