Mad God - Volume 6 - Chapter 3

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Father suddenly asked, “Where is your mother?”

I was shocked, did my father care whether or not my mother lived or died? At the same time, I felt odd that father didn’t know we moved into the palace, it seemed that the Beast Emperor didn’t want unnecessary trouble, so he didn’t tell him.

Recalling my father’s usual style, I said coldly, “Mother is staying in a very safe place that I’ve arranged, I’ve take good care of her so you don’t need to mind.”

Coldness flashed across father’s eyes, “She is my concubine, does she need your care?”

I snorted and glared at father without the slightest weakness I said, “She is also my mother, of course I have the right and the obligation to take care of her.” Father sprung up to his feet, a strong murderous intent was emitted from him.

I was on my toes preparing for his attack, even though I realized how futile that was.

Suddenly, father withdrew his murderous intent and sat down again, he seemed a little dejected and also seemed like he suddenly aged a lot, he waved his hand said, “Leave.” I was unable to react for a moment, and then I replied plainly, “I will take good care of mother.” Finished speaking I turned my head and left.

The second morning I brought along Panzen and Silvin and went straight to the Imperial study. Before that, my mother’s house almost caught fire. Silvy thought she had perfected her cooking skills yesterday, so she woke up very early to test her skills, and the ending result was, she and Gin somehow used who-knew-what-method to cause the kitchen to catch fire, even they almost became a roasted wolf, and even right now, a burnt smell still remained on their body. Arriving at the door, I said with a bright voice, “Layson requests to meet his majesty.”

tln: roasted wolf. lmao
Thana:does it taste good?
Beast Emperor’s voice was delivered from the inside, “Come in.” From his intonation, I could tell that he was in an awful mood, I shot two glances at the two elder brothers and took the lead in.

When the Beast emperor saw Panzen and Silvin, he forced out a slight smile and walked towards us from his seat, “Ah! You are most certainly Layson’s sworn brothers, quickly, come in and have a seat.”

The Beast Emperor’s courtesy have earned Panzen and Silvin’s favorable impression, both of them did not hesitate and found themselves a seat. Before they sat down, they greeted in their own accord, “Panzen (Silvin) greets his majesty.” I asked, “Father emperor, what happened? You seem very unhappy.”

The beast emperor glanced at me and raged, “The Demon Clan are clearly bullying intolerably, when you left yesterday, a few emissaries from the Demon Clan came and demanded for war reparations, that’s ridiculous, we are obviously allies but they……” The Beast Emperor was so angry that he lost his words. I was greatly enraged inside, I said, “Father emperor, it’s about time you made your decision.”

Gin said, “Your majesty, we the Werewolves tribe and the Naga tribe will fully support this attack, all the resources will be provided by our Yuna territory, there will be no need to use a single penny from the state treasury.

Panzen said, “We all trust that Layson will be able to lead us to win this war, your majesty, you should give the young man a chance, and also teach the Demon Clan a lesson, let them know that we are no weaklings.”

The beast emperor took a deep breath and sighed, “Looks like this war is unavoidable.”

“Beamon King Leo requests a meeting with your majesty.” A report came from the outside, father came. Did he come for the attack this time? We were just able to persuade the beast emperor, if he oppose, I’m afraid things will get difficult. After all, father is the true warrior that symbolizes the beastman, his decision will have a great effect towards the beast emperor.

The beast emperor said, “Let him in.”

Father’s lofty figure appeared before us, “I Leo, greets your majesty.” “My worthy brother, you came in the right time, I have matter I cannot decide upon, I’d like to hear your advices.”

Father looked at Panzen and Silvin. Gin and Silvy were raising their head high, making a disdain as beneath contempt expression, whereas Panzen gave a kind smile to my father. “Your majesty, is it for the matter of the Demon Clan? Layson came to me yesterday, he told me about it.” The Beast Emperor nodded and said, “Yes, the Demon Clan sent their emissaries here for war reparations, also they sent Fallen Angels to assassinate the members of the Beast God religion we just established. What do you say we should do? Layson wished to send troops, you?”

It’s here! As expected the Beast Emperor really seeked father’s opinion, if father disapproves like he did yesterday, I’m afraid my proposal will be rejected.

Father took a glance at me and said with a deep voice, “During war, they holed up in the rear, and let our ‘sons’ fight on the front lines. After the war, they lost and came here to demand for money, they are taking us for fools. Your Majesty, I agree on Layson’s standpoint, he told me the entire plan yesterday, I think it’s feasible.”

After hearing my father’s support on sending troops, he was immediately spirited. Father had a high standing among the Beastman, with his support it’ll become easier to deal with anyone that may refuse to comply in the future. The Beast Emperor ground his teeth and made the decision, “Very well, since all of you agree to send the troops, we will do what Layson wished for. Beamon King, Leo take orders.”

Father bowed and said, “Yes sir.”

In the name of the Beast Emperor I order you, lead a thousand men of the Beamon Corps, and ten thousand men of the Wild Lion Corps, Ah yes, since Sir Panzen and Lord Silvin have agreed to send their troops, I will name your troops, Sir Panzen’s troops will be called the Meadow Viper corps, and Lord Silvin’s troops will be called Speed Wolf corps, do you agree?”

“Panzen’s and Silvin’s eyes met, their eyes revealed satisfaction, both stood up while Panzen replied, “We agree.”

“Good, Leo my worthy brother, then I order you to lead one thousand men of the Beamon corps and ten thousand men of Wild Lion corps, five thousand men of the Meadow Viper corps, three thousand men of the Speed Wolf corps, in total, nineteen thousand men for the surprise attack of the Demon Clan’s Dunder province, I assign Layson as the head staff officer, and participate in the command of the army.” Father said in a respectful voice, “Your servant abides your command.”

I also quickly kneeled down following suit in saying, “Your servant son abides your command.”

The Beast emperor walked to me, he helped me to stand up first, then he said to father, “My worthy brother, it’s all up to you this time, even though we don’t have that many men, but they are all the elites of us Beastman. Layson is very intelligent, listen to his advices during the this operation.”

Father nodded, “Be at ease your majesty, we will occupy the whole Dunder province in no time.” The Beast Emperor said, “As for the logistic supply….” while saying that, he looked at Silvin.

Gin said, “Be at ease your majesty, we will take full responsibility for this, I will dispatch army troops to prepare for our logistic supply. Boss, by that time you can appoint some men to protect my supply carriages!”

Panzen laughed and said, “Second brother (penis), so you still need me during the crucial points, hah! Alright, by that time I will let the naga elders know to send you some escorts.”
TL: Here Panzen uses the word Lao-er, instead of Er-ge which Layson usually uses. That is because (instead of Da-ge) Silvin used Lao-da, which means boss and the other meaning Silvin mentioned earlier before. Lao-er can also be understood as penis.

I slightly smiled, “Second brother and second sister, you must order your subordinates to prepare for more supplies. The Demon Clan also has carriages, if we could rob their horses, then there will be no need to push, we can also deliver the supply in a greater pace. Wait until we breach the first city wall, the first thing I will do is to get you more horses.”

Silvy said, “Don’t worry, I’ll ask the men to prepare for it in a while, we can surely make it in time. As for whether we have horses or not, it doesn’t matter. I’ll be in charge of the men for the transport of supplies, they are all good runners and they have good stamina, they are surely no worse than that whatever horse.” The Beast Emperor, “When do you plan to start out?”

I said, “The Meadow Viper corps and the Speed Wolf corps are on their way here, when they arrive two days later, we will depart immediately after one day of rest and reorganization. In these two days we will plan and prepare, as for those Demon emissaries, Father Emperor, you must not show them any dissatisfaction, drag them on in the Imperial city, it won’t be too late to fall out with them after we started out our attack on the Dunder province.”

Due to finally making the decision, the Beast Emperor appeared to be more relaxed, he smiled and said, “I understand this. Well then, the rise or fall of the Beastman country will be depending on the success of your plan. My worthy brother, I hope that you father and son can work well together, and accomplish this operation.

Father had naturally understood the deepest meaning of what the Emperor was implying in the last sentence, “I know what I should do, I will seek the opinions from everyone more often. If there’s no other matter, I shall take my leave now. Layson, the ten thousand men of Wild Lion corps will be handed over to your command, make preparations and arrangements for the campaign as soon as possible, do not disappoint me and his majesty, do you understand?”

“Yes, King Leo. However, I do hope to not see a certain someone during this campaign.”

Father frowned and said, “You are all brothers, how will you wind down after arriving at such a deadlock in the relationship?”

A deadlock? Am I to be blamed? If you could control Layhu earlier, would we have arrived to such a stage? I forcibly suppressed the fury within me, and said plainly, “We can fix the relationship later, the operation this time is very important, I do not wish for any slip-up to happen, and I also do not wish anyone to ruin my work.”

Father groaned and left with a turn. The Beast Emperor smiled at me helplessly, “Your father’s temperament is as such, don’t blame him, but he is a man that can see the whole picture, don’t worry. Child, since I’ve already approved for you to go to war, do it with ease. Even if you really failed, I will not blame you.”

The Beast Emperor’s trust for me did not put my assistance for him in vain, I was a little moved, “Father Emperor, thank you. I will not disappoint you. Also, please prepare the letters for the elders as soon as possible, let them start from the Imperial city, Yuna and Sasi, and slowly develop from the periphery. Sasi is still lacking a little right now, please quickly send more men to assist the development of farming there.”

The Beast Emperor nodded, smiled and said , “I am your largest backer, I will execute these tasks well. Your task is to kill the enemy and to plunder. Sir Panzen, Lord Silvin, do you have any other requests for me?”

Two of them shook their head at the same time. I hurried said, “Father emperor, we shall take our leave now.”

The beast emperor nodded while smiling. After we left, a black figure appeared beside him, “Your majesty, the two people Layson brought have very powerful auras, they are indeed slightly stronger than a Fallen Angel.”

The Beast Emperor looked towards the door and said, “I hope my decision is right. I’m sure you also heard the report from our men yesterday, Layson is still loyal to me now.”

The black figure cackled evilly and said, “I’m afraid that is the real reason you decided to let them go to war today.”

A cold light flashed across the Beast Emperor’s eyes and he said, “Of course, If I can’t be certain whether he has genuinely vowed loyalty towards me, then how could I have given them such formidable power. You go immediately and inform our men, let them monitor Layson properly and report back to me immediately once there’s any strange movements.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Back to mother’s residence, Panzen said, “This Beast Emperor is indeed quite something, we were so rude just now but he pretended like he didn’t see a thing.”

Gin said, “Yeah, he, the great king of the nation, yet he treated us so politely, I have quite a good impression of him.”

My mother served up a plate of fruit and said, “Sigh you two….. don’t be too trusting of this person, did you not realize that the Beast emperor has extremely deep schemes? I’ve seen him twice, although he gives people a warm feeling on the surface, there is a characteristic of others being unable to tell exactly what he was thinking.”

I smiled: “Mother, it’s okay, we are now necessary for him, and we’ll be careful. Oh right, where did Mink go, why haven’t I seen him? ”

Mother said ,”When all of you were gone, he said he is not comfortable being here alone, so he went out for a stroll on his own. He is a pretty honest young man, you must treat him well. ”

“I will.”

Gin said, “Boss, don’t you think we should send someone to make arrangements? We have spoken such a big words, we mustn’t begin with tigerish energy but fade away towards the end like a snake’s tail.”

tln: It’s a chinese saying, “a tiger’s head and a snake’s tail”, which means starts strong (like a tiger) and ends poorly (like a snake’s tail).

Panzen said a little unhappily, “What do you mean by “fade away towards the end like a snake’s tail”, why can’t you say starts strongly like a tiger’s head and ends poorly like a wolf’s tail? Let’s do it now.” Silvy while eating fruit muttered, ”Wait till I finish eating the stuff here.”

3 days later, the Beamon, Wild Lion, Meadow Vipers and the Speed Wolves corps of 19 thousand people departed from the Imperial Capital. Although Father did not promise not to bring Layhu, but he showed it in his actions, he only brought along 1000 Beamon warriors, and did not even bring along my eldest brother, Laylon.

5 days later, we approached the Demon Tribe’s Dunder province.We were stationed in the jungle of Beastman territory 9 miles away from the Taer city which was the closest to the Dunder province. The Speed Wolf corps dispatched 500 people to the surroundings to keep guard. If they came across anyone from the Demon Clan, they will arrest them immediately.

“Second brother, second sister, have your supply troops and follow-up units arrived? ”I asked Silvin in a low voice.

Gin said, “They should arrive tomorrow. Boss and I have put in quite an effort this time, from each territory we moved 50 thousand men, among them includes the logistics troop, and the remaining are the follow-up units that will help us occupy the cities. Our elites of our two tribes could be said that they are all the best we could offer, such a small city is nothing.

I smiled and said , “Of course I have nothing to worry about if you guys are the ones handling it, although such a small city is nothing, we must quietly capture it without leaking any of our actions. The Dunder altogether consists of 11 cities, we must secretly capture them one by one. Therefore, we will begin the attack once the follow-up units arrive tomorrow, it will be safer this way.”

Panzen said, What fourth bro said is reasonable, let us do it this way then.”

Father wasn’t together with us, he had led 1000 Beamon soldiers to station on the side not far away from us.

When we were about to depart, father almost fought with Silvin, but father was still a man that paid importance to the general situation, under the dissuasion by Panzen and I, he no longer cared about Silvin’s provocation. And he completely handed over the command to me, I felt great to able to obtain his trust.

Actually, even if father refused to do so, the real command was on my side, although he was the Beamon King, the Naga tribe and the Werewolf tribe wouldn’t hear his command, and coupled with the follow-up units, father would not be able to control one tenth of the armed forces. If one was unable to smoothly command the war, it greatly diminish the effect of the entire sneak attack, Father’s action had made me admire him from the bottom of my heart for the first time. One should be decisive when needed , he had indeed proved himself to be a capable commander of many years. Silvin and I brought a hundred of Meadow Viper corps to silently sneak over the Taer’s city wall. These naga warriors are the well-known among their tribe, they belong to the water snake category, they have suction pads on their legs thus they were able to climb over this wall that wasn’t quite high.

I gave Gin an eye signal and then lightly leaped to the middle section of the wall, I brought strength to my palms then thrust them into the wall, the solid wall was as soft as butter/tofu under my hands. Hanging my body, I waved towards the bottom, Silvin jumped to my side and hanged their body with the same posture as mine, Silvy then said in a low voice, “We’ll rush in and kill the enemies.” The hundred Naga warriors also started to climb silently, their vibrant scales were concealed by the black coats, under the dark night, no one would notice without looking closely. I nodded and said, “Remember, we must kill as few as possible, it’d enough to let them lose their ability to fight.” Finished speaking, I strongly treaded on the wall and leaped up, Silvin followed closely behind.

Above the wall, there were a group of three and another group of 5 lazy soldiers, gathered together to chat, some were already dozing off. After several consecutive hand chops that brought down 6 Demon Clan’s soldiers, I was discovered.

“Who’s there?”

Gin laughed, “The person who will take you life.” Gin flashed past , and that soldier was immediately thrown out of the wall. Above the wall, it was quickly bustling with noise like a deep fried pan.

Our Naga tribe warriors have already mounted by now, I yelled, “Quick, kill towards the city gate!” Although we were all good fighters, we were only a hundred men, we must absolutely not become surrounded by the opponents.

We all gathered together and killed towards the city. Silvin and I, like the sharp edge of a dagger, made a clean sweep of everything before us whenever we went.

At this moment, we were slowly unable to control our power, and for a moment sent the flesh and blood of the Demon Clan soldiers flying around us. We smoothly slaughtered our way to the city gate catching them unprepared.

I quickly vaulted forward and sent a punch that blew the latch apart; Silvin delivered two kicks and the huge city gate began to slowly open. I faced Silvin and yelled, “Second brother, release the signal.”

Gin laughed and raised a hand towards the sky then performed a Fire orb spell.The fireball flew overhead and suddenly exploded and became a spark of fire. Silvy excitedly said, “The firework is so pretty ”.

Upon receiving the signal, father and Mink leaded the four large corps of elite soldiers, speedingly launched a surprise attack. This was just the tiny Taer city with no more than 5000 guards, they were no match for these elites. We attacked and occupied the entire city in less than two hours.

I commanded, “Hurry! Send some men to guard the city gate, do not let a single Demon Clan’s people out of the city. First brother, count the casualties.” Father took big steps as he walked to my front, his eyes full of praises, “You did well Layson! So the Demon Clan is nothing more than this.” I said to Silvin, “Second brother, second sister, please take some men and bring in the logistic unit, then we start to plunder all the valuables and food in this city, pay attention what I’m going to say, you must not kill and you must leave enough food for each family to survive. Once they feel safe I believe they won’t risk their lives to resist. Aside from food, send everything that was plundered back to our country before this night is out. We’ll be bandits for this once, hehe!” Silvy said excitedly, “Snatch things? That’s great! We’ll start right now.”

However, Silvy glared at the father for a moment, her eyes revealed some enmity. *I was secretly smiling, luckily I sent them away, I really don’t want to see father beating them up.

Due to the success in capturing this city, Father was delighted, so he didn’t bicker with Silvin. I said to Mink, “Third brother, bring some men to order the subordinates, tell the brothers that no one shall be released from the city. Also, when the follow-up unit come up, choose 2000 Werewolf tribe soldiers and 3000 Naga tribe soldiers, prepare them to be stationed in this city.”

“I will.”

“Father, I assume that our Beamon warriors don’t have many casualties?”

Father proudly said, “If such a tiny town is capable of making Beamon sustain injuries, then we are not the continent’s most bold and powerful troops.”

I slightly smiled and said, “That’s good, please command the elite units, and take a nice rest tonight, we will depart tomorrow morning, we can just leave the affairs of the city for the follow-up units. I hope we can occupy another city tomorrow night,”

Father nodded, his eyes revealing praises as he turned and left. A surging tide of confusion and disorder was rising in the dark city, there’s no way the common people of the Demon Clan would dare to contend against our regular army, the Naga and the Werewolf tribes took away everything from house to house. The interesting thing was that, there were many people that used the name of our alliance with them to try to stop us, but there’s no way our subordinates would buy it.

Silvin’s subordinates’ movements were the quickest. The Speed Wolf corps were commanded by Silver Arrow, they’ve already went to rest. The follow-up army were personally led by the Werewolf tribe’s chief Silver Fur, under his command, all the horses of Taer city were rounded up and groups of goods were being uninterruptedly transported.

After our discussion of the matter, the things that were plundered were directly delivered to the Yuna territory, that place was more peaceful after all, so the rate of accidents happening would be lesser. There was a small piece Yuna’s land that was connected to the Dunder province, and the Taer city we attacked today was only around 10 miles of journey away from the borderline.

All of our routes that the troops used were precisely calculated and set up beforehand, the Demon Clan’s provinces are usually constituted of cities and some villages, we will not attack any of the villages in the beginning, all the routes we have chosen were desolate trails, thus no villages were aware of the attack.

From the Yuna’s werewolf tribe, aside from the required farmers, basically everyone participated in this war. On the frontline, there wasn’t only the 50,000 warriors and transport units, there were also a large number of men within the territory that were responsible for supporting the transport units, and the huge responsibility to store all these plundered items was given to the first tribe elder of the Werewolf tribe, Silver Falcon.

In just one night,the originally flourishing Taer city was completely cleaned out by us.

Morning, I was dreaming on the the Taer’s landlord bed when suddenly Panzen came running in, he grabbed my shoulders with both of his hands and called, “Fourth bro, wake up! It’s time to set off, didn’t you say that we will leave early in the morning?”

I opened my eyes in a daze, “First brother, why did you get up so early?”

A trace of cunning expression flashed within all of Panzen’s eighteen eyes. The blue snake head lightly trembled, and a small water sphere suddenly hit my face.

“Whoa, very cold, very cold.” I scolded and leapt from the bed, slapping the place where the water sphere hit me while I complained, “First Brother, what are you doing?”

Panzen gently laughed, and said,”Who told you not to get up, do you not know that we are fighting a war here? Yet you still want to sleep.”

“You don’t understand, I am in charge of the total command, therefore I must remain clear-headed. Otherwise, it’ll be troublesome if I make any mistakes.”

Panzen waved his hand and knocked on my head, “You always have a reason, the rest of us didn’t sleep at all, and you sleep the sweetest of all, alright, let’s go, the brothers are all ready. The next target is Kunte city.”

I was amazed and said , “You have not slept?”

“Due to our looting the city became very disordered, how would it have become if we didn’t maintain the order! Oh right, the number of casualties you asked me count is out, the Beamon corps is in good condition, Wild Lion corps 16 deaths, 24 heavily injured, and 103 with minor injuries. The Meadow Viper corps has no death, 10 with serious injury and 207 with light injuries, we have scales so it’s a little better. The Speed Wolf corps is in good condition. This bastard Silvin’s subordinates were extremely sneaky, they were hiding at the back when all were risking their lives, but with that said, their sneak attacks were pretty good, don’t just judge from their good condition, half of the enemies deaths were actually done by them. As for your father’s Beamon corps, the fight ended before they bursted in.

Frowning, I said, “Why is that?”

“The speed of the Beamon is slow, the Wild Lion and the Speed Wolf corps could run exceedingly fast, even though my Meadow Viper corps is a little lacking, but they are not much slower. One would say that the Beamon warriors are not just big, but they are actually also very clumsy. They are very strong when they fight head on, but when it comes to speed then they are far from good.”

So it was like this, looks like I need to pay attention and take advantage of the superiority of each corps to minimise the casualties. The causalities of conquering the Taer city can be ignored, and the acquired result is very pleasant. After I put on the clothes, I came to the west city gate with first brother Panzen, the troop arrangements of the four armies were neat and strict, they were divided into four formations of different magnitude outside the city walls, everyone’s eyes were flickering with excitement and blood thirst after a victorious battle, their moral was greatly increased.

I stood at the city wall and shouted loudly, “Brothers, you worked hard, but your efforts were not in vain, we achieved an easy victory, right? The Demon tribe has suppressed us Beastmen for many years, we need to pay them back twofold. We will conquer the whole Dunder province. This is something very easy for us, I only need you to follow the orders to dauntlessly kill the enemies, can you do it?”

“We can.” The enormous clamour gave me a jump.

I nodded pleased, returning to father’s side, I side “Father,please lead the four armies to the outside of the Kunte city to ambush, I still need to prepare something before the evening is over. I need to prepare an escape route for us, if the frontline is unfavorable, then we could retreat without any problems.”

Father nodded, “Feel free to do anything, the future will be yours” Because I had too many matters in mind, I didn’t really pay attention to the expression of father when he spoke, I nodded slightly and while dragging Mink along, we went to make the arrangements. My method was really simple, after conquering one city, then we would immediately send the follow-up troops to encircle the surrounding villages, only to plunder, no homicide or arson shall be committed, I simply sent two hundred soldiers to every village to defend, in order to not let them cause a disturbance or to leak any information, and that would suffice.

With my solid tactics and the strong offense of the 4 corps, we didn’t even need a month to conquer the Dunder province; including the capital Stanla, we occupied ten cities in total. The city lord of the Stanla city, the governor-general of the Dunder province Wharton·Lucifer was captured by my father, his Fallen Angel transformation was like the light of a firefly before my father, he couldn’t contend against father at all. But the battlefront was too far spread that is why we gave up the greater part of the land that we have conquered, and only secured a few cities, which could maintain supplies from the back lines. We also stationed the elites of the four main corps in the Stanla city. I was aware that we have now accomplished only a part of my plan; in order to obtain true victory, we still needed to wait and observe how the Demon clan would react.

Ten days after we started the surprise attack, every tribe in the beastmen country received a notification from the Beast emperor. The reaction of each tribes was different, some supported others opposed, in the end they were keeping a reserved attitude, waiting to see how the Beast emperor would wind up the whole thing.

They didn’t have to send a single soldier to war anyway, in order to protect themselves and peace, the beastmen tribes couldn’t help but combine their army, especially on the border to the Demon clan, the troops are especially on alarm. Everything was according to plan.

During this surprise attack, we plundered every good of the whole Dunder province. There were so many things plundered that we couldn’t even count of them all for the time being, I already let Silivn inform elder Silver Falcon to hand over half of the spoil to the imperial capital and split the the rest with the Sasi province, I will not hand over spoils for those who did nothing.

After the beast emperor received the report about the success and the spoils of war, he exulted, each of us was conferred an additional title; me as the [Astute Prince], first brother Panzen as the [King of Loyalty and Bravery], Silvin as the [King of Wisdom and Virtue], because father already had many titles , no additional titles were conferred to him.


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