Chapter 407.1

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 407 Part 1 – Bone Armor

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301


Ling Mo retreated a few steps back before he was able to stand firm at the other end of the table .

His right foot shook uncontrollably, and shouted while frowning, “GOD DAMMIT! It hurts! Is your face a fucking frying pan?!”

The brat was sent flying and hit the wall heavily .

When he got up, in addition to having a nosebleed, blood was constantly flowing out from his head too .

His eyelids were bleeding without end, implying that they were hit hard .

However, the bones that emerged under his eyelids had protected his eyes .

Ling Mo had distracted his attention by sending out a kick . At the same time, several tentacles also hit him from three different directions, making it impossible for him to avoid being hit .

If it weren’t because his skull was hard enough, his head would have already turned into the shape of a honeycomb .

“That was dangerous… . ”

The brat shook his head, before wiping it, and looked at the blood stains on his hands, “You… . You actually… . ”

The amount of blood that he lost had probably exceeded the limit that his mind could handle, and his expression suddenly became sinister . The bone spurs on his body grew out a bit as he let out a piercing bellow, “I’M SO ANGRY NOW! I WANT TO PEEL YOUR SKIN OFF! CUT YOUR STOMACH OPEN AND TURN YOU INTO A SPECIMEN COLLECTION!”


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He bent his knees before jumping forward and appeared in front of Ling Mo in the blink of an eye . However, he quickly held his head after letting out a cry .

After failing to attack, he changed the direction of his body in mid-air again and swiped his leg towards Ling Mo’s waist .

After receiving a dozen attacks in a row, Ling Mo was also pushed back, and soon reached the edges of the long conference table .

Seeing that he couldn’t defeat Ling Mo after attacking for such a long time, the brat suddenly turned his head, and threw the fragments in his hands at Ye Lian .

This time Ye Lian didn’t bother trying to catch it . Instead, she immediately moved away .


More than a dozen mini craters formed, and the glass window was also smashed to pieces .

Glass shattered everywhere . Although Ye Lian was able to avoid them in time, her clothes were still torn by the glass shards .

It was obvious from the brat’s action that he wanted to create an opportunity so that he could escape from this place .

But seeing that Ye Lian was almost injured again, an unknown rage flooded Ling Mo’s brain .

“You want to run?”

A spiritual tentacle quickly followed and wrapped itself around the zombie brat’s calf before slamming him to the ground .

Before he could get up, Ling Mo had already hooked the edges of the window with his tentacles, pulled himself over, and landed heavily onto the brat’s body .

“It’s useless, my whole body is covered with bone armor… . ”

The zombie brat giggled as he tried to grab Ling Mo .

Although Ling Mo was able to dodge in time, the bone spurs on the brat’s arm still cut Ling Mo’s trouser .

Ling Mo didn’t even bother looking at it . More than a dozen tentacles caught the hands and feet of the brat, and at the same time, a tentacle had also stuffed itself into his mouth .

“It’s… . Useless… . ”

The zombie brat said vaguely, “No matter how much a prey tries to resist, it will always still be a prey…

Ling Mo had also noticed that although the brat physically still looks similar to a human, it’s internal structure, and even internal organs, had most likely undergone tremendous changes .

Feeling the invasion of a foreign object, the brat contracted his esophagus .

The other two tentacles that went into his ears also encountered obstacles .

Ling Mo had also wanted to attack his eyes, but that layer of bone wouldn’t allow him .

“I… I have already evolved into something with no weaknesses… . Big brother, you should… . Just give up, hahaha… . ”

The brat opened his mouth wide, and the corner of his mouth lifted upwards, exposing a strange smile .

Ling Mo completely ignored his words, and his spiritual tentacles started to smash down, like raindrops .


The loud muffled sounds even shocked Lucy and the others, who were fighting a bitter battle below .

To be continued…


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