Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: You Don’t Want Your Business for That Woman?

Xu Xiangjie frowned. He looked towards Ye Shengge and asked, “Are you willing?”

“Of course not.” Ye Shengge raised her eyebrows.

Xu Xiangjie immediately waved at Mu Xiaoya and said, “Xiaoya, Ye Shengge doesn’t want to give it to you. Return to your makeup room.”

“Director Xu,” Mu Xiaoya said firmly. “What if I don’t want to leave? What if I leave this place? It will be equivalent to me leaving the crew!”

Xu Xiangjie glanced at Ye Shengge with a grim smile. Ye Shengge flashed a bright smile in return.

He sighed and said, “Then please leave the crew.”

Mu Xiaoya’s face stiffened. “If I leave the show, I’ll definitely call all my fans to boycott it!”

Ever since she had played the theme song, Xu Xiangjie’s attitude toward her had completely changed. She had thought that Xu Xiangjie would stand on her side for such a small matter.

Xu Xiangjie grimaced. If Mu Xiaoya really wanted to compete with Ye Shengge…

“I don’t want you to leave the crew, but if you do,” he sighed. “Let’s talk about terminating the contract.”

Mu Xiaoya was furious. She pointed at Ye Shengge and said, “You are willing to set aside your career just for that woman?”

Ye Shengge was still smiling calmly.

“Sorry.” Xu Xiangjie looked at Mu Xiaoya and shrugged.

He would ruin his career if he supported Mu Xiaoya’s bid to crush Ye Shengge.

Mu Xiaoya’s face turned pale. She had wanted to improve her status in the team by occupying Ye Shengge’s makeup room, and to suppress that woman, but she hadn’t expected Xu Xiangjie to stand on that woman’s side even if she had threatened him with leaving the team.

Was it not Xu Xiangjie… who had slept with Ye Shengge?

“What do you think?” Ye Shengge smiled. “Are you sure you want to quit?”

Mu Xiaoya was rendered speechless.

If she quit now, she would only end up in a bad situation. Even though she wasn’t afraid of losing the show because of Summer Wood’s reputation, she worried that future roles she would get might not be comparable to the ones on ‘Xue Ning’.

“Seems like you can’t bear to.” Ye Shengge said.

“Who says I can’t bear to? I’ll leave!” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Don’t!” Xu Xiangjie could tell that Mu Xiaoya wasn’t willing to give up, so he smiled and comforted her, “Xiaoya, you’re the best actress in this show. How about I arrange a separate makeup room for you?”

Mu Xiaoya finally appeared better after that was said. She held her anger and said, “Okay then. It’s not that I don’t want to take it back, but I just can’t bear to part with my efforts.”

“Of course, you’re part of this show,” Xu Xiangjie said, smiling.

“Let’s go!” Mu Xiaoya said to her assistant, Xiao Qi.

Ye Shengge clicked her tongue and said, “Such a pity. I never expected her to start having brains now.”

“Shengge, my god.” Xu Xiangjie was about to kneel down. “Don’t agitate her. Let’s finish this series.”

“Of course,” Ye Shengge said. “I won’t bother her as long as she doesn’t do anything.”

“I understand. I’ll take care of her,” Xu Xiangjie said, then turned around and left.

Shang Tianyi and Lin Qi walked in triumphantly like victorious generals.

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