Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 679

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Chapter 679: Wait Until The Day You’re Tired

“Does Mr. Ji allow you to do so?” Li Yinian bit her lips.

“I didn’t touch the studio to give him face.” Qiao Yanze loosened his collar and smiled. “Otherwise, your managing company would’ve been bankrupt.”

Li Yinian knew that he wasn’t kidding.

“Qiao Yanze, you know it wasn’t easy for me to get rid of my old life.” Li Yinian took out two tissues and wiped the desk. “You’re also part of the past I want to get rid of.”

“Then let’s start over.” Qiao Yanze didn’t mind. “Besides, if I remember correctly, you were the one who seduced me, right? You know I never touch women in the circle.”

Li Yinian was rendered speechless.

That’s right. She was the one who had seduced that man.

This might be the boldest thing she had ever done, and it turned out that seducing that man would cause endless trouble.

However, she couldn’t say she regretted it.

No, she had never regretted it.

However, she had to pay for her reckless actions.

“Okay.” Her eyelashes fluttered, and she finally said, “In that case, I’ll wait for the day you get sick of me.”

Qiao Yanze breathed heavily.

Li Yinian turned around and walked into the kitchen.

Qiao Yanze followed behind her and handed her the tray as he watched the woman work the dishwasher.

“We’ve been together for so long, and I’ve never tasted your food.” Qiao Yanze suddenly smiled. “I didn’t even know you could cook until today.”

Li Yinian curled her lips and smiled sadly.

There were many things that the man didn’t know.

After that, Li Yinian stood up and prepared to return to the living room, but Qiao Yanze suddenly pressed her against the counter.

“Qiao Yanze, it’s not appropriate here!” She was a bit nervous, and her eyelashes trembled. “I’ll go to your house when you need me in the future. Don’t you live nearby?”

Qiao Yanze grabbed the woman’s hands and put them on his waist.

“Did Xiao Cheng touch you?” He asked.

Li Yinian was stunned as she hadn’t expected him to ask that question.

“Do you mind?” She smiled, and Li Yinian seemed to have returned. “Will you let me go if my answer is yes?”

“No.” Qiao Yanze sneered, his eyes dimmed and he kissed her lips.


In Ye Shengge’s room, Ji Shiting was sitting behind the desk, reading her notes. He couldn’t help glaring at her when he thought about how that woman looked at so many things every day during her pregnancy.

Ye Shengge lowered her head.

She felt guilty thinking about the man’s reaction after she had touched him on the way back.

Should she help him?

That was why she had allowed that man to enter her room, but now, she hesitated.

“Shiting,” she couldn’t help saying.

The man put down his notes and hugged her tighter. “What happened?”

“How long do you plan to wait for me?” She bit her lips. “Until I give birth to the child, or… no matter how long it takes until I recover?”

Ji Shiting said, “What do you think?”

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