Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1404

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Chapter 1404: The greatest pillar in the world

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“What makes you think that my Yingluo’s part is small through the clothes?”

He said each and every word in a deep and slow voice.


Jing Tong snorted and lifted her chin. because I have a lot of experience! I can tell even through the clothes.”

“There’s no such logic.” Jiang Yu’s face was still calm, but his voice was a little hoarse. since you say you’re experienced and knowledgeable, you don’t mind seeing it once more, do you? ” Why don’t we go back to our room now, and I’ll let you see the whole picture with your own eyes, then you can make your judgment?”

Jing Tong was stunned for a moment, and his face turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“You hooligan!”

Jiang Yu’s well-defined features appeared calm. “I only made this request because you said you’re experienced. Why, are you just bluffing? Otherwise, what are you afraid of?”

“Who says I’m afraid? I’m just not interested in you!”

but you’re so sure that my size aren’t satisfactory. This is irresponsible slander. I need an explanation. The man said in a deep voice.

Jing Tong’s face flushed red, but he still stared at him with wide eyes, trying his best to show his imposing manner.

However, when she met the man’s dark and emotionless eyes, she eventually looked away guiltily.

“Yingluo, alright, just take it that I’m slandering you, okay? I don’t care about your size!” She said in a daze.

Jiang Yu raised his eyebrows and the corners of his lips suddenly curved up, revealing a meaningful smile.

“So, you’re just bluffing?” He nodded slightly. there’s no such thing as a one-night stand, and there’s no such thing as being knowledgeable. Am I right, little Yingluo is a Virgin?”

The last three words were almost spat out by her ear.

Even though he said such ambiguous words, his tone was still calm and did not have the slightest emotion. But even so, Jing Tong was still agitated by the airflow from his breath.

Not to mention the content of the sentence itself.

She was embarrassed and angry. Unable to struggle, she could only reply to him with words, ” “So what? Aren’t you also an old virgin?”

Jiang Yu moaned in a low voice.

“Because I’m protecting my body for you.” He said in a calm and hoarse voice, ” as long as you’re willing, I’ll be yours sooner or later.

Jing Tong was so embarrassed and angry that her whole body was about to burn up. I don’t want Yingluo, you can give it to whoever you want! You’re still guarding your body, so no one wants you, right?”

“Oh, you think so?”

As he spoke, he pressed his face down a little more and stared deeply at her. He was too close, so Jing Tong’s eyes had nowhere to hide, and she could only be forced to look at him. The man’s eyes were not only focused, but also a bit hot, burning her whole body.

Jing Tong had an impulse to cry. It could be seen that no matter what kind of man, when it came to matters of dignity, they were all very serious. Was there something wrong with her brain? she actually took the initiative to provoke him.

At the thought of this, she decisively admitted defeat. I’m sorry, Yingluo. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have casually said that you’re the most stalwart person in the world!

“Oh, and where did you get that conclusion?” Jiang Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, his tone still calm.

“Because Yingluo, because your nose is very high!” An idea came to Jing Tong. I heard that the size of that area is related to the height of the nose, so how could you be small? haha Yingluo, Yingluo, just let me go Yingluo.

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