Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 802

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“Not interested.” Ji Shiting sneered.

Old Yuan refused to give up. “You won’t be able to return anytime soon. Don’t you want to experience the sense of achievement of starting from scratch?”

Ji Shiting stepped on the accelerator and ignored her.

Old Yuan clicked his tongue regretfully. Actually, that was the main reason he had kept Ji Shiting in the Qingfeng Gang. laundering money was only the first step, but obviously, Ji Shiting didn’t plan to stay in the Qingfeng Gang for long, even with Old Liang around.

That’s right. That man had been blessed by the heavens since he was born, so why would he care about the wealth of the Qingfeng Gang? As long as the crisis was resolved, he could return to being the president of a corporation. Besides, he had just become a father.

If he was in Ji Shiting’s place, he wouldn’t be happy either.

Old Yuan stroked his chin and sighed.

Ji Shiting continued to ignore him.

It was already evening when they returned to Li City. This residence was as quiet as before, but just as they were about to reach their residence, Old Yuan frowned and stopped in his tracks.

Ji Shiting also felt that unusual aura. He was reminded of Ji Ziliang and opened the door with a grave expression.

The overwhelming odor of blood made his expression change.

Ye Shengge slept for almost twenty hours, and it was the next morning when she woke up.

Sister Xiu was thrilled to see her open her eyes. She rushed to her and said, “How do you feel, Young Madam?”

Ye Shengge regained consciousness.

‘Right, I’ve just given birth to two babies!’

She tried to get up and said, “Where’s the baby?”

“They’re still in the nursery room! I’ve already gone to take a look. The two children are so good-looking. The boy looks exactly the same as Young Master did when he was young. The girl is also a beauty, just like you, Young Madam!”

Sister Xiu said.

“Boy and girl…” Ye Shengge mumbled, suddenly feeling like crying. “Can I see them?”

“Dr. Qin said you’re recovering well. If you can get out of bed, you can go see them,” Sister Xiu said as she raised the head of the bed for her to sit more comfortably.

“I can!” Ye Shengge said without hesitation.

She hadn’t had a good sleep in a long time after she got pregnant, especially after Ji Shiting left. This sleep seemed to have made up for most of the sleep she had lacked, so she felt more energetic than ever. Although her body still hurt, the pain was still tolerable.

“There’s no rush. Eat something first,” Sister Xiu comforted her. “Thank you, Young Madam.”

Ye Shengge realized that she was famished.

She nodded, and soon, a nurse came in and gave her a sumptuous breakfast. Ye Shengge ate it all.

After recovering, Ye Shengge walked to the nursery room with Sister Xiu’s help.

There were only her two babies in the fertility room. They were wrapped in swaddling clothes, and they looked unbelievably small. The two kids didn’t even open their eyes. Ye Shengge couldn’t tell how they looked like her or Ji Shiting, but she couldn’t help tearing up the moment she saw them.

‘Do you see that, Shiting? They are our children.’

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