Mad God - Volume 1 - Chapter 1

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First Chapter – My Childhood

My grandfather is one of the strongest fighters in the Beastmen Tribe’s Beamon Corps. Some eight-ninety years ago he killed a dragon with his bare hands, and have since obtained the “Beastmen’s number one warrior”, the “Beamon Corps’s number one warrior” and such glorious titles. With a height of over five meters, at that time there were few equals throughout the whole continent.

In order to resist the powerful human race, the Beast Tribe and the Demon Tribe united through a series of marriages, and my grandfather also entered into a political marriage. Through the political pact, he married the daughter of one of the Demon King’s concubines – that is grandmother.

My grandma is the closest person to me in the world, if she was still living. She is the one who treats me the best, and this year would have been eighty-five years old. When my grandma was just 16 years old, she married my grandfather who was already more than 40 years old, often telling me that she was a sacrifice of politics.

Clearly, being married off to the Beast Kingdom was not of her free will, but fortunately she came here, because, if not for her, where would I come from, right?

My father is my grandfather’s only son, inheriting all of his superior blood, with a height of over 5 meters, and even now, his arm is thicker than my waist.

Before he was eighteen my father was already without equal. With a violent and cruel personality, possessing the strength of a tyrant, he is now Beamon’s number one warrior, Beamon Corp’s commander, and unquestionably, the King of Beamon. Under his lead in the recent decades, the Beastmen have never taken any losses in battles, and consequently among the Beastmen, father’s reputation is definitely not below the Beast Emperor.

Because of his noble status, naturally he holds many concubines, and precisely so I am born of a human girl he kidnapped. Of his four sons, I am the youngest, and previously also his least favorite son.

My mother is a very miserable woman. No one knows where she came from, and although she is not yet forty, she seemed incomparably aged. The wrinkles and white hair which should not have appear has long since became familiar to her.

Only from her outline one can tell that during her youth she was probably a beauty. She hates father and loathes him. In the same way, she also hates me, because, I am a child born under rape.

She had never truly received father’s love nor favour, in addition had to be subjected to other concubine’s exclusion and bullying.

Not until four years ago after I gained some authority, mother finally has a house to call her own. She rarely spoke, and whenever I see her cold eyes my heart becomes very cold.

I, at sixteen years old this year, of beast, demon, and human mixed blood, am the Beamon Corps’ vice-leader. A height of two meters, the human characteristics in my body are very distinct. In the eyes of others, I am definitely a handsome young man of the human race. If not for possessing the large, robust bodies of Beamon beasts and innate divine power, no one would have believed I am a Beastman.

I despise my father, because he let my mother suffer like this; I despise my father, if not for him my grandma would not have passed away. Even though my grandma’s death served to exchange for my glory today, I don’t need it. I only want my grandma, the one who spoiled me, love me, and pitied me.

Four years ago I suffered from everyone’s bullying, there was not one who treated me well, calling me a bastard son behind my father’s back. Except for my older brother who can still treat me normally, everyone said I was the worst of my father’s sons.

My life cannot even be compared with the lives of the servants. At that time, only my grandma loved me dearly, often making delicious foods. Being at my side, it is her who allowed my young heart to still have traces of warmth.

Grandma’s death is the biggest pain in my life, that day…

“Layson, come, grandma made your favorite braised chicken wings.” The kind voice of my grandma flew to my ear.

“Coming.” I quickly ran to the kitchen, a rich smell of meat wafted over, “Grandma, I love you to death.”

“Silly boy, east fast.” Along with a smile, the wrinkles on grandma’s face heaped together. The traces of years passing were obviously shown on her body.

I picked up a chicken wing and quickly went outside the house, eating on one hand while hopping around the courtyard.

Liking the peace and quiet, grandma did not live in the family house, and since no one pays attention to me, I also came out.

In the Beast Kingdom, finding such a place is very difficult. Beastmen pay great attention to the weak becoming the prey for the strong. Every Beastman could become another’s prey.

Naturally, no Beastman would be foolish enough to look for food near my house, that’s why this place can be so quiet.

A rich voice sounded behind me: “Layson, where’s your grandmother?”

Hearing this voice, my whole body shook. A five meter tall figure stood behind me, blocking the bright and beautiful sun. Surprisingly, it is father. As it turns out, he came to visit grandma and brought along four Beamon Imperial bodyguards behind him.

Father and grandma’s relationship were not that good. Even though it was a Beast-Demon union, father always did not think highly of the Demon race, saying often that only the Fallen Angels still have some skill, that other demons were no breadwinner. Father values strength and power the most, someone weak like grandma whose hands could not even tie a chicken is naturally not even in his eyes.

In the Beastmen Tribe, women could only be a vassal. Usually taking little notice of grandma, for what reason did he come today.

Whispering, I said: “Grandma is in the house.” I am really afraid of my father.
Upon seeing my timid and weak manner, father’s anger surged, striking the chicken wing off my hands, in fury said: “What behavior is this, does this resemble a son of mine? I don’t have a this sort of cowardly son.”

Staring at the soiled chicken wing, my tears streamed down unconsciously.

Father slapped me down to the ground, and roared: “Cry, just knowing how to cry, look at yourself – this thin tiny look, just like your devilish mother. At your age your older brothers can already tear apart live tigers and leopards. But you, even if I hand you a chicken you will not be able to kill it.” While saying so, he stamped heavily at the chicken wing below his feet.

Grandma heard voices outside the house and ran out. Seeing that I fell, immediately knitting her eyebrows, she helped me up while saying to my father: “What are you doing, rarely coming to visit, how did you end up hitting Little Layson.”

My father coldly snorted, crudely replied: “Mind your own business. Someone, bring this little animal back and let the Second properly teach him a lesson.”

The second refers to my second older brother. If this is the case, I reckon even if I do not die I will lose a layer of skin. Second brother is notoriously known for his violent temper.

Grandma guarded me behind her, saying: “Let it pass, you mustn’t make life difficult for this child.”

In a flash, my father grabbed and threw me to a subordinate, then said to grandma: “I don’t need you to butt in on how I teach my son. I just happen to pass through this time, if you still want to live a few more years, stop minding other’s business.” After saying so, he turned to leave.

Grandma’s face flushed red with anger, roared: “Leo, is this how you talk to your mother?”

While speaking, grandma jumped in front the Beamon guard holding me, wanting to take me back. But her thin and small body could not be compared to the big and strong Beamon large beasts. The Beamon guard just casually pushed and she flew out. The pitiful back of grandma happened to hit the surface of a big rock, she choked out a sound, and fresh blood spurt from her mouth.

An ill wind seemed to pass, my heart immediately turned incomparably cold, engulfed in chilliness.

I cried loudly, “Grandma,” In my tireless struggle, the innate divine power finally erupted out. A twelve years old child like me surprising threw off the grasp of the large Beamon beast.

Dashing to grandma’s side, I held up her body, weeping: “Grandma, grandma, are you okay? Dad, quickly save grandma, I beg you.”

Grandma’s complexion was painted white, while gripping my hand, she weakly said: “Don’t beg him. We, let’s go back to the house.”

The guard who threw my grandma kneeled down on one knee, glanced at grandma, and turned his head to father: “King Leo, I -”

Father took a quick look at grandma, then indifferently said: “Forget it, if she’s dead so be it, living to such an old age would not count as a premature end. When we return tell someone to send some money to bury her.”

In his eyes, grandma was apparently not as important as a Beamon fighter.
Hatred and anger burned my eyes red, I bellowed towards the sky, and the blood throughout my whole body boiled up. I suddenly felt a burst of heat in my head, and then I rushed like a mad cow at my grandma’s killer.

That Beamon guard was stunned at first, then he lifted a single hand to attempt to block my attack. Both of my eyes were blood-red, even my originally light green hair also became crimson. My speed became more than five times faster, and after a brief bang, the Beamon guard who was more than double my height flew out.

I did not stop, my body followed the enemy who flew out, and with a small fist I mercilessly punched up at his stomach. The most unexpected thing happened.

My fist actually pierced through the Beamon guard’s incomparably tough skin. He yelled loudly, his hands hammered down from top to bottom, and I subconsciously raised the other hand.

Thus, in the air, three hands disproportionately came together, bringing out the sounds like the strike of leather.

My hands were not broken, and my small and weak body was able to withstand this strike, but my feet had sunk deeply into the earth.

“Ah! Kill…” With a roar, my whole body trembled, and from my body blasted an astonishing energy, causing the surrounding leaves and grass to ring. Following the sound of thunder, with my hand as the center a hole half a meter in diameter was blasted from the Beamon guard’s abdomen. From looks he wouldn’t survive.

Fresh blood sprayed over my body, and from the bloody hole the internal organs slid out. Like a rotten watermelon, no piece was intact. The Beamon guard’s large body slowly fell backwards, yet I stood motionlessly, only that my hair gradually restored their green color.

This all happened in an instant, father and the rest of the three guards were stunned by this abnormal event.

Father murmured: “Layson went berserk[1], Layson actually went berserk. It has already been a hundred years since anyone could transform.” Even given father’s power, he could not berserk. A Beamon who could transform can increase their power by several folds.

“King Leo, what should we do?” A guard asked.

Father was not sadden by the death of the guard, and with a face full of excitement, he said: “Bring along Layson, he already collapsed. Find a place to bury your comrade, as for that old thing, leave her be.”

After an unknown period of time, I gradually awoke.

“Grandma, grandma, how are you now?” From head to toe my body felt weak and sore, especially the left hand felt like it was splitting apart and bursts of pain spread about while also quietly hanging from my side, and no strength could be gathered.
I found that I am actually in my own room of my father’s residence. I struggled to get up, leaning on the walls to walk out the house. It was pitch-black outside, reflecting much of my cloudy mood.

Ah, it‘s already evening, I wonder how grandma is doing.

Barely out of the room, a wave of weakness spread, in a flash my body fell to the ground.

“Layson, why did you leave your bed, come, quickly go rest.” A tall and large figure entered the room, and in one grasp was able to carry me.”

Opening my eyes to take a look, I saw the only person in Beamon in which we were on passing terms – Laylon.

“Brother, I beg you, bring me to see grandma quickly, she’s going to die!” I said tearfully.

Brother examines the color of the sky and nodded: “Alright, but we must come back before dawn.”

“I promise, I promise, let’s hurry,” If we can save grandma, I can do anything.

Carrying my body for Brother who approached 5 meters seemed no different than holding a patch of grass. Soon, we took advantage of the night and arrived at grandma’s house.
“Grandma.” A shrill voice came out, grandma was still lying in the same place.

Brother put me down and I crawled to grandma’s side, lifting up her thin upper body. The dew had already soaked into her skirt, and I shook her: “Grandma, wake up, please, wake up.”
Grandma’s chapped lips moved for a moment, and she slowly opened her eyes. Seeing me, she held a faint smile and wanted to caress my face, but she was so weak that her hand could only fall down.

“Child, you still came back to see grandma, grandma’s efforts were not wasted [2] – cough – cough.” Grandma coughed out some blood.

I grabbed grandma’s hand and kept it close to my face, crying: “Grandma, don’t talk anymore. Rest first, everything will be fine.”

With a bitter smile, grandma said: “Silly child, I know my own body, help grandma go back in the house, okay?”

A mysterious strength came from somewhere, and I was able endure and carry grandma, returning in unsteady steps to the house. Brother tactfully did not follow.

I put grandma on the bed, and I then leaned on the bedside and breathed heavily.

Grandma lightly stroke my head, kindly looked at me, and her speech came disjointed: “Little Layson, Grandma… cannot rest easy… because of you, you must promise grandma… must be… a strong person… live on well. You mustn’t… blame your father too much, the Beastman Tribe is like… like this, valuing power… not a shred of familial love to speak of.”

My shirt turned transparent with tears, I nervously gripped grandma’s wrinkle-filled hand, crying: “Grandma, don’t talk anymore, you’ll be fine, you will definitely be fine.”

Grandma’s shivering hand reached under the pillow and out came a thin booklet which she passed to me, then with a flushed face: “This is the most valuable treasure of the Demon Tribe… a copy of Demonic Arts…. during that time… for revenge… I stoled it, only, you must have royal blood of the Demon Tribe… to learn it, you need to learn… learn it… to become a Fallen Angel… only the strong… can live… don’t let your father… know…”

I shouted in sorrow: “Grandma, grandma!” The sound of my voice penetrate pass the roof. I pulled the booklet into my arms as I gradually lost consciousness.

When I awoke, I was already back at my own room with brother at my side. Seeing that I’m awake, he said: “I already buried grandma well, don’t worry, come, eat something.”

At this moment, I felt that nothing was important. The only person I could rely on in this life has left me, there is no meaning even if I’m alive. I stared blankly at the wall.

A loud noise came from the outside, brother frowned: “What a loud thunder, it seems a heavy rain is coming.”

Ignoring the injuries on my body, I slumped expressionless out the door. Rain drops the size of peas came crackling down. Gradually, the rain water came pouring down, constantly cleansing my body. Through the hazy mist of rain I seem to see Grandma’s kind face. I sprang forward, yet only landed in emptiness. Brother quickly lifted my mud-filled self, dragging me back to the room.

Just like this, I passed seven days in a head of fog. In between this period, I only survived because father force-fed me.

Later, I became clear-headed. Grandma’s dying words became my endless motivation – “You must promise grandma… must be… a strong person…only the… strong… can live.” I must be a strong person, an absolute power.

Thanks to my special ability to berserk which father has regarded as deeply important, he had since began to personally supervise my training. I was no longer the same naive child. Nothing could change my mind to become the strongest in the world. Since then, I buried my desire for revenge into the depths of my heart.

Father passed on to me his proudest technique – Armor of Heaven Thunders. This is close to a Chi technique, attaching most importance to defense. Since our Beamon Tribes naturally have very capable physical attack and defense, our resistance to magic is also very strong. In order to better display this superiority, our ancestors created this Armor of Heaven Thunders. The  main importance is to regulate the body to allow our defensive power to approach perfection. Once it has been trained to a certain degree, a kind of Chi defence wall forms.

If a human practices Armor of Heaven, at most they can reach the second or third-rate skill, but if our Beamon trains this skill then there is much difference. In those days, grandfather borrowed the power of Armor of Heaven Thunders’ defense to withstand a Dragon Knight’s strike. Only then did he have a chance to kill the knight and his dragon, thereby immortalizing his achievements.

The Armor of Heaven Thunders have three stages, the first being internal and external. It is similar to practicing chi, through meditation one’s physique and immunity can be strengthened, leading to a gradual change of the body. According to father, this technique’s first stage is very important. Frankly, it is a process of being reborn. This is also something which took me four years and just recently completed. During the second year, my natural talent was gradually exposed. Even though my stature is small, my power is not weaker than any Beamon of my age, so much that I even exceed some. Now, my strength plus the training of Armor of Heaven Thunders, which allowed my body to continuously undergo change, is catching up to my brothers.

The second stage is to apply the Chi outside the body, becoming a protective layer that can block all kinds of attacks. For this stage, I just started and is still in the baby steps.
The third stage is actually to enhance the second stage. This is none other than when the Chi reaches a certain level it can be used to injure the enemy. Father has completed this stage and with his extreme power, he could top off anyone’s head within ten meters. Even a Dragon Knight, if there aren’t many, cannot pose as a threat to him.

Since I improved at lightning speed, currently father has already raised my position to vice-leader of the Beamon Corps, standing side by side with my brothers. To be honest, it is only in name, all the authority lies in my brothers’ hands. I only need to train everyday. For me who has no interest in commanding the army troops, I am naturally in happiness to the point of idleness.

In the daytime, I continue to train Armor of Heaven Thunders, and at night it’s a good opportunity to practice the Demonic Arts. Compared to Armor of Heaven Thunders, the Demonic Arts were much more difficult. It was very difficult to understand. The Demonic Arts cannot be counted as a martial skill nor is it magic. It is a combination of both.

The Demonic Arts are separated into nine ranks, which is part into three stages, that is to say each stage has three ranks. To raise one rank is abnormally difficult. Of course, behind a difficulty is the increase in strength. Each stage will have new changes, bringing about leaps in power. The book said, only when the third rank of the first level is broken through can one transform into a fallen angel. After the transformation, every ability will double in power while becoming a Fallen Angel with two wings. In the Demon Tribes, this is mid-grade power. Once the transformation into a Fallen Angel is complete, the practitioner gains control over dark magic, and his cultivation will increase greatly. Once the second stage sixth rank is reached, one will become a four-winged Fallen Angel. Currently in the Demon Tribe, only the Demon King and his personal guard captain have this capability. As for the third stage ninth rank, it is an exceedingly distant goal. In legend, only the great Demon God Lucifer has attained it, becoming a six-winged Fallen Angel. In the booklet grandma gave me, it does not have methods for the last stage.

On the other hand, I feel ashamed. Despite practicing for four years, I’ve just entered the second rank. Ever since I began practice the Demonic Arts I start to feel happy being alone, and I would be unusually disgusted being in a crowd. Moreover, I began to really like wearing black clothes. As for the Demonic Arts’ dark power, it is indeed very formidable, but every time I use it I begin to feel my heart become increasingly ice-cold. Now I can rely on my current cultivation to use some simple dark magic, like enticement, corrosion, and so on. The dark magic from the Demonic Arts when compared with a Dark Magician is much more powerful and more pure and less dangerous. (Using dark attribute magic can have reverse effects). Only, practicing is extremely strenuous (this is my personal experience).

Once again it’s evening, I sat alone cross-legged on top of the bed, condensing the dark power with my body. The surrounding darkness became my best friend, continuously offering their dark power to me. I used two hours to move the ice-cold dark magic according to the Demonic Arts’ second stage techniques, and I felt there were tiny improvements.

Slowly exhaling the impure Chi from my body, I walked down from the bed. Looking the bright moonlight outside the window, I felt a sudden loneliness. My heart became alarmed, what’s going on? Could it be there was a mistake in today’s Demon Art practice? I recollect a bit, but did not find anything wrong.

I jumped out the room, coming to the yard. Looking left and right and making sure there was no one, I quickly sped out the house and came to the wilderness. At home I am a caged-bird, no matter what, it is more comfortable outside. The chilly evening wind carried the dew softly to my lapel. The penetrating cold felt unusually comfortable. The dark magic power inside my body naturally began to move.

I suddenly feel the power in my whole body surge. A feeling with nowhere to go emerged. I took one step forward with my left foot, treading with some strength on the earth once, and swishing sounds leapt from the ground. Then concentrating all of the body’s power in my right hand, a “pa” sound and fist smashed into the ground. Within the circumference of one meters, thin lines took shape like the pattern of a turtle’s back. A “boom” followed, carving out a deep half-meter hole.

I took advantage of the force of the blast to jump to one side. Seeing my own astonishing feats, all the unhappiness seemed to be vented out in this one punch, my heart-felt much lighter. I took a few deep coarse breathes, and all the vexations had somehow vanished like smoke in the thin air.

When I was about to turn and go home, immediately, my instincts told me there was danger. Since the time I started practicing the Demonic Arts, my senses compared to before became a lot more sensitive. I subconsciously prepared to fight. Fists clenched, my deep voice shouted: “Who is it? Come out.”

A monstrous underlying aura came in reply. A large fist tucked between the winds gradually became large. The aura brought the surrounding vegetation to rustle nonstop. I felt like a trapped beast, an intense danger kept calling my attention. I bend and rooted my legs, then taking a step forward as a “Hey” sound came from my mouth. A heavy boom met with the person’s fist. This attack was taught by father, he said, with our strength, we must make head-on attacks with the enemy to fully display it. All gaudy tricks are useless. “One strong subdues ten wise” is our best way to win.

A big and small fist (small being mine) collided in the air, and an unbearable power came from the opponent’s fist. I went back 5 steps while a great pain spread around my right hand. The enemy did not stop at that, just when he forced me to retreat immediately his body sprang forward, and at the same time a fist came over.

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