Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1284

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“Chapter 1284: Very Good, I’ll Accompany You ”

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“She grabbed his wrist fiercely, her eyes filled with weak and helpless tears.”

“Qiao Yanze stared at her with his dark eyes. There was no expression on his handsome face, but the desire in his eyes was burning, mixed with a madness that was almost despair, burning all his rationality.”

“””Qiao Yanze…”” She called his name weakly, tears falling from the corners of her eyes.”


The woman’s tears made his pupils contract.

“His breathing was heavy and his body was burning. It was as if every step was extremely difficult, but the man still did not hesitate or give in. He grabbed her wrist and resolved all her struggles firmly. He even leaned over gently and kissed away all the tears in her eyes.”

“Li Yinian suddenly closed her eyes, but she couldn’t ignore the strange electric current.”

“Her instinctive reaction made her feel even more ashamed. She couldn’t help but struggle again, more vigorously than ever. Qiao Yanze was caught off guard and was pushed onto the coffee table behind him.”

The pain made him groan.

“Li Yinian didn’t care if he was injured or not. She stood up with difficulty and tried to escape, but just as she took a few steps, the man grabbed her waist from behind.”

“This time, Qiao Yanze threw her onto the bed. Before she could react, he pounced on her and pressed her under him.”

“When the man grabbed her wrist tightly, Li Yinian finally despaired.”

“””If you really rape me today, you’ll see my corpse tomorrow!”” She panted and spat out these words menacingly.”

“Even when he heard her threatening declaration, his expression did not change. However the glowering his eyes became even more intense.”

“””Very well. I’ll join you,”” he said calmly and hoarsely. “”You can try.”””

“””Qiao Yanze, you’re really crazy!”””

“””That’s right.”” The man smiled, and that smile was almost gentle. “”I’ve probably been crazy since the day you left me. No… Strictly speaking, it should have been since the day I fell in love with you.”””

The man’s hoarse and slow voice was so deep that it could drag her into the abyss step by step.

“””I hate you.”””

She widened her eyes and said in a hoarse and weak voice.

“””I don’t mind.”” His voice became gentler. “”Since you refuse to admit that you still love me, it’s good for you to continue hating me.”””

“Li Yinian shuddered and closed her eyes, but her tears flowed even more uncontrollably..”

“She knew that she probably wouldn’t be able to escape today. Every time she thought that they could end it completely, his persistence would make her realize how naive she was.”

“Li Yinian suddenly felt as if all the strength in her body had been exhausted. The exhaustion and powerlessness spread from the bottom of her heart to her limbs and bones, but it also brought her a transcendent sense of relief. She thought that she had probably resigned herself to fate. If she had once lost to fate, then at this moment, she would have completely lost to this man.”

“She felt the man grab both her wrists and free one hand to take off her clothes. His movements were neither fast nor slow, and he even gave off a pious illusion.”

“It was as if a lifetime had passed. In a short moment, his body suddenly felt heavy.”

“She bit her lips tightly, but she still could not control the spasms in her body. However, even so, she did not stop this man.”


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