Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1376

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On the other hand, ye Shengge’s smile was so relaxed that she didn’t seem to be a bride at all.

In fact, she really couldn’t be blamed.

The wedding preparations were too cumbersome, and most of her enthusiasm had been consumed. In addition, the wedding dress and accessories were heavy, so now she just wanted to relax and get rid of all the restraints and lie on the bed.

Stunning Ji shiting was her motivation to prepare patiently for hours, but the man had already seen it, so she lost interest.

When the wedding march started playing, she even cried tears of joy-the earlier it ended, the earlier she could change out of this heavy wedding dress.


She took a deep breath, picked up her wedding dress, and walked in slowly. She heard all kinds of cheers, and just then, she saw Ji shiting waiting for her at the end of the red carpet.

The man’s handsome face seemed to have some kind of magic that instantly captured all of her attention. There was a smile on his lips, and his eyes were unusually deep and gentle. She seemed to be able to see the deep and everlasting love in them.

Not only that, but based on how familiar she was with this man, she could even see the nervousness in his clenched fists. Li Yinian was right, this man was indeed looking forward to today’s wedding because they were going to conclude their lifelong vow in front of everyone, and this was something that he should take seriously.

At that moment, ye Shengge felt that the cheers were far away from her, and only her heartbeat and the wind could be heard clearly. She had thought that she would no longer be excited about the wedding, but it turned out that she was wrong.

No matter how much time had passed, when he gazed at her with such deep affection, her heart could not be as still as water. At this moment, she even remembered the first throbbing she felt because of him.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help but smile and reach out her hand.


The wedding went very smoothly. Whether it was the pleasant weather, the bride and groom’s outstanding appearances, their touching confessions, or the tacit understanding and deep love they showed each other, all of them were enough to move people. It became the most perfect and dreamy wedding in the memories of the guests, and many people even shed tears on the spot.

Jiang Yu also gave his own applause, but his attention wasn’t on the wedding itself. Instead, it was on the figure in light pink beside the bride.

He didn’t know if it was his imagination, but he seemed to see tears in her eyes. She was smiling, but there was an unconcealable sense of loss behind her smile.

What was she disappointed about?

After a while, Jing Tong, as the bridesmaid, gave the couple rings. When she appeared on the stage, she could not help but cause a lot of discussion. As the bridesmaid, everyone naturally thought that she had a good relationship with the bride and inevitably had some guesses about her identity.

Even Jiang Yu heard bits and pieces of the discussion. There were even some that said, ” maybe she’s a member of the Ji family, and I’ll make a fortune after I get her.

Jiang Yu couldn’t help but frown and purse his thin lips.

Qiao yanze sat beside him.

With Jiang Yu’s status, the others did not know him and naturally did not dare to get close to him. However, Qiao yanze did not care and pulled li Yinian to an empty seat. He could see Jiang Yu’s darkened expression clearly.

Of course, he was well aware of the conflict between Jiang Yu and Jing Tong.

“Minister Jiang.” Qiao yanze could not help but chuckle. if you have any ideas, you should do it earlier. If you don’t want to regret it, then don’t worry too much about your face.”

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