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Chapter 84: You’re Mine, Shengge

With great difficulty, Ye Shengge finally avoided being chased by the socialites and heaved a sigh of relief.

The dinner was still going on, and everyone was drinking, discussing business and flirting. Perhaps it was because of Ji Shiting and Qiao Yanze but the pheromones were making Ye Shengge’s face burn.

She slapped her face hard to sober herself up.

She needed to talk to Ji Shiting about work later, so she couldn’t let anything go wrong. She immediately thought about it.

At that moment, a graceful figure walked over.

Ye Shengge thought the woman was here to ask Ji Shiting about something, and she was about to leave when she heard the woman say to her, “Miss Ye.”

Huh? She actually knew her…

Ye Shengge stopped in her tracks, looked at her and said, “You are…”

“I’m… Shiting’s sister in name.” Xie Siqi smiled and handed her a key. “This is the key to the guest room. If it’s not convenient for you to go back tonight, you can stay in the guest room.”

Ji Shiting had also asked her to get a key to the guest room.

“That’s great. Thank you.” Ye Shengge took it and said. “I need it.”

“I won’t bother you anymore.” Xie Siqi smiled and left.

Ye Shengge took the key and looked at it… Room 207.

“You’re here too?”

The man’s voice startled Ye Shengge. She looked up and frowned, “Mu Yanhuai.”

“Shengge, it looks like you’ve been doing great after we broke up.” Mu Yanhuai stared at her delicate face and smiled, but his eyes were sad.

“Thank you.” Ye Shengge smiled. “By the way, don’t forget to transfer the shares to me. If you don’t give me the money soon, our agreement won’t work.”

“That’s perfect.” Mu Yanhuai took a step closer, looking aggressive. “Actually, I don’t want to leave you.”

Ye Shengge was furious. “What do you mean?”

Was that person going back on his word?

“Do you really think you can get his protection just by dancing with Ji Shiting?” Mu Yanhuai tried to contain his jealousy. He grabbed her wrist and said, “Shengge, you’re mine.

Ye Shengge pushed him away and took a step back.

She couldn’t stand the man touching her anymore.

“Don’t forget that I’ve dumped you.” Ye Shengge said harshly. “I didn’t want you! Mu Yanhuai, can you be more shameless?”

Mu Yanhuai’s face turned ugly.

Ye Shengge scoffed, turned around and left, as if she couldn’t stand being with him for even a second.

Mu Yanhuai stared at her back with a gloomy face. After a while, he smiled.

He lifted his right hand and kissed the key on his finger.

The room number on the key ring was also 207.

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