Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1332

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Chapter 1332: Better photogenic effect

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“She was already too late. The people related to that year had all passed away one after another, and the information was almost completely lost. It was as if the heavens were telling her not to be limited by the past. ”

“However, li Yinian did not know what else she was concerned about. ”

“””Don’t worry, if I find anything, I’ll definitely let you know!”” The director opened his mouth to snap her back to her senses. ”


“””Many thanks.”” As li Yinian spoke, her eyes could not help but be attracted to the figure of the sunny child. ”

The child’s carefree smile and crisp laughter were enough to make people laugh from the bottom of their hearts.

“At least, li Yinian could not help but laugh. ”

“””Director, can I volunteer here? I’ll sing to the children and play some games with them.”” She suddenly said. ”

“””Of course you can!”” The garden owner was overjoyed. Speaking of which, there are a few children who especially like to listen to your songs! You can come anytime, as long as you don’t attract any attention.”” ”

“””Don’t worry,”” Li Yinian smiled. ”

Li Yinian did not stay for long.

“When she returned to the car, Xu Chuchu heaved a sigh of relief. ”

“””Sister Yinian, why didn’t you get the bodyguards to follow you? Don’t you know how popular you’ve been recently?”” She complained, “” the company doesn’t even dare to announce your schedule to the public now. ”

“””The kindergarten is full of children. They’ll be scared if there are too many people.”” Li Yinian did not seem to mind. besides, I don’t need a bodyguard at all. Let them go back. ”

“””No!”” Xu Chuchu hurriedly retorted, “” this is Qiao Wanwan. Uh, uh, uh, uh. ”

“However, it was impossible to expect li Yinian to ignore it. Her eyes darkened. is it Qiao yanze’s instructions? “” ”

“Xu Chuchu smiled embarrassedly,””brother Tianyi asked me not to tell you about Hanhan.”” ”

“Li Yinian bit her lower lip, feeling a mix of emotions. ”

“She knew that when she was in Vienna, Qiao yanze had secretly arranged for two people to follow her, but because it did not interfere with her normal life, she had endured it. But now that he had become the president of the corporation, no matter what others did, they couldn’t change the outcome. No one would have the time to set their eyes on her, right? ”

Qiao yanze did not have to do anything unnecessary.

“””Forget it. When I see the Heaven’s Will, I’ll talk to him personally.”” She sighed softly. ”

“Xu Chuchu stuck out her tongue and said,””sister Yinian, you should rest for a while.”” There’s a program recording tonight, and you have two songs to sing. You can familiarize yourself with the words after you wake up.”” ”

“Initially, li Yinian wanted to familiarize herself with the lyrics, but she was so tired that she did not want to open her eyes. Hence, she nodded. ”

“Speaking of which, perhaps it was because she had been too leisurely in Vienna for half a year, but she was particularly tired these days when she resumed work. It was especially serious these days, and her appetite was not very good. She had accidentally lost a few pounds, but she looked better on camera. No wonder there were so many flattering words on the internet. ”

“To be able to become popular again, both she and Tianyi were surprised. However, it was still a good thing. ”

Li Yinian’s mind was in a mess as her consciousness gradually faded.

His phone rang at this moment.

“Xu Chuchu picked up her phone in a flurry. When she saw that it was an unknown number, she immediately wanted to hang up. ”

“However, li Yinian had already woken up. She sighed and reached out to her. “”Give it to me,”” ”

Xu Chuchu pressed the answer button and handed it to her.

“Li Yinian placed the phone next to her ear and mumbled, “” Hello. a few seconds later, a stiff female voice was heard.””Is it Yinian? I’m yanze’s mother.”” ”


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