Mad God - Volume 6 - Chapter 2

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I found Panzen and the others in a luxurious inn. Originally they didn’t want to enter the palace but, because of being laboriously persuaded by me and Mink, and after tempting Silvin with the culinary delicacy of the palace, they all finally relented and came along to the place where my mother lived .

At first,I was going to explain it to the guards of the palace, but they didn’t even try to stop me and allowed the 20 of us to go through the inspection station.

Holding the hand of my mother, I introduced her to them, “Elder brothers, this is my mother.” Mother smiled at everyone and said, “Hello everyone, there’s no need for formalities here, make yourself feel at home.”

Panzen scratched his head, and said while looking at my human mother, “Fourth brother, how should we address your mother?” I laughed, “According to the human rule, you should call her aunty”

“Oh” said Panzen, “ Hello, aunty.” Mother smiled kindly, “Hello, you are eldest brother of my son right?”

Panzen nodded as he lifted the cloak and exposed his 9 snake heads. “Yes, did Layson tell you that I am a Lernean Hydra? I hope I didn’t scare you.”

Mother shook her head, “It did not scare me. Come everyone, come in and sit. I prepared for you all something to eat.” Hearing that there was something to eat Silvin showed an initiative and rushed over. Gin called out. “Hello aunty, I am Gin”

“Hello aunty, I am Silvy. You are really pretty.”

I quickly added, “Mother, this is my second sister and second brother.”

“Wow! Your fur is very pretty too.” Mother sighed with heartfelt admiration

Gin was a bit embarrassed. “Aunty, those…. of yours…..” I laughed. “I think they are in that room, you can go there now. Mother, my second brother and second sister do not have any other hobbies, the only things they are interested in are food and new, odd things.”

Silvy said angrily, “Fourth brother! What are you saying, we are the great…..” I continued, “Right, right, right, they also have the name Wolf God, the werewolves all listen to them. First brother is the spiritual leader of the Naga tribe, all of the Nagas have high esteems for him. Second sister, second brother, are you still not going in? First brother and third brother have already gone inside. The food that my mother has prepared is the gourmet dishes of the humans. Even I haven’t tasted them yet, if you don’t go, then I will.” While saying that, I quickly rushed into the room.

Wow! On the table were all sorts of pastries. I didn’t bother to speak any longer and joined Panzen and Mink’s raiding team. Silvin also rushed in, and without further ado. started to stuff those pastries into their mouths.

Mother stood shocked at the entrance, looking at us who looked like a group of hungry ghosts. She turned around and said to the group of Naga which followed Panzen here, “You guys should go and eat some as well.”

The Naga guards’ captain gulped down his saliva, and said respectfully, “Ah! There is no need, we are not hungry.” To dare to fight for food from this group of bosses, were they looking to die? Even if it were delicacies, they would still not dare to go for it.

In no time,the food on the table was cleared out. Because I’ve eaten human food before, other than feeling my Mother’s love, this time around I didn’t feel anything else. But for the rest of them, it was different.

Panzen and Silvin ran to Mother affectionately, each of them pulling one of mother’s arm, showing an almost slobbery expression, Panzen said, “Aunty, Aunty, do you still have more? It was just too delicious.”

Silvy said, “Yes, yes very delicious, I have never had something this delicious.”

I ran to them, “Now you know how delicious the human foods are. Second brother, now you know why I didn’t eat the food in Sasi last time! Both of you are older than my mother, don’t pretend to be so innocent.”

Gin nodded, “We are just making Aunty happy, no matter how old we are there is always a generation role, the garbage foods of Sasi compared to Auntie’s cooking is just simply trash, Aunty is there more? I still want to eat.”

Mother shook her head, “The time was too scarce I could only make these and I never thought that you guys would have such a great appetite. I will make more for you right now, the ingredients are there.”

I quickly stopped my mother. “Mother, no need, you guys mustn’t exhaust my mother just because you want to eat.”

Panzen said, “Aunty, we will be your helpers, with this you will not be as tired, how about it?”

“First brother, stop insisting, I still have things to discuss with you. Come, let’s go in the room.”

Panzen mumbled to himself. “What can be more important than food?” Even though he was saying that, he was already assisting my mother in. They were simply like kids who were even more filial than me, Panzen and Silvin sat down on either side of mother, I frowned, “Hey, you guys didn’t come here to steal my mother, right?”

Silvy grinned, “Of course we will, if we had such a good mother how great would that be!”

Mother benevolently patted Silvy’s big head. “When the time comes I will teach you how to cook, then you can cook for yourself in the future, isn’t that even better?”

Silvy exulted, “Of course, of course!” There really wasn’t a way of dealing with them so I sternly said, “I really have something urgent to discuss with you, the beast emperor wants to see you guys.”

Silvy casually said. “I don’t wanna, why does he even want to see us?”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry said, “2nd sister, he is the emperor of the beastmen after all. I need you guys to convince him to send troops against the Demon clan, how can it be done if you don’t go and meet him?”

Silvy said, “What is there we cannot do? We will not bow and bend our knees before him and be his servants!” Panzen nodded in agreement, “4th brother, you will be our representative. We will not salute to a lowly beastman like him, but also we don’t want to make any trouble for you, so it is the best not to go.”

What they said was indeed reasonable, after thinking about it I said, “The beast emperor is a wise and farsighted monarch, he should not care much about those common greetings, please go with me tomorrow and see him, I promise you that you don’t need to salute him. Is that ok? You guys only need to tell him clearly, that you two leaders will fully support the development of the beastmen and his surprise attack against the Demon clan.” Gin said, “4th brother, you have to keep what you promised.”

I nodded, “Of course, if I cannot do it, then as punishment I will not eat the food made by mother for the rest of my life.” Silvin and Panzen nodded pleased, for there is nothing more important than the food made by my mother in their heart. I turned my head and saw that the sky had already darkened, then I said, “You rest here, I still have something to do.” Mother asked, “Ah Xiang, where are you going?”

I sighed and said, “The Beast Emperor told me to make a visit home, I must convince Leo to support me on this march against the demon clan, Mother don’t blame me.”

Mother frowned a little, “Go, but be careful.”

“Be at ease, I will, you also said that with the Beast Emperor as back up Leo, would not dare to do anything to me.”

Gin yelled, “See the Beamon King? I want to go too! I want to go too!”

“What are you going to do if you went? Are you going to look for trouble again? I won’t help you. This time I’m going there for an important affair, I’m not going there to play.” Gin said, “Who said that I’m going to look for trouble? I only want to take a look, that is all.”

This guy is truly a headache they have already troubled my father in the past, if they go now, will they not start fighting again?

Just when I was troubled to answer, my mother jumped in, “Silvy, how about Aunty teaches you how to cook? The pastries you ate just now were only common ones, tonight Aunty will make you something even better.”

Silvy was delighted. “Sure, sure! when will we start?”

Mother smiled, “Right now of course, cooking requires a lot of preparation, if something is missing, the taste won’t be as appetizing.” Under the benevolent words of my mother Silvy dragged the unwilling Gin into the kitchen.
Tln: luckily they only have one body Layson.

I sighed, relieved, and urged Mink to watch over them closely, and then I sneaked out of the palace.

I passed through the streets and alleys arriving at the Beamon mansion, the mansion was still majestic and towering like in the past, I took in a deep breath, I did not enter through the main door; lightly jumping, I leaped over the outer wall and entered the mansion grounds. My father should be in at this time. I scanned my surroundings. It was very quiet within the mansion, there was only a few servants who walked hurriedly past, nobody would notice me.

After all this is the place where I have lived for dozen of years; with routine and ease I arrive at the bedroom of my father. It was evening now, the light of father’s lofty room was lit, he should be in.

I calmed my emotions walking two steps forward and knocked on the door twice.

“Who?” The heavy and stagnant voice of father could be heard.

“Father, it’s me” My voice was a little excited. A huge shadow was cast on the door by the shining light, the door opened, and Father’s familiar lofty body appeared in front of me.

After only not seeing him for a few month I noticed that my father’s temples were greying, the gaze he bestowed upon me with was a bit conflicted, there was appreciation, happiness and also anger.

He reached out with one of his hands, grabbed my shoulder and said, “Come in.”

I could see, that the loss of the war dealt a serious blow to my father. Father’s hand was still ever so steady and powerful, making me feel as if there was no power that could stand against him.

After entering the room, father casually waved his hand, a gust of wind closed the door. He let go of the hand that held me, walking alone behind the desk and sat down. Then he raised his head and looked at me carefully, as if we have never met before, “Take a seat” , I nodded, taking a chair and sat diagonally opposing father, my side facing him.

“Did you not go to perform a mission for his Majesty? Why are you back?”

I was still reserved in front of father, and said respectfully, “Father, I came back this time because I had urgent things to report to his majesty.”

Father took the big water cup from the table and took a sip, “What, you can’t even take care of a few bandits?”

I was not surprised that father knew about my mission, there were no secret between father and the emperor, without the help of my father, the Beast emperor would not be where he was now, he absolutely would not keep anything secret from my father.

I shook my head, “The few bandits couldn’t bother me, I have already subdued the Yuna province and the Sasi province, I have also killed lots of bandits, but right after I subdued the Sasi Province, my men were attacked by the Fallen Angels.”

Two radiant light shot out from my father’s eyes, I could feel a great pressure surrounding me making it difficult for me to breath, I couldn’t help but shudder, father asked me in a deep voice, “How could there be Fallen Angels in our territory? What were they doing here?”

With a bitter voice,I said, “They were here to destroy our plan of uniting the beastmen, five Fallen Angels killed 19 of my subordinates, before I could hurry back one escaped to the Demon territory, the rest were annihilated by me, I will take this revenge, that is why I came back to ask his majesty to send troops to invade the Demon clan.”

Father sprung up to his feet, “What did you say? You killed four Fallen Angels?”

I shook my head, “I killed one, the other one was killed by my sworn brothers, one self destructed, the other died in the explosion of his companion.”

“Where did you get those sworn brothers? What sort of people are they?”

“Oh, I have sworn brotherhood with three beastmen, one is of the naga tribe one is from the werewolf tribe, and the last one the is sole survivor of my guards.” Father snorted, “Stop fooling around, with the blood of our noble Beamon tribe, how could you be sworn brothers with those low lifes?” I was surprised, “Isn’t his majesty only a lionman?”

Father dryly coughed but didn’t answer the question, “You said that you killed a Fallen Angel, then your skills must have improved a lot.” While saying that he walked in front of me, I also stood up quickly.

“Follow me.” Father turned around, opened the door and walked out. I quickly followed, father did the same as me when I entered the mansion and didn’t use the front door, but jumped out of the mansion with me.

The day was already slowly darkening, the curtain of the night was slowly closing, what was the intention of father for calling me out here? From what he said, I think he wants to test my skills.

Father lead me to the place where we fought last time, he then stopped, “Let me test how much you have improved!” right after that, he attacked me with his fist.

I was complaining in my heart, I couldn’t turn into a fallen angel fighting against father, even if I turned into the Crimson Angel I’m still definitely no match for him, let alone when I couldn’t even transform? In order to last a little longer, I strived to remember the time when I was about to die, remembering all this, I was extremely excited to be able to go berserk.

While regulating my mind and circulating mad god chi and dark magic, my body emitted a faint yellow light, I know what sort of fight my father likes, taking a big leap, with a roar, and imbuing the Mad God chi into my fist, I charged at him with the intention of using heavenly berserk mode.

Highly concentrated Mad God chi condensed around my fist, in an instant yellow light flourished greatly.

A light flashed in my father’s eyes, the fist he was raising was surrounded with a white light.

“Boom!” Two fist crashed and a gust of wind blew towards the sky, the grass in the surroundings was flattened by the strong chi; the surrounding grass gave out a series of fluttering sounds.

I was pushed back several steps before finally steadying myself, my right hand felt numb. What great strength.

Father obviously didn’t use full strength, he snorted, “Let me tell you, this was not even 20% of my full strength with your strength now there is no way you could have killed a Fallen Angel, go all out or do you not want to avenge your grandmother?”

I was too busy to wonder how father knew about the hatred in my heart, his words had ignited the wrath in my heart, what made me surprised was that even though I was this angry, I still couldn’t go berserk.

Threads of blood showed in my eyes and with a violent roar I jumped up “Violent dance of the mad dragon!” Transforming into a yellow dragon I rushed towards father with full force.

Father didn’t dodge, extending one hand he traced a half arc in the air,a white ball of light appeared before him, I headed to it like a moth towards flame, and entered the light ball without thinking.

The tremendous power exploded, making a crater whose diameter was nearly three meter, I was once again blown backwards, But I noticed that strength father used was just right, Not harming me, yet able to push me back, without the slightest hesitation I used the fourth skill of the mad god art.

“Hundred splits of the mad shadow.” With a roar, I could feel that as if the cells in my whole body ignited pushing it’s speed to the utter limit, endless yellow shadows of mine rushed towards father.

For the first time a solemn expression showed on my father’s face, he took a half step forward, lowered his body a little, he raised both of his hands slowly up in front of his chest crossed, slowly parted his hands, then slowly turned the hollow of his hands to the side, turning downwards, when both of his hands reached the side of his body, his palm was already turned in my direction,

I had already exhausted all my strength and used the attack of the Hundred Splits of Mad Shadow technique, yet it was as if there was an invisible wall in front of father. It caused every shadow of mine that hit to vanish into a speck of light. The powerful blasts caused halos of light to appear one by one in front of father.

All along, father maintained the posture of having both his palms facing forward , the white color armor of the skill “Amour of Heaven Thunders” chi that I usually saw he cast did not appear, but an invisible power seemed to fill the gap between the land and sky.

I was like a dragonfly that tries to shake the stone tower tirelessly, yet not a single attack could affect father.

Father suddenly exhaled loudly, pushing his palms forward,“Open.” The rest of my shadows completely shattered as layer upon layer of an invisible power lashed heavily upon my body. I was knocked up into the air and propelled far away, finally slamming heavily onto the ground, the inertia of the fall caused a long ditch to be formed by my body on the ground.

Under the Moonlight, my entire body felt as if it was split into two with pain, the Mad God chi seemed to have been scattered loose by father, leaving me feeling indescribable pain, the power of Dark Magic rapidly circulated unceasingly recovering my physical power.

The moonlight was suddenly obstructed, and father’s body appeared right in front of me.

I struggled to get up and look at him.

“Why did you not go berserk?” Father asked frowning, “If you have gone berserk then even I couldn’t take on your attack that easily.”

I stood up shakily and smiled bitterly, “I too wanted to go berserk, but I don’t know why, after the fight with the Fallen Angels, I can feel some weird energy in me, whenever I reach the edge of being able to go berserk, that energy would appear and stop me.”

Father lifted his hand laying it upon my shoulder, a gust of pure and rich chi entered my body, I was greatly alarmed quickly using my will to control my dark magic for it to avoid my father’s chi. Completely compressing them back the acupuncture point of my brows.

Fortunately, from the way father thinks the energy of warriors like us were all in the Dantian. The energy he sent out went straight towards it, under the assistance of his energy, my dispersed berserk chi gathered again. After checking me for a while, father slowly retrieved his chi, a look of puzzlement on his face, “Your chi is full of hegemonie, there was also energy of the Armor of Heaven Thunders, did you learn another martial technique?”

I nodded, “Yes, I learned another type of chi, which i got from the Sky City academy in the Dragon empire, it is called Mad God chi, it is said that only those who can go berserk could learn this, which was why I learnt it, I feel It’s strength is quite formidable.”

Father nodded, “These are nothing to worry, but in your chi there is a trace of deathly aura, maybe this is why you can’t go berserk, did you meet a Necromancer?”

I looked at my father surprised, “Necromancer? What is that?”

Father sighed, “A necromancer is a very powerful existence, you could say they are a branch of magicians.”

I asked doubtfully, “Are they black magicians?”

Father shook his head, “No, black magicians mainly practice black magic but a necromancer practices necromantic magic otherwise called necromantic witchcraft, both of them belong as a branch of black magic, but they are essentially different. If compared, then a necromancer is much more terrifying.

Fear flashed in father’s eyes, clearly a necromancer once brought him an unforgettable memory, “There exists a necromancer on the continent? How come I never heard of them and why haven’t I ever met one either.”

“Necromancers are rarely seen nowadays. In my younger years, together with your grandfather I once met an advanced necromantic mage who at that point the hadn’t reached the level of a necromancer, at that time your grandfather’s skill was already at the pinable of the beastmen, however at the end even though your grandfather had killed the necromantic mage, he still suffered his curse, this was the real reason your grandfather perished so young, you’re the first person to know this secret besides me and without my permission you are forbidden from telling this to anyone else.”

“Ah! Is necromancer that terrifying? Grandfather at that time compared to you now who is more powerful?” Father looked at me, and said seriously, “I am afraid that your grandfather would be a bit more powerful, His Heavenly Thunder Armor, already exceeded the highest tier, arriving at the Heaven realm of the ancient beast god. ”

Surprised,I asked , “Heaven realm? I heard this from my sworn elder brother, Panzen first brother, he is about to reach the Zenith realm. Isn’t this a term only used by the ancient tribes?”

Father said surprised, “Isn’t your elder brother a naga? I never heard of such a powerful naga who could achieve that tier.”

He will know it sooner or later anyway, also I had nothing to hide, that is why I gave him a brief report how I suppressed the bandits. A faint smile showed on father’s face, “So that cunning assassin was a Twin-Headed Wolf of the werewolves? Wait till I see him again, hmph!”

I was worried about what should I do if Silvin and my father started fighting, which side should I help? I quickly tried to change the topic, “Why did you use Heaven realm to describe your own tier?”

Father said proudly, “Actually, we Beamon are also an ancient tribe, also we are the most numerous tribe among the ancient tribes, you can ask your two brothers if they know about our tribe- Ancient Titans. We Ancient Titans were only second to the Dragon tribe in the ancient times, having the innate talent to train to the Luminous realm ”

“How many dragons can there be? Just a few? So does that mean, that we Beamons were the strongest tribe in the ancient times?”

Father sighed again, “You are wrong, even though we have a great innate talent, but the beamon tribe has a fatal flaw, because of this flaw we couldn’t be compared to the dragon tribe. You should also know that we Beamon can’t live longer than 150 years. No matter how high we can reach, it is not possible. Only if we have the opportunity to be able to breakthrough to the Ash realm, otherwise a 150 years later death will come. In fact, as far as I know,in our Beamon tribe, very few can live for more than 100 years. And those other races, they have several hundreds, even thousands of years of lifespan,then, about the Dragon tribe, it need not even be mentioned. Ai, do you know why I don’t like you? It’s just because you are not a purebred Beamon, because I too am not due to your grandma who is from the Demon race which you know, and because of this it is possible that I am forever incapable of entering the Luminous realm -threshold. Therefore, I hated your grandma and this is the reason why I never paid any attention to her. However, I never thought of murdering her, that was just a………. ” Intense anger along with an intent to kill arose within me if he was able to treat grandma a bit better, would his men have dared to kill her? However, at present I still cannot flare-up because I still cannot contend against father’s power. I strongly controlled my anger and asked, ” Then what realm has your arts reached?”

“I just entered the threshold of Heaven realm. Layson you must know with each higher tier the change will be greater, but even with my level, I still absolutely will not provoke those necromancers, The result of the examination I made just now are alike the conditions of your grandfather at that time, only yours is a bit lighter. Did you really not meet a necromancer?”

I thought a while, “Ah! The self exploded Fallen Angel I just told you about, he had used a taboo technique, it was a great amount of death energy, only it was weakened a lot by the few of us working together, else it would have killed me.”

Father frowned, “Taboo technique, such a skill really exist? Oh right, the necromancer murmured an incantation before my father could kill him, but it didn’t succeed in self explosion, maybe he wanted to use that magic too. Layson listen, the death aura in your body only stops you from going berserk and there is still no other effect, but you need to find a way to get rid of it quickly, else so long as it is in your body it will arouse sooner or later, if that happens then I am afraid…” Unexpectedly father was worried about me, this was something that never happened before, but it didn’t lessen the hatred of mine against him.

However his explanation about the necromancer awakened my interest, I nodded, “Does a necromancer have some special traits? If I met them in the future, what should I do?”

“Necromancer separates into a few different levels, the most basic ones are the necromantic mages but even that, they would have the power above a middle tiered mages, because they were mostly normal human mages before they became necromancers. A level above that are the one called Advanced Necromantic Mages, if using the levels of human magicians to compare them, then they would have the power of the so called Holy Soulmasters, but of course they will be much more terrifying. The last level and of course the most powerful ones, the necromancers, they are probably just a legend because not one has ever appeared before. Necromancers are the real commanders of the undead, the power they possess definitely exceed that of those so called Holy Soulmasters that the humans have. Once they reached that level, that can breakthrough our world and reach the legendary Underworld. I’m afraid even if I reached the Ash realm I will not be their match. Remember this, a necromancer’s attire is normally a black huge cloak with a long long wooden staff, the wooden staffs are their most obvious symbol, and apart from that they look a little similar to a black magician. An advanced necromantic mage wear a huge red cloak with a long wooden staff. According to the legends, the necromancers do not have any forms, they are just mists covered by grey cloaks. With your current ability, the sole option when you meet any necromancer is to run away immediately.

“Are necromancers really that powerful?”

Father nodded seriously, “Yes, they are very powerful, They are experts in curses and the summoning of undeads, which means, if you are fighting against one, if one man on your side dies then they will be added with another man on their side, do you understand? Also the higher leveled the necromancer is, the more original power of the undead can be retained”

Even though my father said it with a very serious expression, but I was still doubtful of it, if I have the chance in the future I will find a necromancer and compete with him. I asked, “Then where are the necromancers on the continent?”

Father shook his head, “I also don’t know, maybe they have already died out. Necromancers have a great merit, that is if you don’t bother them, in normal cases, they will not bother you, this is why they are so obscure and unknown on the continent, normally they are training deep in the mountains, in order to achieve an even higher realm, these necromancers are a bunch of lunatics who worship power. Maybe there are some among the Demon clan. Alright, we have already said too much today, let’s head back.”

After returning to the Beamon king mansion father asked me, “You said that this time you came back because you want his majesty to send troops against the Demon clan, why?”

I said angrily, “Those demon clan bastards now even dared to bully us in our territory, if we don’t show them some strength, they will be even more rampant, that is why we need to retaliate”

Father snorted coldly, “You are too hot-headed, don’t you know how strong the Demon clan is? We just fought a war and exhausted a great deal of men and power, at the same time the demon clan controls our logistical lifeline, I think that his majesty will definitely not allow you to go to war.”

I shoot a glance at father, “No, his Majesty agreed to my suggestion.”

Father suddenly stood up, and roared, “What? Has his Majesty gone insane?”

I lightly smiled, For this visit to father’s today I have the upper hand for the first time, “No, his majesty has not gone insane, with his wisdom, will he do anything that has no advantage? You’re right, we indeed have to take a bit of risk, but high risks result in high paybacks, his majesty promised me to that he will think about it and will answer me in a few days. However, he is still very respecting of your opinion, so didn’t I come to tell you about it?”

Father stared at me, he also knows that the beast emperor wasn’t so impulsive, and he sat down again, “Elaborate in details, what is your plan”

I thought for a moment, and told the strategy which I have already told the beast emperor today to my father, after hearing my strategy, father sank into deep thoughts.

After a long time, he rose his head, “What if the demon emperor didn’t leave it at that, then what should we do? Will we fight with the demon clan using the strength of the entire country and fight them till the end? You should also know that we have a disparity of power between us.”

“I know this, but I already said, the Demon clan is not as stable internally as it seems from the outside, the Demon emperor must also consider this.”

Father nodded.

I stood up and said, “You can think about it, I will return now.”


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