Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 657

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Chapter 657: Heartache

Ji Shiting couldn’t help shaking. He suddenly closed his eyes, and his Adam’s apple kept moving as he tried to calm himself down. When he opened his eyes again, the man’s eyes were bloodshot.

He strode out without even putting on his jacket.

“Follow me down.” His voice was hoarse. “Call the security guards on the first floor. Don’t let her leave if she’s already downstairs.”

“Yes, yes…” Sun Ye was also excited as he followed Ji Shiting. Madam was pregnant, which meant their hard times were finally over.

For the first time, Ji Shiting felt that the walk from the office to the elevator was very long. He used to walk, but after a few steps, the man couldn’t help running.

It was the first time the secretary and assistant in the open office had seen their boss lose his composure, and they were all shocked. However, Ji Shiting couldn’t care less about his image at the moment. All he felt was guilt and regret.

He couldn’t imagine how Ye Shengge had been these days. The woman would definitely be helpless and terrified facing this child who had come out of nowhere, yet he was still forcing her and letting her be laughed at by everyone. When he recalled what Sun Ye had said about how she looked terrible, his heart ached so much that he couldn’t breathe.

Ji Shiting took off his tie and unbuttoned his collar. The moment he rushed into the elevator, Sun Ye said, “Madam is still on the 12th floor. She hasn’t left yet.”

Ji Shiting turned around and pressed the button for the floor. She hadn’t left yet. Was she too sick to walk?

“Make an appointment with the doctor immediately!” He ordered.

At the same time, Ye Shengge was still sitting on the bench outside the audition room. She couldn’t take it anymore, so she could only lean against Lin Qi’s chest. Her eyes were closed, and she looked weak, which scared Lin Qi.

“Sister Shengge, let me take you to the hospital.” Lin Qi felt sorry and anxious. “You can’t go on like this!”

Ye Shengge shook her head and said, “There’s no need. I’ll be fine after some rest.”

She didn’t even have the strength to speak louder.

Lin Qi couldn’t do anything to her, so she stroked her back comfortingly. At that moment, she heard a familiar female voice behind her.

“Huh? Isn’t that Ye Shengge?” Cheng Xinyue walked over. “Weren’t you eliminated? Why are you still here? Wow… Are you crying? Oh my god!”

Ye Shengge was sitting on a chair, leaning her face against Lin Qi’s chest. She looked like she was crying. Her eyelashes fluttered upon hearing Cheng Xinyue’s voice, but she still didn’t open her eyes or say anything.

“What does it have to do with you?” Lin Qi was furious, and she couldn’t help glaring at Cheng Xinyue.

Cheng Xinyue flipped her hair and smiled, “I’m not afraid to tell you, but I just sent Producer Chu off. He said he thinks more highly of me and Shen Jiani, so if everything goes smoothly, the role will be mine. Didn’t you say you were going to slap my face? Why didn’t I see it?”

Her tone wasn’t arrogant, but the contempt was even more unbearable.

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