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Chapter 50: Familiar Desire

The woman on the camera was wearing a bisque-colored vintage costume with her long hair worn in a bun, showing her forehead and flawless face. She was so beautiful that she seemed to be shining.

Her eyes contained so many emotions it was as if they could swallow the soul of a person.

It was a very simple facial expression, yet it made her look tremendously attractive and eye-catching.

Ji Shiting couldn’t help moving his larynx and putting his finger on the woman’s lips.

He’d been busy with work for a week, which had made him think that he’d managed to forget about that woman.

However, that photo alone immediately reminded him of the feeling of her, and a familiar desire rushed into his belly, making him feel horny.


He looked to the picture again, and his eyes were completely dark.

The woman seemed to be more attractive when she was playing a different character.

“Shiting,” Qiao Yanze suddenly smiled, walked to him and sat down. “Why are you spacing out?”

Ji Shiting put away his phone, picked up his cup and sipped his tea, trying to suppress his desire.

“Where did you find those guys?” He asked with a hoarse voice.

Qiao Yanze looked to the rich boys who were having fun. He curved his lips and said, “At least it’s fun now, isn’t it?”

Ji Shiting lifted his eyebrows and asked, “Didn’t you used to ask girls to be with you when you wanted to have fun?”

“Girls… Um…” Qiao Yanze’s voice sounded a bit rough. He finished his cocktail after saying those two words. “Sometimes I really want to be like you, Shiting.”

Ji Shiting shot him a glance. He remembered that Qiao Yanze always had a smile on his face. He was the youngest kid who was always doted on by his parents, not to mention he was from a rich family. He’d never run into any obstacles.

The only thing that could let him down was women.

Ji Shiting answered vaguely, “Really?”

“Yes.” Qiao Yanze suddenly smiled. “I really want to be as aloof as you are, then I wouldn’t be impacted by anyone or anything.”

Being aloof wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

Sometimes, he had to pretend to be aloof even if he wasn’t.

Ji Shiting looked a bit contemptuous, but he didn’t say anything more. Instead, he cheered with him.

Yu Shuhang came and joined them.

“You’re drunk, Yanze,” he said firmly.

“Perhaps.” Qiao Yanze snorted and said. “I’ll head to the bathroom first.”

After Qiao Yanze left, Yu Shuhang sat down beside Ji Shiting and sighed, “It’s definitely because of Li Yinian. You know that, right?”

Ji Shiting affirmed, “Yes, I do.”

“I heard that Li Yinian is about to get married, and she’s going to marry an older man who’s over sixty,” Yu Shuhang sneered, feeling sorry for his friend. “The Li’s family really sold her at a good price, huh?”

“Please try to talk Yanze out of it,” Ji Shiting stood up. “It’s been almost a year since they broke up, yet he’s still loving her. Why?”

Yu Shuhang forced a smiled and said, “You’re the only one who can say this so easily.”

Ji Shiting gave him an inscrutable smile and walked out.

He held his phone in his hand for a while, and eventually, he couldn’t help clicking onto it again.

Xu Xiangjie had sent him a couple of new photos.

Her front face looked refined, and her side profile looked elegant. When she looked down, she was soft and graceful. That woman had a lot of potential.

Ji Shiting’s eyes looked very solemn, and he moved his larynx again.

“Shiting,” he heard a woman say softly.

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