Mad God - Volume 5 - Chapter 2

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On the second day, early in the morning, Silvin, my 19 underlings and I left Woer mountain range. We hurried towards the Sasi territory, where we would reunite with Mink.

[EN: In lieu of not knowing how to refer to Silvin, we are just going to make his pronoun ‘he’.]

Because Silver Arrow led a troop of temple guards to personally escort us, we didn’t meet any trouble along the way. Silvin was afraid that his appearance would make an universal uproar, so he wore his big cloak again.

I didn’t tell my guards his identity, I only told them that he will be a member of our team in the future. The fact that Silvin was the Wolf God was better kept a secret. I had gained the respect of the temple guards for subduing the Yuna territory without bloodshed.

Since leaving the Wolf God temple, Silvin had become very excited. He would constantly run beside me and say things like, “Today’s sky is really blue….. Look, the clouds in the sky are really beautiful…..” Continuously spouting nonsensical idiotic chit-chat.

When the sun was high in the sky, we finally arrived at the hill at the border with the Sasi territory where we had been separated from Mink. Silver Arrow refused to leave, constantly reminding me to take good care of his Lord Wolf God. Silvin had to reassure Silver Arrow multiple times, before he returned to leave with the guards.

I whistled loudly, with the additional insertion of chi, it could be heard from far away.

Where did this damned Mink run off to? I can only use this method to call Black Dragon, it is going to take forever to find him. A long neigh with came from the distance and I instantly knew it was Black Dragon, but for some reason he was scared.

My expression changed instantly, looking at Silvin, I said, “We need to hurry, Black Dragon and Mink are in danger.” After that I took the lead and rushed over. My guards quickly followed behind me.

Silvin followed relaxedly, Gin asked me, “What is Black Dragon? You even have a dragon?” While rushing forward I answered, ” Not a dragon, it’s a mount, it is my horse.”

Silvy said disdainfully, “With the Heritage of a Beastman, why do you lower yourself to ride a horse and mimic humans? Hmph.” Ever since I had offended her that day, she had become unfriendly and intolerant. Since I was unwilling to deal with her temperament, I chose to be silent.

As we ran towards Black Dragon’s whine, I whistled again to confirm Black Dragon’s position. Finally, after summiting a hill I could see Black Dragon’s sittlehout, he spared no effort to attract our attention, leaping up and down as he fiercely fought the snakemen that surrounded him. Mink was not far away; he was brandishing his two axes at tens of high-leveled snakemen. The snakemen surrounded him and were attacking in waves, disregarding the corpses of their fellow warriors that littered the ground.

Didn’t I order him not to come in conflict with the snakemen, so why are they fighting? Not to say he even incurred the hatred of so many powerful enemies. If I hadn’t arrived in time, I am afraid that he and Black Dragon would have been in great danger.

“Stop!” I let out a shout. When Mink saw me his fighting spirit ignited. Disregarding his previous disadvantage, he swept his axes in a great arc. Having pushed back his attackers a bit and created a bit of distance between them, he loudly shouted, “Young master!”

Those snakemen acted as if they hadn’t heard what I said, and continued to attack violently.

Black Dragon suddenly let out an agonizing neigh as his hip was gashed by a snakeman, I could no longer hold my rage, and roared, “Kill everyone, nobody is to be left alive.”

“Sir, Yes Sir!” The accumulation of my escort’s pent up frustration had reached its limits. They were frustrated that they had to stay on the sidelines for so long and now they had a way to put it to good use! Everyone rallied, and the entirety of our troops had a stifling feeling to it!

With a sweep of his spear, Wolf was the first to rush over to Mink, I turned around to Silvin and said, “You don’t need to take part in this, leave this to us.”

Silvy’s voice came from under the cloak, “How can we not participate? It looks so much fun, it’s been too long since we last killed someone, it’s my turn to play now.” Without waiting for me to stop her again, with a slight sway, she avoided me and I could only see a silver flash. I hurriedly informed them with chi that they must keep their identity a secret.

The performance of the Wolf God was not bad, even though Gin didn’t take part, as the chi that completely surrounded the cloak was silver. Silvin’s body dashed into the crowd of snakemen, like an autumn gale that swept away fallen leaves. The four snakemen that surrounded Black Dragon were beaten until they were lying on all sides.

She was different from me. If it was me then I would have killed them in one move, but she was like a cat catching a mouse. She needed to play with the prey before killing them, just like when she fought me.

This should be the so-called torture to death I guess. Four snakemen were scrapped by her powerful chi, they had no chance of fighting back. And Silvly still calls herself a beauty? She is simply sadistic.

I rushed to Black Dragon, and discovered three superficial cuts that were 5 inches long and half an inch deep. Even though my mount was obviously scratched a moment ago, purple blood was already flowing out constantly and Black Dragon’s pupils were already slightly dilated as he continuously whimpered in a low voice.

“Black Dragon, hang in there, you will surely be fine.” Due to the invasion of the poison, I couldn’t use the same healing method which I had used to remove Wolf’s rotting part. I could only use my chi to seal his blood flow, slowing down the speed of the poison and prolonging the time before the poison reached it’s heart.

Mink’s fight turned into a slaughter. When my escorts joined a fight, they would never show mercy. The corpses of the snakemen piled up, one after another. Just as I had stopped Black Dragon’s bleeding, their battle had ended. Wolf ran over, supporting Mink who was panting heavily.

Mink’s face was a bit pale, and his warrior suit was already drenched in sweat. He had clearly fought for a long time. “Young master…. young master you are finally back, if you still hadn’t returned, then…. you wouldn’t have seen me again.”

I apologized, “Sorry, Mink. It took longer than intended because of some matters. Please rest.” I didn’t have time to inquire how he was doing these days, as Black Dragon was already lying on the ground. He was on the verge of death.

I yelled at Silvin, “Finish quickly, and help me with my horse. It is dying!!.” Hearing what I said, their originally silver chi which enveloped their body abruptly turned into Golden and Silver chi. . The four snakemen were explosively sent flying towards one direction, I knew, even without looking: they had no chance of survival.

Silvin came running to me, Gin asked, “What? What?”

Silvy grumbled, “I still haven’t had enough fun, what are you calling us for?” I was too worried to care about her complain and said to Gin, “Do you have a way to get rid of the poison? Look, Black Dragon will not hold out any longer.”

Gin put his head which was under the cloak near Black Dragon’s wound, after smelling a bit, he said to me, “He was poisoned with one of the deadliest snake venoms, but luckily it was not infused with the tooth, otherwise, he wouldn’t have held out this long , he would have died before that.”

I asked happily, “So that means there is still hope?”

Gin nodded, “Watch him closely, use your chi to guard his heart.” I hurriedly took out a turquoise gem and pressed it on the location of its heart, continuously forcing out Mad God chi to completely protect Black Dragon’s chest area.

After several hops, Silvin jumped to the snakemen they killed before. No one knew what they were doing.

After a while, Silvin came back holding something dripping with blood in their hands, it was a bead of dark green color about the size of an egg, it was covered in fresh blood.

I frowned and asked, “What’s that?”

Gin said proudly, “You don’t know right? Let me tell you, this is the gallbladder of the snakeman who scratched your horse, only this thing can dissolve the venom in Black Dragon’s body. The most dangerous thing about these high level snakemen is that every one of them has different venoms, only with their gallbladder can one dissolve their venom. The one which scratched Black Dragon was perhaps the leader of these snakemen, if he had bitten us, then I am afraid that even we would die. Quick, let Black Dragon eat this, I guarantee that he will be well again.”

After hearing that this could heal Black Dragon, I quickly snatched away the gallbladder and threw it into Black Dragon’s mouth. I made him swallow it with the help of my chi. After that I continuously used my chi to hasten the medical effect.

Indeed, just like what Silvin had said, black fluid kept flowing out of Black dragon’s wound, it had an extremely nasty smell. Fortunately, my skills were relatively good, it was not difficult at all to hold my breath for a long period of time.

Everyone else had long fled and hid far away, Silvin led Wolf towards the corpses. He only left a few words: Tidying the battlefield.

When the blood that gradually flowed out from Black Dragon’s hip was red again, I sighed in relief. I slowly withdrew my chi and sealed the blood vessels on his hip, I wrapped it well with the wound medicine. After wiping my sweat, I plopped to the ground.

Black Dragon’s pupils were contracting again, even though he looked weak, I knew that his life was no longer in danger. I patted it’s big head, “Brother, don’t let anything happen to you. You are my dearest comrade-in-arms, don’t forget that you are going to accompany me for the rest of your life.” After hearing what I said Black Dragon neighed a few times in a low voice, as if to comfort me.

Just at that moment, Silvin came running excitedly, my escorts followed him in high spirits as well. There were a great number of bloody things in Silvin’s hand, Silvy said to me cheerfully, “Layson, quickly choose one. They are still fresh!”

I looked at them suspiciously, “Silvin, You couldn’t have torn the gallbladders from every snakemen, did you?”

Silvin looked around alertly, Gin said, “Not so loud, if the snakemen heard this, the entire tribe would fight us with their lives on the line. These things are great tonics, it would be a waste not to eat it.”

I said angrily, “We are all beastmen, even though we aren’t on friendly terms, as if killing them isn’t atrocious enough, why are we even defiling their corpses? What did you promise me when we were leaving?”

Gin said while he felt being wronged,“They are dead anyway, it would be a waste to let them rot.” Silvy added, “We were nice enough to share it with you, what is with your attitude? If you don’t want to eat it, then we will eat it.” Speaking, she threw a snake gall into her mouth.

I sighed, “Our goal is to unite the Beastmen, we need to be examples of good beastmen. Things like eating parts of other tribes, what is the difference to being a bandit? If others knew about it, what would they think of the Beast God religion? Do you think that sacrificing the greater cause for one’s selfish desire is desirable? If you are going to act like a bandit you might as well go back now.”

Facing these two tyrannical guys, I had no way to force them comply with violence, so I could only use their emotions.

Gin said, “Sorry, we won’t do it again, shall we throw it away?” I glared at him unhappily, and similarly, I looked at the surrounding alertly then I said in a low voice, “Just this once! Hurry, distribute them to everyone, then we will leave at once.”

Gin immediately exulted, he chose the biggest snake gall for me, then he ate two himself, gave one to silvy, then they distributed the rest to my underlings.

I looked at the bright sparkling and crystal clear snake gall, and was about to eat it as Gin’s voice suddenly transmitted to me, “Don’t bite on it no matter what, you need to swallow it in whole.” Finished speaking, he even raised his cloak over his head a little and gave me an evil look, because he was facing me, my escorts didn’t see his expression.

At first I was startled, and I swallowed the snake gall according to what he said. A refreshing feeling ran down my throat. When it arrived at my stomach, it turned into a warm current and slowly congested my whole body. My entire body felt refreshed, it was comfortably warm. The chi that I just spent to heal Black Dragon was completely replenished.

“Too bitter, unpalatable!” Mink voice suddenly came to me.

I turned my head and looked in his direction. I discovered that, with a disgusted face, all my escorts wanted to spit out what they just ate. I hurriedly shouted, “You are not allowed to spit it out, it is good for your body.”

Silvin looked at their suffering faces and started laughing loudly. I quickly stopped him and said in a low voice, “Do you want them to find out about your identity? Make it softer. And about the snake gallbladder, why is it bitter for them?”

Silvin suppressed its laughter with great effort, Silvy said, “You don’t know? No matter whose gallbladder it is, it will be extremely bitter. Especially the snake gall. You swallowed in whole so nothing happened! Look at them, everyone has a mouthful of bile, how could they stand it? AHAHA, It’s so funny I might die. I will go away for a while to let out my laughter, we’ll be back soon.”

With that, Silvin carried Black dragon and ran to the hillside, faint laughter could still be heard. Actually my worry was unnecessary, Mink and the rest were constantly trying to resist the bitter juice in their mouths. Who would have had the frame of mind to distinguish whether it was one laughter or two laughters?

After a good while, the bitter taste in everyone’s mouth slowly vanished, I called Mink over and asked, “Didn’t I order you not to fight recklessly ? Why did you start a fight with the snakemen nevertheless?”

Mink showed a bitter expression, “Young master, it’s not that I wanted to fight, it’s them who came to provoke us. Originally we lived peacefully for these few months. I would use the money I had to buy food from the snakemen. But a few days ago, a group of snakes suddenly appeared. They insisted to take Black Dragon with them, saying something about feeding it to the Nine headed saint as dessert. Of course I didn’t allow it. I only said a few sentences of words and it angered them. You also know, once the snakemen fight they would fight you to death. In order to save my tiny life, I had no choice but to kill a few of them and flee with Black Dragon. I don’t know how they found us, but early in the morning this group of high level snakemen surrounded us and started to fight me. In order not to let them touch us, I wielded both my axes trying not to miss a single one of them as best I could. If you hadn’t arrived, I am afraid that Mink would have turned into a meal for the snakes.”

He didn’t do anything wrong, so I patted his shoulder, “Are you hurt anywhere?”

Mink was a bit overwhelmed by my concern, “No, No, I am just a little tired, but I ate two snake galls just now. Even though they tasted terrible, it seems that I have my strength back.”

I smiled and said, “I taught Wolf some skills, when you have some free time, let him teach you. Bring everyone with you and clear away the battlefield, you must make it clean, no evidence must be left, understand?”

When Mink heard that he could learn new skills, he was so excited he jumped while saying that he understood, then he ran towards Wolf.

Seeing his gambol and excitement, I couldn’t help but shake my head. Going over to the hillside, I saw that Silvin was touching Black Dragon here and there, it seemed that he was curious. Black Dragon had no strength to resist, so it had no choice but to let him do what he wanted.

“What are you doing?” I asked them while walking over.

Gin looked up and said, “Your horse is quite robust, we are examining it for you.”

I pulled them to their feet, “Save that for yourself, there is nothing on Black Dragon that is worth eating.” I squated down to examine Black Dragon’s body, apart from being still a bit weak, everything was normal.

Silvy said, “We are only curious, do you have to act like you’re guarding against a thief? Where are we going next?”

I stood up, “Black Dragon is my friend, I just hope that you don’t harm him. Next? I want to travel around the Yuna territory and eliminate the bandits of the few surrounding territories. We could then make the inhabitants of the Yuna territory to teach the surrounding population how to farm and provide them with seeds. This way, Yuna would be the center of the development. What do you think?”

Gin nodded in agreement, “This is a good idea, let us do it. However, I suggest we should take care of this Sasi territory first, the existence of the snakemen will surely hinder the future development. Their venom is too frightening after all.” I asked curiously, “What are you implying?”

After thinking for a short time Gin said, “There are only two solutions, the first is to eliminate them all, the other is to subdue them completely.”

I shook my head, “Kill them all? Are you planning to commit genocide? This is not possible. There are more than ten million snakemen in the Sasi territory alone. Who knows how many are in the whole Beastmen country, how do you plan to kill them all? Even if we use the beastman military, then there will be widespread indignation and discontent within the tribes. The other tribes will fear their own extermination, and that wouldn’t be good. Subduing? Is that even possible? The snakemen are very valiant, do you think they will listen to us willingly?”

Gin snickered, “There is a way, but are you brave enough for it?”

I groaned and replied, “You don’t need to provoke me, just say it.”

Gin said in a low voice, “How did you take care of Yuna? Just use the same method against them! You have to know that the nine headed worm of Sasi has the same position that we had in Yuna.”

I said shocked, “Wasn’t that nine headed worm raised by the tribe chief? How could it have the same position as you?”

Silvy laughed with disdain, “Where did you get that information? Those are just lies that hide the truth of the situation from outsiders. In reality, that nine headed worm has an even higher position than we had in Yuna. No snakeman would dare to resist if you subdue him. Naturally, the entirety of Sasi would naturally come under your control.”

I looked at them vigilantly and said, “Do you hold a grudge against that nine headed worm? Why?

Silvin laughed awkwardly, Gin said, “We have just that, a little grudge. You are going to take care of that worm anyway, you may as well take revenge for us. And If you are going to avenge its misdeeds for us, the earlier the better. If we combine our strength, taking care of it is absolutely no problem.”

“How can I make it listen to me? Is it as playful as you guys? If I just kill it then Sasi will not be subdued, rather, it would be the exact opposite.”

Silvy said, “It is also very curious about the world, but that guy is very lazy, and it loves food too, that is why it stayed in the snakemen tribe all this time. But it will not help the snakemen develop. How is it as impartial and selfless as us? To tell the truth, it is the same as us, a creature from ancient myths. We have fought once, but the result was almost a draw, only we were occasionally at just a bit of a disadvantage.”

Hearing what Silvy said, I knew that they couldn’t beat the Nileanian Worm, otherwise, judging from their temperament they would have long taken care of it already. I frowned and said, “What do you want me to feed it with? Myself? I can’t feed it a fresh Beastman everyday, can I?”

Silvin leaned towards me. Gin said, “If I didn’t guess wrong, you have some minerals on you that have abundant energy. Those things have no use for us, but they could have a great impact for that nine headed worm. It needs great amount of energy everyday, that’s why it keeps eating all day. If we simply take any of those things and feed one to it, it will be enough for it to survive for a whole year. Do you still fear it won’t submit to you when you have this?”

I backed off a few steps, “So you have your eyes on my things. Is the Nileanian Worm really so easy to deal with as you make it out to be? And how did you know I have precious minerals with me?”Why do I have the feeling of being fooled?

Silvin quickly nodded, Silvy said, “Be at ease, it is no match for our combined power, we only beat and subdue it, then lure it with the offer and it will…… As for those minerals, they are emitting a certain amount of energy. With our sensitive senses, of course we would know.”

I had no choice but to admit that their suggestion was very tempting. If I could receive the support of the Sasi territory, then my goal of uniting the Beastmen would be much much easier.

Thinking like that, I said in a deep voice, “Do not fool me, or else you will regret it. Without my guide, you have absolutely no chance of entering the Dragon Empire with your appearance.”

Gin said quickly, “Of course, of course, You are our bread and butter, why would we fool you? I can’t hold my anger whenever I think of that arrogant look of that nine headed worm. If you can subdue that thing then let us act mighty one round, and we will be satisfied.” I could feel that even though the Wolf God would often do some weird things, their nature wasn’t bad.

I nodded, “Then let’s set off now, we are going to where that Lernaean Worm is. You should know the way like the back of your hand, right?”

Gin nodded and replied, “We will lead the way. Oh right, your escorts can not come with us, the more people the more troublesome it is.”

“I know so I will let them wait here. How long do you think it will take until we’re back again?”

Silvin thought about it, then Silvy said, “If everything goes smoothly, it’ll be more or less two days.”


“Wolf, Mink, I will leave the things here to you guys, I will be back very soon. If the snakemen come to harass you again, you will flee to the Yuna’s boundary, try not to confront them as much as possible.”

Silvy threw a piece of token to me, “Give that to your underlings, with that, nobody in Yuna will cause them trouble.”

I lowered my head and looked, it was a Dark Iron token, it was a hexagon, the back of it was fully carved with the wolf tribe characters, on the front were two embed wolf heads which greatly resemble Silvin, the four eyes of the wolf heads were made of gems.

In the Beastmen country where minerals are rare, this piece of token could be considered a treasure. I casually threw this to Wolf and said, “Keep it well. Don’t take it out unless it is absolutely necessary.”

“Yes Young Master. Are we really not allowed to accompany you?”

I nodded and answered, “You guys will wait here. if I can’t do it, then there is no use for you to come along. Don’t worry, after all we have been through so many things, nothing will happen to me. Right, Mink, use a carrier pigeon to report home, say that the whole Yuna is recovered with success, ask them to send someone to aid Yuna and the surrounding territories in their development and production. But do not let them send one of the twelve Beast God Oracles, I already chose the Beast God oracle for Yuna. At the same time, you can also ask how it is going on their side. Wait for me to report when I return. If this journey is successful, we will first go home for a while, the expansion is too quick after all. I need to go back and discuss a follow up plan with the pope.”

Hearing that we are going to go home, Mink wasn’t as glad as I had predicted, “Yes, young master, I will do it immediately.”

“What’s the matter? You don’t want to go back?”

Mink shook his head and replied, “During the days of following you, you have taught me what real life looks like. But it’s not just me, it’s the same for all the brothers. They aren’t willing to go home either.”

I slightly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, even though we are going back we are not going to stay long, we still have a lot of things to do right? Alright, I will be leaving now. Please take good care of Black Dragon, he is still very weak. I think he will be alright after two days.” I put on my lion man mask, and pulled Silvin as we dashed towards the direction of Sasi.

On the way I asked Silvin, “How are the skills of the nine headed worm?”

Gin said, “They are passable, he is about the same level as us, but that guy uses odd tricks all the time, which are rather troublesome.”

I secretly laughed, Silvin was so stubborn, he couldn’t beat that guy, but was still reluctant to admit it. I said “It has nine heads, it doesn’t have nine brains like you, does it? If every head has an opinion, it would be so annoying I may just die.”

Gin shook his head and said, “Well that’s not the case. That guy has only one brain. His main head can control the other 8 heads. His main brain can be moved from one Head to another. Normally you can’t find out which one is currently in charge of thinking, so you can’t deal any fundamental damage to him. The five heads in the middle are the most dangerous ones, each one of them can use four different magics and venom attacks. The surrounding four heads use physical attacks. You will understand when you see him.”

I couldn’t help but grumble secretly, if all nine heads can attack, am I supposed to fight it? Silvin has only had two heads and I was already battered and exhausted. “Then how can it be beaten?” I asked with a little foreboding.

Silvy replied,” We can only use pure strength to suppress it. According to our estimation, we will need to turn into our original form and you will have to use that fallen angel transformation. We should be fine then, but if it is really no good, then you can turn into that red one once again.”

She made it out to be so easy to turn into the Crimson Angel? Looks like my analysis was right. There is indeed still a certain gap between Silvin and the nine headed worm.

“How are your injuries?” I asked

Gin answered, “After eating a few snake galls, they are almost completely healed, when the time comes to fight, if you go all-out, there shouldn’t be any problems dealing with that guy.”

After seeing the comparable splendor of Yuna, seeing the poor state of Sasi made me unable to adapt. After half a day of a fast paced journey, we arrived at a small village in Sasi. It was barren, there was barely any Farmland to speak of. It was surrounded by wildlands which were plagued by the rough autumn winds. It was utterly desolate.

The snakemen there were the lowliest of commoners, none of them were of high level either. Nobody was surprised by seeing us arrive. When you had money and had not disturbed them, they wouldn’t bother you.

We found a restaurant in the village, so Silvin and I went inside. The restaurant was very quiet, there wasn’t a single customer. Gin yelled, “Anyone here?”

A young snakeman walked out from the door near the front desk, his clothes were very dirty, there was grease and dirt everywhere, a greyish yellow towel was placed on his shoulder, with a tired expression he walked towards us and mumbled with dissatisfaction, “Why the hell are you yelling?” I felt annoyed and disgusted right after I saw his face, my whole body emitted a cold and supressing atmosphere spontaneously.

Gin patted me and said, “Chill, you can already be considered a medium expert, why are you still so easily agitated?”

I controlled my anger and snorted. Probably due to being intimidated by my imposing manner, that waiter became politer, he took a glance at me and asked, “What would you like to order?”

Silvin rushed to say, “Give us one serving of every dish on the menu.” The eyes of the waiter immediately brightened, he knew that big fish have arrived. He immediately became more attentive and used the towel on his shoulder to wipe the table for us. He greeted, “Please take a seat first, I’ll prepare the dishes immediately.” Finished speaking, he turned and ran to the kitchen.

I said while glaring at Silvin, “There isn’t just this one guy here, is there?” Gin mockingly replied, “Yeah, it’s just him, he is his own boss, cook and waiter, three in one. …cheapskate! When we came to Sasi last time, we came to eat here once, it was quite good! You’ll know when you taste it.”

I wasn’t convinced but decided to wait for the snakeman’s ‘gourmet food’ I was promised by Silvin. Right at this moment, seven, no eight beastmen entered. Three leopardmen, two bearmen, and three foxmen; although their clothes weren’t exactly gorgeous, they were clean and tidy. They found themselves a table and sat down while minding their own business. Looking at their demeanor, they had some skills, but they didn’t look like bandits either.


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