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Chapter 83: Swindler

Ye Shengge immediately rushed to Vice President Zhou’s side and stared at his wrist.

Vice President Zhou was talking to someone else, but he moved his wrist to show her the number tag.

It really wasn’t number 15…

Ye Shengge knocked her own head. How could she have seen wrongly?

However, since the issue was solved, there was no need to dwell on it any longer.

Ye Shengge turned around and saw a girl glaring at her. She suddenly recalled that she had switched her number 15 tag with someone else…

She looked away guiltily and prepared to leave, but she was stopped by several socialites.

Ji Shiting had also returned to the study room on the second floor.

He saw a platter of alcohol fruits had now appeared on the desk.

“This is from the girl who danced with Shuhang.” Qiao Yanze tried to suppress his laughter. “That girl… Um, it’s hard being Shuhang.”

Yu Shuhang couldn’t have looked more upset. “Shut up!”

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

Xie Siqi must have arranged for that girl to enter the manor.

“Did you guys drink it?”

“I wouldn’t dare.” Qiao Yanze picked up a glass of wine and shook it, looking amused. “But I’m a bit curious as to whether there’s anything in it.”

“You can try.” Ji Shiting shot him a glance.

“Forget it. They’re here for you,” Qiao Yanze said as he glanced at Yu Shuhang. “Or for Shuhang.”

Yu Shuhang glared at Qiao Yanze.

Ji Shiting ignored their teasing, walked to the window and saw Ye Shengge.

She was surrounded by many socialites, and she didn’t know what they were asking.

Ji Shiting lips curled upward.

“I didn’t see you swapping numbers with someone else yet you pretended to be number 15? When did you become number 15?” Yu Shuhang suddenly asked.

Qiao Yanze tugged at his collar and said jokingly, “Number 15 is Zhou Yandong from T.S. Corporation. How dare he reject Ji Shiting’s orders? In any case, he needed to change his number as soon as possible.”

“Tsk tsk.” Yu Shuhang shook his head. “That’s so sneaky. No wonder Miss Ye looks as if she doubts her entire life.

“I say,” Qiao Yanze suddenly put his hand on Ji Shiting’s shoulder. “Why do you need to go through so much trouble to woo a woman? Which woman can stop you from confessing to her?”

Ji Shiting looked away and smiled, “Shuhang and I each had a dance, yet you haven’t shown yourself yet. This doesn’t make sense.”

He then grabbed Qiao Yanze’s arm.

“That’s right.” Yu Shuhang immediately agreed. He walked to Qiao Yanze’s side and grabbed his wrist. “Those socialites will be disappointed if you don’t show up.”

Qiao Yanze’s face paled. “What are you doing?”

Ji Shiting glanced at Yu Shuhang, who immediately opened the window and pushed Qiao Yanze out.

He then closed the window.

“Damn it!” Qiao Yanze had no choice but to step on the balcony.

People were already looking up at him upon hearing the disturbance.

Qiao Yanze rolled his eyes and jumped off.

Unlike Ji Shiting’s mysteriousness and Yu Shuhang’s low profile, Qiao Yanze’s face was as good as any star’s.

His appearance immediately attracted gasps and whistles.

And so, Ye Shengge, who was in the middle of the storm managed to get out relatively easily.

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