Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1354

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Chapter 1354: Parting on good terms

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“””Alright,”” he said. ”

Li Yinian let go of him and smiled before she turned to Qiao yanze’s side.

“The man’s face was cold as he stared at her deeply, trying to convey his condemnation and dissatisfaction. ”


“However, li Yinian ignored him. She reached out and helped Qiao yanze put on his coat naturally, then looked at Qin Cheng.””You’re done?”” ”

“Qin Cheng quickly nodded. He could feel his boss’s increasingly cold temperament, and he felt his whole body shiver. ”

“””Then let’s go.”” Li Yinian then turned around and waved at Qin Hongyu. ”

“Qiao yanze was so angry that he almost fainted. He clenched his hands and said coldly, “” “”You’re that reluctant?”” ”

Li Yinian looked down at the man’s gloomy face and suddenly burst into laughter.

“She leaned over and kissed the man’s lips, her voice coy. “”Alright, don’t be so petty. If you keep a straight face every day, the child will be frightened by you.”” ”

“Qiao yanze was stunned for a moment, his voice even lower and hoarser. “”This move again? You think I’m easy to fool, don’t you?”” ”

“””Do you like it?”” Li Yinian’s Red lips inched closer to his. ”

“Qiao yanze stared at her deeply, not saying a word. ”

Li Yinian smiled sweetly and cupped his face in her hands before she kissed him again.

Qin Cheng hurriedly raised his head to look at the ceiling.

“After about ten seconds, he heard his boss’s hoarse voice. “”I’ll deal with you after I’ve recovered.”” ”

“””Alright.”” Li Yinian replied with a smile. ”

Qin Cheng heaved a sigh of relief and sneaked a peek. He saw his boss’s originally cold and hard face soften. The two of them held hands tightly and he quickly looked away.

Single dogs simply couldn’t bear to watch!


“Qiao yanze did not inform anyone of his discharge. Besides, the Qiao family was busy with Qiao yanxun’s funeral and the pile of Affairs he had left behind. They could not take care of Qiao yanze for the time being, so they returned to Jade spring Palace smoothly. ”

“These few days, Qin Cheng had already sent people to clean up the villa and replenish all the necessities. After he settled the big boss down, he obediently took his leave. ”

“Li Yinian was no stranger to this villa. She hummed a song and quickly opened all the doors and windows, allowing the wind and sunlight to enter. ”

“Qiao yanze sat on the sofa, looking at the woman’s happy back and could not help but smile. ”

“””Do you like this place?”” He said lazily. ”

“Li Yinian walked to the sofa and sat down beside him. She smiled.””It’s not bad. After all, I’m used to living here.”” ”

“The man reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist, his big hand naturally covering her lower abdomen. ”

“””I’m injured and you’re pregnant, so it’s not good to get into a fight. They were temporarily staying here. We’ll definitely have to buy another wedding House.”” ”

“then, Yingluo … she rested her head on his shoulder. have you really thought about it? “” ”

“””Nonsense!”” Qiao yanze was not happy. ”

Li Yinian blinked but did not say anything.

“””You’re retreating?”” He suddenly frowned. ”

“no, I’m afraid you’ll regret it, so I’m asking you again. Li Yinian remained silent. ”

“””Don’t be afraid. I’ve already asked Qin Cheng to make an appointment, so we’ll go through the procedures tomorrow.”” He revealed a smile filled with killing intent. ”

“””Alright,”” li Yinian laughed. Anyway, it’s not like we can’t leave Xuanji!”” ”

The man glared at her fiercely before she could finish her sentence.

“””I’m not joking with you.”” She reached out and touched his chest, saying seriously, “” actually, I don’t really believe in eternal life. I just want you to know that you have the freedom to do so. If that day really comes, I also hope that we can part on good terms.”” ”


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