Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 803

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Ye Shengge couldn’t help but put her hand on the transparent wall. She blinked hard and squeezed out her tears, trying to see more clearly.

Sister Xiu couldn’t help tearing up.

“They have a tag on them,” Ye Shengge choked. “What’s that?”

She vaguely recognized the words, but she couldn’t read them clearly.

“It’s their names.” Grandpa Ji’s voice sounded behind her with a smile. “Ji Jinchen, Ji Jinqing. As their mother, I wonder if you like those names.”

“Ji Jinchen, Ji Jinqing…” Ye Shengge mumbled. “I do. Of course I do. Thank you, grandpa.”

Sister Xiu nodded and said, “Young Master will definitely like it too!”

“Not necessarily. He’ll definitely be picky.” Grandpa Ji walked to Ye Shengge’s side and looked at the two babies in the swaddling clothes. He sounded sad. “Even if he’s satisfied, he’ll still pick on us. This kid has always been like this.”

The sadness in Grandpa Ji’s voice made Ye Shengge’s heart skip a beat.

“Grandpa, Shiting is still fine,” Ye Shengge suddenly said. “He said it’s just inconvenient for him to come back.”

Grandpa Ji was dazed for a bit, then he was thrilled. “He said that? When did he say that? Did he contact you?”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

“No, he didn’t contact me…” Ye Shengge said, looking confused. “But I do remember him saying that to me.”

Grandpa Ji looked at her in surprise with an expectant gaze.

Ye Shengge tried to recall, and gradually, her eyes widened.

She remembered! She seemed to have woken up once after falling asleep yesterday. She was too sleepy at that time and thought she was dreaming, but now, she could remember the man’s hoarse and gentle voice and the apologetic gaze in his dark eyes.


She suddenly raised her left hand. The bite mark on her palm was very shallow, but she could still tell that it was a tooth mark.

The numb and painful feeling still lingered.

Thus, it wasn’t a dream. She had really seen him then!

“Grandpa…” Ye Shengge suddenly choked. “I remember now. He really came to see me after I gave birth yesterday… He even apologized to me, and he bit my palm… I’m not dreaming! So he’s fine, but it’s not convenient for him to come back yet!”

Grandpa Ji breathed heavily and said, “Okay… Okay… I’ll check the CCTV now!”

Sister Xiu rubbed her hands excitedly and said, “I slept during breaks when I was guarding Young Madam yesterday… I was wondering why I was sleeping so soundly. I didn’t wake up until the nurse came in for a while. Now it looks like it’s definitely Young Master’s doing!”

With Sister Xiu’s testimony, Grandpa Ji couldn’t take it anymore and got the CCTV.

There were no suspicious noises in the CCTV footage, but there was a tape in the middle that had obviously been replaced. That was the most direct evidence! It gave Ji Shiting a chance to visit her in the delivery room without attracting anyone’s attention.

They were all thrilled.

However, Grandpa Ji had stopped the spread of the news and destroyed the surveillance cameras in the hospital. Since Ji Shiting said it wasn’t convenient for him to come back, they couldn’t bring him any danger.

Ye Shengge was satisfied to know that he was still fine.

Thus, she would wait for him no matter how long it took.

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