Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1287

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Chapter 1287: Untitled

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“””Do you know? Our relationship isn’t even the biggest obstacle. The real obstacle is… your long-term abstinence has exhausted your feelings for me.”” The man said softly. “”You no longer have any hope of being with me because all your efforts in the past few years have been to stay away from me. That’s why I’m afraid…”” ”

“He looked straight at her and said, “”Even if it turns out that all of this is a misunderstanding and we’re not related by blood, you still refuse to return to my side. After all… you’ve sacrificed too much to hide this secret. Perhaps what you can’t accept is that you were wrong from the beginning.”” ”

It was the fear of uncertainty that made him lose control.


“Li Yinian listened in a daze. Finally, she couldn’t help but look up and meet his eyes. There was a hint of panic and confusion in her eyes. ”

“””Am I right?”” Qiao Yanze laughed softly, and the sadness in his voice intensified. ”

Li Yinian’s lips moved. She only spoke after a long time.

“””But our relationship… This isn’t a misunderstanding. I’ve done the appraisal back then, but you refused to accept this fact.”” ”

“As she spoke, her back straightened. ”

“””Maybe the appraisal agency made a mistake. Maybe someone did something to it back then-like my mother.”” Qiao Yanze laughed hoarsely. “”Because you’re the child of one of Qiao Fengnian’s mistresses, she can’t do anything to Qiao Fengnian, so she can only vent her anger on you and your mother… This is completely possible. Besides, if you’re really my sister, with Qiao Fengnian’s cautiousness, it’s impossible for him not to notice. Unless your mother had you long after she broke up with Qiao Fengnian.”” ”

“Li Yinian’s breathing gradually quickened and her pupils dilated. At this moment, she realized that Qiao Yanze was right. She didn’t know if she should expect this to be a misunderstanding. ”

“If it was, wouldn’t it mean that all her sacrifices and efforts were just a futile joke? ”

“Qiao Yanze stared at her and said, “”If it turns out that it was my mother who did it, and you were misled from the start, are you still willing to return to my side?”” ”

“Li Yinian shook her head almost subconsciously. “”No… Impossible… Qiao Yanze, this is just your guess!”” ”

“””Don’t worry about whether this guess is possible or not.”” Qiao Yanze laughed. “”You just have to answer me. If we’re not related by blood, are you willing to return to my side? You just have to shake your head or nod.”” ”

“Li Yinian’s body stiffened, and she didn’t give any response for a long time. ”

“She felt all the blood in her body flowing crazily, and she could only hear her own rapid breathing and intense heartbeat. ”

“The man’s eyes were filled with some self-mockery, as if he had already expected it. ”

“””Perhaps in the beginning, you stayed away and hid it because you were afraid that I would mind. Then, now that you know my stand, you’re still so resistant…”” His Adam’s apple bobbed. “”You don’t want to accept the future I portrayed for you, nor do you want to believe it. At the same time, you don’t have any intention of working hard or trying… You only want me to let you go. That’s all you want. You don’t have the slightest reluctance to part without me. On the contrary, you’re even more relaxed and satisfied than ever. Then…”” ”


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