Mad God - Volume 3 - Chapter 4

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I nodded, satisfied, and once again donned my cloak asking, “What is your position in the city?”

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Swist·Feizen answered, “This lowly person’s uncle is the Baron of the city. As his humble servant I have attained the position of Head Quartermaster.

The position of Head Quartermaster must yield a great amount of profit. I placed my hand on Jiyan’s shoulders and said, “Your position isn’t bad. I bet you’ve scraped together quite a lot of money these past years.”

“I dare not…I dare not…This insignificant servant dares not to…This lowly servant is Head Quartermaster in name only…”

Maliciously, I responded, “Dare not? Dare not do what?!? You already dared to hit me! What is it you dare not do? You even dared to scold my companion just now! You will compensate me for the emotional distress you have caused. As it’s not convenient for me to carry gold coins on my person, bring me twenty of the highest grade gemstones. And, as you should know, those of the royal family are exceptionally gifted at appraising the quality of gems and distinguishing between those that are counterfeit and those that are authentic. If you dare try to deceive me, you had best beware my fury!”

Looking mournful, Swist·Feizen replied, “Your grace, please…have mercy. This humble and insignificant servant isn’t that wealthy. Instead of gems, could this lowly servant perhaps gift you a few of the best quality beauties? Would that suffice?”

I exploded, “HMPH! You plan on gifting me your leftovers? Enough nonsense! Do you have the gems? We can negotiate if you don’t. Let’s say you pay one gem less than requested, I chop off one of your arms. Two gems less, I chop off both of your arms. Four less and I take all four of your limbs; and five less, well…” I looked between his legs with a demonic expression. “If you plan to stay in one piece, you will do as I say. Now roll out of my sight! If I haven’t received anything by noon tomorrow, then I’ll go to your mansion myself to retrieve my tithe.”

TL note: as I have previously mentioned get lost could also mean roll out

As Swist·Feizen realised that he didn’t have the slightest option of negotiation, he lay down on the floor and, with great chagrin, rolled toward the door with his underlings following in the same manner.

Suddenly I had a thought, “Wait a moment.”

Swist·Feizen stopped rolling three meters from where he had started and knelt with great trepidation. Carefully he asked, “Is…is there anything else, sir?”

I glared at him. “I came here on a special mission from his majesty. I don’t want any additional people to know about this incident. Understand? Not even your uncle. Also, if you ever disturb the commoners in this city again, I will cut down both you AND your uncle on behalf of his majesty. The seat and power of a Baron is something that many people have their eyes set on.”

“This lowly servant understands! This insignificant servant understands!”

“If you understand, then get on with the rolling!” As we watched them rolling awkwardly out of the entrance, Jiyan couldn’t contain herself any longer and burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I patted her back and said, “Enough…don’t laugh like that. You might choke.”

Jiyan’s breathing was coarse and rough but she was eventually able to stabilize and calm her breathing. “Ah Xiang, why don’t you become a pirate? Your bounties wouldn’t be small. I never would have guessed that you would have such accomplished blackmailing and extortion skills would be this good. Look at them! They’re rolling like turtles! I’m going to laugh myself to death.” While speaking, Jiyan began laughing again. There was nothing I could do about her.

By the time Swiss·Feizen and his cohorts had all left the inn, my mind had returned to more immediate matters. I turned to the inn’s director and said, “Innkeeper, my clothes are torn. Have the tailor make another set for me. I’ll pay for it when I settle up the rest of the bill.”

Waving his hand, the innkeeper exclaimed, “No need! No need! To be able to serve a Lord Fallen Angel is an honor.” It was only at this moment that I noticed everyone — waiters, inn attendants, and customers — were looking at me with reverence in their eyes. The high class demons that were previously seated and eating had also stopped and stood up. Fallen Angel. Royal Family. These titles were convenient to be able to use.

I didn’t push the subject. “We’ll talk about this later. My companion and I have yet to finish our meals; have someone deliver them to our room. In addition, if that stupid pig delivers anything here, send it directly to my room. I do not wish to see his disgusting face again.” When I thought of his androgynous, hermaphroditic voice, I couldn’t help but feel nauseous; luckily, I hadn’t eaten many oily things that day. Jiyan experienced stomach spasms from her uncontrolled laughter as I pulled her with me to our room.

“Enough! Stop laughing! If you continue laughing excessively, you will get wrinkles and will have aged prematurely before I return for your hand.” The sharpness of of my words caused Jiyan to abruptly stop laughing. Even though it was rather satisfying dealing with that fat pig, I understood one thing clearly: the chances of my identity being exposed had grown.

Looking at Jiyan I said, “Miss, you need to figure out a solution. What if that fat pig investigates and finds out my identity? What would I say then, hmm?!?” I looked at Jiyan with a condescending smile as she giggled a little more and then I continued, ”  I guess I could say that I’m an illegitimate child of the Demon Emperor, right?”

Jiyan’s eyes brightened as she replied, “That’s actually a good idea! It’s decided.”

I involuntarily responded, “What?!? You think that’s a good idea?”

Jiyan smiled. “Silly Lay-Lay, just listen to me. Royalty has a very strong sense of etiquette and superiority. If not, there wouldn’t be such an obvious division of the classes. You can get away with saying that you’re an illegitimate child of the Demon Emperor, so long as you say that it was a common woman that gave birth to you. Women lacking royal blood are not allowed to marry the Demon Emperor nor enter the palace; a situation described as “maintaining tradition.” As long as you do not meet with those closest to the throne, your true identity is safe. After all, who would dare to ask the Demon Emperor how many illegitimate children he has sired? Your ability to transform into a Fallen Angel is the strongest proof of your identity. As you well know, only royalty can train and cultivate as a Fallen Angel; and only the Demon Emperor has the right to pass down the training techniques of a Fallen Angel to illegitimate children.”

After listening to what Jiyan had to say, I finally understood the true magnitude of my condescending remarks. “Your thoughts are rather impressive, although it seems that you’ve fabricated my father’s identity.”

Rolling her eyes Jiyan responded, “Do you feel insulted having the Demon Emperor as your father? This matter is decided.” I never would have thought that my smart-ass comment would allow us to avoid a major disaster.


It was late at night and only a sparse scattering of lights could be seen throughout the city. Jiyan and I stood on the highest balcony, mesmerized by the radiance of the stars in the dark sky. “Lay-lay, how many stars do you think exist in the sky? They’re all so pretty, just sparkling and twinkling like little diamonds strewn about this resplendent scene.”

Embracing Jiyan from behind I smiled and replied, “I am astounded! Our talented little miss doesn’t know how many stars are in the night sky. How could I, a lowly commoner with little talent and even less learning, know?”

Jiyan pinched my arm and said, “I don’t like it when you do that. I won’t allow you to speak about yourself in such a manner. My……can only be the best.”

I teased her with my next question, “Your what?” Jiyan didn’t bother to reply and I didn’t persist. We enjoyed the night’s gentle wind as we basked in the moon’s pure radiance and silently counted the stars in the sky for much of the night.

“It’s gotten very late. Let’s go back inside and go to bed.” Only after having said the words did I fully grasp the ambiguity in them. Thankfully, Jiyan didn’t seem to fully hear my request and she responded, “I really don’t want to go inside yet. Stay here with me a bit longer, okay? I don’t know how long it’ll be before I’ll be able to experience this with you again and it feels so natural gazing at the stars with you. Embraced by your arms, I feel so warm and safe.”

“Warm? Definitely, but I wouldn’t say safe. Although I am able to transform into a Fallen Angel, I’m still only at the first step. Compared to masters, my power and ability is insignificant. Had the demon girl that day trained harder prior to our battle, the two of us would currently be a couple in hell.”

“Don’t say something like that okay? You will ruin the atmosphere if you continue saying such things in such a quiet and elegant place.”

“Oh? When did our Lady Jiyan, who worships power, start to dislike discussing such things? This is not like you!”

Jiyan turned her head, glared at me, and said in a huff, “Well, do you like how I am now? Or would you prefer how I was before?”

I quickly met Jiyan’s anger with my charming smile. “I like everything about you. You’re the school’s number one beauty. If I didn’t like you, then who else would I like? Anyways, it’s really late. Also. let’s leave as soon as we receive those items tomorrow.

Jiyan chuckled softly and said, “When I think of how badly you ridiculed that fatty, I want to laugh again — twenty gemstones of the highest quality! You gave him a rather large debt obligation.”

I calmly retorted, “It’s only twenty gemstones. Is that really difficult for him? I even gave him some leeway.”

I couldn’t help being momentarily distracted when I noticed how large my hands appeared around Jiyan’s petite waist. My mind refocused when Jiyan said, “It’s not as simple as you think. The quality and availability of gemstones isn’t the same as in the Beastman Country or the Dragon Empire. The Demon Kingdom has a place that mass produces gemstones. A gemstone produced here at low- to mid-grade quality, by Demon Clan standards, would be considered high quality if taken back to the Dragon Empire. What do you think a gemstone produced at the Demon Clan’s highest quality will look like? After frightening that fatty the way you did today, I’m really excited to see what he will bring us tomorrow.”

I smiled. “I’m not too worried about that at the moment. This breeze is so comfortable, such a cool and refreshing feeling.”

“I feel the same way, but I think I would feel very comfortable wherever I go just by remaining together with you.” I had to fight the impulse to kiss Jiyan while tightly embracing her, lest I would be sent flying again.

“Be gentle, Lay-Lay, you’re about to break my bones…” Jiyan startled me with her words causing me to loosen my hold.

Smiling at me, Jiyan teased, “Silly, even though it hurt a little when you were hugging me, I felt so much better since it felt as if you were a part of me.”

“Calm down, Jiyan, my sweet. The hours is late. We need to be ready to leave early tomorrow for our journey.” This time Jiyan didn’t say anything; acquiescing, she let me carry her in my arms into the room.

The big bed in our room naturally went to Jiyan to sleep in; I was left to sleep on the sofa. Fortunately, for me, the sofa was big and soft allowing me to sleep comfortably.

Immediately after waking up, I went to the rooftop to cultivate my Demonic Arts and exercise. Upon my return, I could see that the hotel servants had already delivered a large breakfast. Jiyan and I were able to eat without reserve.

“Jiyan, is that dish good? It must be good since you are eating it so fast.”

Jiyan was barely able to talk as she stuffed her mouth with the food in front of her and replied, “Of course it’s delicious! All of the food tastes so good. Come, try some of this too before it’s gone.” As I was about to sit down next to Jiyan, I heard knocking at the door.

“Finish eating, I’ll see who’s at the door.” I left the food to Jiyan and walked toward the door. As I opened the door I was greeted by the fake smile and fat face of Swist-Feizen, a delicate box in his hands.

While frowning I said, “Did you forget my warning at the inn lobby? I very clearly stated that I did not wish to see you again.” Swist·Feizen’s smile grew larger as he responded. “Lord, I am sorry but my uncle had two guests at his mansion that, like you, are royalty. After hearing that you were staying at this inn, they told me that they would like to meet you and bade me take them to you.

The shock of this information reverberated throughout my body. It was too late to blame Swist·Feizen for revealing my hidden location so, maintaining my composure, I asked, “Oh? Who are they? Where are they?”

As Swist·Feizen moved out of the way I could see two average·sized, lean, middle-aged men. These men looked so similar that I assumed they were twins; luckily they were easily distinguishable as the one on the left had a jovial face and smile, while the other continually maintained a solemn face and grimace. As they both looked at me, I noticed an extreme and violent intent shining equally in their eyes. The one on the left scoffed, “Why aren’t you asking us in?” With a glance I could tell that it was going to be difficult to handle this situation; but what was meant to be, would be, and with commanding voice I acquiesced, “Please, come in.”

I turned and walked back into our suite giving Jiyan, who was still eating, a knowing look. Our three guests followed me into the suite in a line; one of the twins, being last in line, closed the door softly behind him. I furrowed my brows and looked at the brothers. “Who are the two of you?”

Again, it was the smiling man that spoke, “I think the real question is: As a Fallen Angel, HOW could you not know us? Our father is His Majesty’s head Imperial Escort. Other than His Majesty, our father is the only royalty to have achieved the level of a four-winged Fallen Angel. In addition, we brothers are royalty that are also part of the Fallen Angel Pantheon and His Majesty is our uncle. I am Gwynn•Lucifer and this is my younger brother, Griffin•Lucifer. We had thought that one of our brothers was here. It had never occurred to us that there would be someone who would dare impersonate one of our sacred pantheon. Speak now, who in the world are you? WHY do you pretend to be a Fallen Angel?”

I laughed coldly and replied, “What makes you think I’m an imposter?”

Gwynn•Lucifer coldly retorted with a snort. “Isn’t the fact that the two of us have never hear about you enough? With the exception of His Majesty and the preceding Emperor, our Fallen Legion Pantheon has 38 acolytes in total. I can name each acolyte, one by one, yet I’ve never heard of Lay•Lucifer. How can that not be enough evidence for you?”

“Your thought processes are flawed. Of course it is not enough. Based on the fact that you have never seen me before you say that I am an imposter; well, I can use that same logic and say that I have never seen either of you and that you both are imposters.”

The Gu brothers’ faces turned solemn, their lapels ruffled without so much as a gust of wind, and a powerfully imposing pressure firmly locked me in place. Sensing what was occurring, Jiyan slipped to the side of the room. She knew that if she tried to help at this moment, not only would she not be any help, she would make matters worse. Condensing my dark magic while resisting the pressure they were exerting on me, I thought that if these brothers were, in fact, Fallen Angels then, with their current formidable display of power, I would likely be unable to handle one of them, let alone two. I was certain that these brothers, being twins, would be able to share their thoughts, making it possible to create powerful combination attacks; if I plunged into a fight recklessly, I was certain of the fact that I would not escape alive.

Keeping this in mind, I presented them with an ice-cold smile and said, “The two of you don’t need to be in a rush to fight. Observe. Darkness condense in thy soul. To have fallen is to be freed. Awaken! Myriad of magical powers that hath slumbered in mine blood!” In order to convince them, I transformed.

The Gu brothers were surprised by my complete Fallen Angel transformation. In my current state I was instantly able to force back the pressure that the brothers were imposing on me.

With a wave Black Sable flew in to my hand, my face reflecting the alertness of my mind. Small objects were blown and scattered around the room by the intense, dark aura emitting from my body; the effects of my body’s transformation were highly obvious. Due to the overwhelming pressure being exerted from my dark aura, the brothers transformed simultaneously.

At that moment, there were three Fallen Angels in a small room. Comparing the opposing two against myself, I knew that they would have greater power, speed, and control over their transformation since they have had a greater amount of time to hone their skills since their initial transformation. Luckily, the pressure exerted by the brothers, in their transformed state, only minimally impacted me due to the similar nature of our powers.

Unfortunately, Jiyan and that fat pig weren’t as lucky as me. The combined power of the dark auras emanating from the three of us created a pressure strong enough to press those two against the wall without any ability to move.

With the wave of my hand, I sent both of them out of the room. As Jiyan went through the doorway, I began to shut the door; the fat pig hadn’t made it through the doorway before it had fully closed causing him to burst through it, leaving a big round hole in the door. I made certain Jiyan didn’t receive any damage, that is all that mattered.

Griffin·Lucifer, who had been silent up to this point, finally spoke. “I never thought that you could actually transform into a Fallen Angel. You obviously cannot be an imposter. It is possible that you could be a royal that has newly completed the transformation; but how is it I have never heard of anyone named Lay·Lucifer?!?”

With a sinister smile I answered, “Since both elder brothers can also transform, it is obvious that we aren’t outsiders. How about this, let me show you something. As I spoke, I handed Black Sable over to them without any hesitation. Some of their wariness subsided with my willingness to surrender my weapon.

With a look of uncertainty, Gwynn took Black Sable from me and began to look it over meticulously. Astonished, Gwynn exclaimed, “This…this is the Divine Sword of Slaughter — Black Sable! How is it in your hands? Didn’t this sword go missing aeons ago? I’ve only seen mention of it in ancient books and records.” Gwynn stroked Black Sable with admiration as he finished speaking. The admiration slowly filling his eyes with greed, which may not let him part with such a treasure.

Divine Sword of Slaughter? What does that mean? Isn’t Black Sable one of the seven great swords? The only reason I showed it to the brothers was that Teacher Zhuang said it was a sword taken from the Demon Clan. I smiled and said, “That’s right. This is that very same sword. His majesty, himself, presented this sword to me as a gift; unfortunately, I am unable to utilize its full power.”

To avoid further questions, or the brothers further testing my knowledge of the sword, I had to give them information they would believe otherwise I never would have divulged such a weakness. With a perplexed face Gwynn said, “His Majesty passed this sword down to you? Impossible! If this sword was actually in His Majesty’s hands, he would have passed it down a direct descendent — his successor. And of course you wouldn’t be able to fully use Black Sable at this point; to be able to wield its full power you would have to reach the 9th tier in the Demonic Arts, thus transforming into a Fallen Angel with six wings. Absurdly, the humans gave it the title of one of the seven great swords without even knowing it was originally the sword of the Demon God.

I could tell that the presence of Black Sable had greatly shocked both brothers. While speaking, it was obvious that Gwynn had already lost a great deal of his composure “Elder brother, are you done looking at Black Sable? Could you return it?”

Gwynn carefully tucked away the sword and replied. “I can return it to you on the condition that you must tell me the reason why His Majesty would gift such a sword to you.”

The brothers simultaneously expressions changed to that of  amusement that displayed the full intent of the situation they had created: If you don’t tell us what we want to know, we will NOT return this sword. Fortunately, the hostile auras that were previously present had dissipated.

I feigned a long, drawn-out sigh and then asked, “Do you really want me to tell you?”

“Of course!” exclaimed the Gu brothers.

“Well, in that case, I want you both to swear to never leak out what I’ve said today. Otherwise, if his Majesty finds out, I’m afraid even your father will not able to keep you alive.”

The Gu brothers looked at each other and said at the same time, “I Gwynn·Lucifer / Griffin·Lucifer swear before our Lord Demon God: If I ever leak anything Lay·Lucifer tells us today, I am willing to suffer the pain of ten thousand demons entering my body, die by having my soul absorbed and my spirit seized.

Luckily for me, the brothers had sworn by the most powerful Demon oath that a Demon could use. To further garner their trust and make them fully believe what I was about to reveal, I had to be certain to put forth an act that was worthy of such a cursed oath. I nodded with satisfaction and said, “Since we no longer have to fight let’s release our transformations. Younger brother has only just cultivated his Demonic Arts to the 4th tier and maintaining it is rather tiring.” For my own benefit, and waning strength from holding the transformation, I had to make this request. With the transformation released, I couldn’t help but notice my clothes were torn apart again — poor me.

Seeing my initiative in returning to my original form, the brothers naturally released their transformation, as well, as their trust in me had increased further. Raising my hand, I gestured politely for them to take a seat. Taking a seat on the sofa, I shouted so that those in the hallway could hear, “Both of you can come in now!”

Jiyan and that fatty, Swist·Feizen, heard my voice and walked in one-by-one. Swist·Feizen was bleeding from his nose and mouth, much of his clothing was ripped, his hair was a mess, and he looked like he had been put through the ringer. When he saw the three of us sitting together peacefully he could tell that he was about to be in greater trouble.

As Swist·Feizen entered, I made certain that he was not disappointed and began the callous ridiculing. “Hmph! Did you think I was only blowing smoke up your ass?!? If that’s the case, well then…let’s begin!”

Swist·Feizen prostrated on the floor and trembled with fear. Presenting the box in his hands he implored, ”Lord, this insignificant servant has prepared what sir wanted; this has exhausted my entire fortune. Please spare this lowly life.”

Gwynn said, “My worthy brother, this person’s uncle and us are on good terms. For our sake, how about you spare his life.” The two brothers were getting progressively more polite towards me, although it was obvious they still had some doubts. Thankfully, my transformation and the presence of Black Sable had proven to them that I was not their enemy.

I shot a glance at the fatty and said plainly, “Since elder brother has appealed for mercy on this thing’s behalf, I will spare him this once. But heed me well!” Turning to fully face Swist-feizen, I continued, “If you ever offend me again, I will slowly roast you on a spit like the pig you are. Now, put down what you’re carrying and roll out of here.”

“After watching Swist-Feizen literally roll out like a rubber ball, I gestured to Jiyan to close the door. Unfortunately, doing so didn’t have much of an effect since there was a huge hole in the door. I reached out and lifted the box while telling the brothers, “Brothers, please take some for yourselves. This is the compensation that fat pig has payed to me for my clothes.”

Griffin replied, “No need. Please just tell us your relation to His Majesty, and be quick about it; we have urgent business to which we need to attend.”

Griffin appeared to be the more serious of the two. Although Gwynn seemed to be the leader, Griffin’s cognitive thoughts ran a bit deeper. These two brothers could summon the winds and command the rain within the Demon Clan if they so wished; naturally they wouldn’t care for mundane things, such as compensation for clothing.

I casually threw the box to Jiyan and introduced her. “This is my fiance, she knows everything about me. There’s no need to be cautious around her.”

I put on my poker face and said in a serious tone, “Elder brothers, please remember your oath just now. I hope you will not laugh at me. I’m an illegitimate child of his majesty that was born outside the palace.” This sentence immediately caused the two of them to stare at each other with bewilderment, revealing expressions of disbelief. Presumably, the Demon Emperor was a very principled person.

“To tell the truth, His Majesty is the person I hate the most in this world.” Another heavy bomb had landed on the brothers. After listening to this, both of their expressions immediately changed from astonishment to contempt. I continued, “However, he is also the person I admire the most.” With these words their expressions relaxed a bit. It was quite entertaining to watch their expressions change with every sentence. Jiyan threw me an encouraging look, it was clear that she wanted me to continue spinning my web.

My eyes glazed over as I said, “I hate him due to the fact that on a whim, he ruined my mother’s life. Although she has no regrets, I cannot forgive him. And since mother is not a part of the royal family, she can never be by his side. But His Majesty felt sorry for my mother and presented me with Black Sable as a gift, calling it compensation for his misdeed.”

The brothers had obviously been touched by my story, Gwynn earnestly returned Black Sable to me with both hands as he consoled me. “These are the rules set by the ancestors. You can’t blame his majesty, either. If it were other royalty, I’m afraid they would have been less compassionate.”

I received Black Sable and coldly snorted; responding to what he said, “What god damn rubbish. Those lousy rules were what ruined my warm home.” I couldn’t help but think of my real mother as I spoke. Although she had never loved me, taken care of me, nor worried about me, mother’s entire life was indeed painful. She was forcefully taken by the Beast Tribe and separated from her lover. I really shouldn’t hate her. “His Majesty, the ruler of our country, the head of our clan,  is unable to abolish these unreasonable rules? Unable to return my mother’s name? Tell me, how can I not hate him?”

With regard to this question, how could the two brothers begin to answer? Gwynn coughed dryly, concealing his own embarrassment, and, changing the topic,asked, “Then tell us, what do you admire about His Majesty?”

I sighed and responded, “His majesty has ruled the Demon Kingdom  into perfect order. His skills are the best when compared with both ancient and modern rulers. As his son, I must admire him as a matter-of-fact and be proud of having such a father. However, my identity cannot be known to the world; this is the reason why I requested for both of you to swear to keep my secret. Shortly after I turned six-years-old, father came to visit us. He had brought along a copy of the Demonic Arts and, before giving them to me, gave me some instruction on proper methods. At that point, I swore to myself that I would become a powerful being. Only a being of unsurpassed power would keep father from losing face. Finally, just a few months ago, I successfully broke through the third tier and transformed into a Fallen Angel. I don’t know how, but father found out about my accomplishment and came to congratulate me himself. Before departing, he gave me a secret mission, which is the reason for my presence here. As for the mission, please don’t ask about it as I cannot divulge any information at the moment. His Majesty stated that this mission is of the utmost importance and highly classified. The only thing I can tell you about it is that my destination is the Dragon Empire.”

After I had finished speaking, I glanced at them out of the corner of my eye, and saw that they were both thinking deeply. From the moment they entered, they had played to my tune. There was no way that they could discover the truth. As with any good story, mine was built upon the truth; naturally it was very persuasive.

After hearing my tale, Gwynn responded, “Knowing that younger brother shares His Majesty’s blood there’s no reason for us to doubt any further. My brother and I are going to support the front lines. The other day, the princess was met with some difficulties and heavily injured. His Majesty has asked us to go and overlook the situation. Would you care to go? The princess is your sister, after all.

I shook my head and said, “I can’t go, this mission is very important, and I cannot delay it for other trivial matters. I’m afraid she won’t even admit that I am her brother. How could an illegitimate child compare to one with pure-blood? She wouldn’t acknowledge me at all.

I had to hold back my laughter, I was the very person who had inflicted these heavy injuries upon my ‘sister’. The serious Griffin surprised me, first patting my shoulder and then saying, “Don’t be so disheartened. As long as you work hard, you will find a way. Since you have a mission we won’t push you to visit her. Brother since we are headed in the same direction, why don’t we travel together?”

I couldn’t deny such a reasonable request and, with please, replied, “Of course! It would be a blessing for this younger brother, who was born and raised in the wilds, to receive the sage advice of his elder brothers.”

“No need to be so polite, feel free to ask us anything. It is getting late, so we brothers will leave first. We’ll be waiting for you at the eastern city gate at noon.” The Gu brothers stood up as they spoke.

After escorting the brothers back to the inn’s entrance, I watched their silhouettes disappear in the distance. When I could no longer see them, it felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted and I let out a sigh of relief. Patting me on the back, Jiyan said, “That was a close call.”

I nodded and replied, “Yeah…if you hadn’t set up my identity in advance, I may have had to fight them. Forget about facing both brothers, I don’t even know if I could’ve handled one of them.” As I spoke I thought of my transformation into a Crimson Fallen Angel and how I killed White Skye. If I could successfully complete that transformation again, I might stand a chance. Unfortunately, I still cannot control my Berserk transformation; I would have to rely on my luck if I was to face them at my current level. I continued saying, “But it is better this way, they gave me some interesting information. I didn’t realise that Black Sable was a Divine Sword of Slaughter.

Jiyan smiled, “What’s so great about Divine Sword of Slaughter? Isn’t there its rival, the Divine Sword of Exorcism, to match it? ”

“Divine Sword of Exorcism? What is that?” However when I looked at Jiyan, I saw that she was frozen, her hands covering her mouth, almost like a statue.

“Jiyan, what’s wrong?”

Only after hearing her name did Jiyan break out of her daze and mumble, “Just…just now…what did I say?!?”

Frowning, I asked, “Are you trying to be silly? Is there something wrong with you? You just said, ‘What’s so great about the Divine Sword of Slaughter? Isn’t there its rival, the Divine Sword of Exorcism, to match it?’ Now I am asking you, what is the Divine Sword of Exorcism?”

Jiyan shook her head and said, “I don’t know what that is either. A voice just seemed to take over after I heard your words. I couldn’t help but blurt it out. Divine Sword of Exorcism… I have no idea what that is.

Seeing the absentminded look on her face, I was reluctant to question her further. I embraced Jiyan’s shoulders and said, “Let’s go back to the room.” By the time we had made it back to the suite, Jiyan had regained her composure. With some concern, she asked, “What do you plan to do? Are we really going to go with them? What if it doesn’t work out? Let’s sneak out! If they find any flaws in our story we’ll be finished.”

Shaking my head I replied, “No, we must go with them. It is important since we will be able to gather a greater understanding of the Demon Kingdom, as a whole. More importantly, if we were to run, what would the brothers think? I am certain that they will come to the conclusion that we were just pretending to be nobles. In such a situation, with their power and position, the would definitely send a large regiment to pursue and kill us. Our disadvantage in such a situation would be too great. At this very moment there could be people spying on us. This is why I think we must go with them; but in a very cautious manner.”

Jiyan smiled, “Lay-lay, you’ve matured a lot. At our first meeting, I thought you were an immature brat; now you are thinking things through, thoroughly. You are right; I’ll listen to you. I’ll go pack our belongings.”

I touched my face, and helplessly thought: Am I really more mature? I am only 17 years old. I’m not aging prematurely, am I?


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