Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 834

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He said it crudely, thinking that the woman would at least feel ashamed.

However, her eyes lit up.

Ye Shengge’s hands were still on his abs. She smiled and said, “That’s right. I want it even in my dreams.”

Ji Shiting clenched his fist and wanted to pin the woman down, hoping that she would faint.

However, what he did was exactly what she wanted. ‘Doesn’t that woman have any shame?’

Ye Shengge seemed to know what he was thinking. She bit her lips and snorted, “Ji Shiting, you don’t remember, but I do. How many times have we done it? Do you expect me to be shy?”

The man blinked and continued to adjust his breathing, trying to suppress his desire.

He had the feeling that he was being teased by that woman, and this switch in positions made him very upset. Thus, even if his body was already screaming, he didn’t want her to have her way.

However, at this moment, he felt the woman’s hand enter his pants and slide to the most sensitive part.

Ji Shiting groaned and couldn’t take it anymore. He lifted her waist, turned her around, pressed her beneath his body, and grabbed her wrists.

The man’s face was tense, and he still hadn’t gotten rid of his desire. Ye Shengge had unbuttoned his shirt, and his upper body was almost completely bared to her. The woman had also unbuttoned most of his pants, and his V-line was vaguely visible, making him look very sexy.

Ye Shengge bit her lips and finally felt shy, but she didn’t plan to back down at all. She kept looking at all his sexy parts, showing her desire.

Ji Shiting got angrier and more irritated.

“Don’t forget, Ye Shengge. I haven’t agreed to return to Yang City with you,” he said threateningly.

“Shiting, have you been working out lately?” Her voice was soft and deep. She licked her lips. “Why do I feel like your figure has gotten better?”

Besides, she had checked the man’s body, and there weren’t any suspicious traces, which made her feel relieved.

Thus, she was very satisfied.

Ji Shiting didn’t know what to do with her.

He lifted his pants with one hand and picked her up, letting her sit on him. He then held her face and kissed her, trying to ease his tense desire.

Ye Shengge had thought his desires had been unleashed, but the man had only kissed her.

The kiss was fierce, and it sounded like he was venting his anger. Her lips and tongue were soon covered by his, and he didn’t give her any breathing space. However, this familiar overbearingness satisfied her.

The man finally let her go before she suffocated.

Ye Shengge panted and leaned against his chest.

Ji Shiting felt better seeing how flushed the woman was.

However, his tense body didn’t ease up at all. Instead, his hormones raged even more.

“Are you still going to continue?” He said.

“I… I’m not messing around,” she said aggrievedly.

She had always been serious.

She wasn’t really that randy, but she hoped that his possession would make her feel more real.

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