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Chapter 51: Chapter 51

Ji Shiting didn’t move at all as he was still staring at the photos. After a couple of seconds, he clicked out, looked up and said coldly, “Why are you here?”

It was Xie Siqi, the oldest sister of Xie’s family, who was also Xu Shaoqing’s stepdaughter.

Xie Siqi was wearing a work suit and exquisite makeup with a warm smile on her face, “I’m here to meet my client. By the way, yesterday mom was talking about how long it’s been since she last saw you. When are you coming to Xie’s family to meet her?”

“I don’t have time,” Ji Shiting sounded cold. “Please tell her that I’m well, and that I don’t need her to worry about me.”

“Shiting.” Xie Siqi sounded a bit critical. “Mom really misses you. She’s your birth mother, after all.”

“Ms. Xie, we’re not family, what gives you the right to say that to me?” Ji Shiting curved his lips, sounding sarcastic.

Xie Siqi felt a bit embarrassed, but then she smiled and said, “I know you’ve never considered me to be your sister, but we’re at least friends, right? I just want you and mom to be fine.”

“I’ve told you. I’m fine.” Ji Shiting was getting impatient. “I’m leaving now, Ms. Xie.”

“Shiting.” Xie Siqi was a bit anxious. She walked forward and grabbed Ji Shiting’s shoulder. “Please. I know you always blame me for robbing you of your mom. I didn’t mean to do that, and besides…”

“Please let me go, Ms. Xie,” Ji Shiting said coldly. “Also, you are overthinking things.”

Xu Shaoqing was only a stranger to him, so he didn’t want to get emotional with her, nor did he want to blame her.

However, Xie Siqi had always thought of herself as his older sister, which was annoying.

Xie Siqi looked a bit embarrassed again. She hesitated for some time, but she let him go in the end.

“I heard the conversation between mom and your grandpa, and both of them are worried about when you’re going to get married. Please tell me and mom if you have some good news,” Xie Siqi tried to make the situation less awkward.

“Sure.” Ji Shiting curved his lips disdainfully. “May I leave now, Ms. Xie?”

Xie Siqi blushed, and she smiled, “Of course.”

Ji Shiting looked away and left.

Xie Siqi felt let down as she looked at the man’s well-built back.

She put her hands on her lips and she could still smell his special fragrance.

As she walked close, she saw his phone screen.

It was of a woman if she wasn’t mistaken.

That man was emotionally distant, and he never paid any attention to any girl.

Ji Shiting found Qiao Yanze smoking in the bathroom.

“I didn’t know you were such an emotional guy,” Ji Shiting said to Qiao Yanze jokingly.

Qiao Yanze sneered, “Even I didn’t know that before, let alone you.”

It was all because he had been dumped by a girl, but that had happened many times before.

However, he was most upset with this one.

“What’s so good about her?” Ji Shiting thought and asked.

Qiao Yanze stayed silent for a while and smiled, “I had great sex with her.”

Ji Shiting stopped for a while and consented.

“Then get her back,” he gave some casual advice.

“She doesn’t even like me anyone. What’s the point of getting her back?”

“If you just want to have great sex,” Ji Shiting shot him a glance. “It doesn’t matter whether she likes you or not, does it?”

Qiao Yanze was dazed.

“Damn it, what you said actually made sense.”

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