Noble Emblem - Chapter 15

It is only for precaution! Facing Liang Li Dong’s questioning, old Village Head only said this sentence and not speak anymore.

It is only going to Winter Wind City, is there a need to go to a secret location and seek help from ‘Black Mercenary’? Logically speaking, there is no need to but Liang Li Dong does not think that old Village Head is just speaking casually. He might have foreseen that their trip to Winter Wind City might face some problem and the problem must have something to do with Kyle. After all, Liang Li Dong only ‘appeared’ in this world for less than 3 days and his activities range is only within the village’s surroundings. There is no way for him to have a feud with anyone in Winter Wind City.

If his prediction is correction, Village Head must be thinking of using his hands to get rid of some trouble Kyle had gotten into but this trouble should not be too serious or he would not be at ease with Liang Li Dong bringing his grandson to Winter Wind City alone. After all, Kyle is the only descendant of Reed family and what he just said should be to remind Liang Li Dong if there is something he cannot deal with, he can look for someone he knows for help.

A small village head is able to plant his men in the city? Liang Li Dong feels the possibility is not high. The Village Head looks like an ordinary person, if he is a Class-er, according to situations in the game, Village Head’s name should have a level behind in the system display……But he does not have, not only him, Behring and Kyle are also ordinary people. Although Kyle is stronger than ordinary people, he is still an ordinary person and not a Class-er.

If it were in the game, this should be considered as a ‘quest’ already but Liang Li Dong did not receive any system notification at this time, which is to say quest system has lost effect too.

Very soon, Kyle brings Behring into the house. Because of hearing they are going to Winter Wind City, the young girl seems to be very happy.  She specially changed into a light brown linen dress without patches and even dressed herself up a bit. Old Village Head warns them and made them listen to Liang Li Dong, do not randomly make their own decisions and then slowly walks upstairs, preparing for his nap. Liang Li Dong looks at the old man’s slightly stooping back and turns his head around to ask Kyle: “How long have you not been to Winter Wind City recently?”

“Probably for half a year already.” Kyle ponders for a while and says: “After the headcount tax went up, I’ve never went there already.”

Liang Li Dong has a sip of water and continues asking: “Did your grandfather not go to Winter Wind City in half a year too?”

“That’s not the case.” Kyle searches his memories for a bit and says: “Grandfather will go there once every month but he has things to do each time so he couldn’t bring me along.”

Hearing this, Liang Li Dong understands already. It is definitely a minor trouble regarding Kyle. He ponders for a while and smiles: “You two, go and make preparations, we’re setting off in a while.”

Few minutes later, the trio appears at the village entrance. The weather now is way too good. The sun shines on the yellow mud road and turns the originally slightly muddy road into pieces of dry ‘fish scales’. The steaming hot air distorts the scenery at a distance. Kyle passes a bamboo hat made from twigs to Liang Li Dong: “Teacher, walking in such a weather, if we’re under the sun for too long, it is very easy to get heat stroke. Although this thing looks a bit ugly, it is very practical.”

Now, many children have changed and referred to Liang Li Dong as teacher already. Kyle is the same. He looks at Liang Li Dong’s soft skin and tender flesh, his skin is even better than noble girls, he is worried that he cannot take such fierce sunlight but in actual fact, his worries is redundant. Liang Li Dong has spent a total of 8 years in the game world. From the beginner at the very start to a famous and strong players of the server, he has went through many things, long period of explorations, quests. He has experienced environments 100 times worse than this. Mere hot sun in the afternoon is nothing in his eyes.

And most importantly, he is a Class-er, Physique stat is not bad, it is 7. According to the game’s assessment, this is already classified as ‘good’. Ordinary environment’s weather already cannot affect his body’s health.

“No need!” Liang Li Dong shakes his hand and rejects the other party’s kindness: “Oh right, how far away is Winter Wind City from here?”

“If it’s walking normally, it’s around 1 and a half hour.”

“Then time is not enough, we have to pick up speed.”

Liang Li Dong snaps his fingers and activates the trait ‘Driving Fog’. The trio is engulfs in the center of 100 meters of fog. The afternoon sun of summer can no longer shine through this layer of thick fog but for the trio in it, the field of view is not affected at all and it feels really cooling. Liang Li Dong using the Driving Fog trait at this time, is not only for comfort, but also to increase their walking speed. In <Flange Continent>, there are many skills, traits or magic to increase one’s moving speeding but there are relatively very little skills that can increase allies’ moving speed at a large-scale.

And this skill ‘Driving Fog’ not only is able to increase allies’ moving speed, it can also be considered as soundless moving. If it is used in the night, it can totally be used as a mass Stealth skill. Not only that, this skill can also reduce enemies’ field of view, hearing and moving speed. It is totally a BUG-like bloodline magic, using it in large-scale warfare can definitely gain a large advantage instantly.

Although ally targets can only enjoy half of the buff but the 1.5 effect when applied onto speed, it means a walking speed of 1.5m/s. Ordinary people’s walking speed is around 1-1.5m/s, which is to say after entering the thick fog, Kyle and Behring just walking normally can have the effect of jogging.

“Magic is really amazing.” Kyle looks around in the thick fog. He feels that his walking speed is obviously faster and does not really exhaust his strength. Although he already has this kind of experience before, the charm of magic still made him gasp in admiration.

Behring follows behind Kyle, her lips moves and what that follows is slight sighing.

Because their moving speed has become faster, the trio spent around slightly more than half an hour before reaching Winter Wind City. There are many people entering and exiting the city gate and then everyone nearby see a mass of thick fog engulfing the road, drifting over in a speed not fast and not slow……This bizarre situation made everyone understand that there is a spellcaster coming to this city. They want to avoid this thick fog but the road is only so wide, not even 5 meters wide and the ‘Driving Fog’ skill has a range of 100 meters in radius now, they simply cannot avoid it.

Those that ran fast hide into the city while those that cannot run fast can only watch themselves be ‘swallowed’ by the thick fog, they cannot see anything in front of them, cannot hear any sound, just like there is only themselves in this world……Thankfully, this feeling disappears very quickly. The thick fog disappears completely in an instant and three person appear in the center of the road, a young man wearing a red priest robe, a young boy and a young girl.

The young man has bright golden hair. Under the sun, it shines with faint gold light, his skin is fair and his eyes are full of vigor. The few soldiers in charge of guarding the city gate feel a sense of fear after being stared by him and quickly lower their heads, not daring to look at him. The surrounding commoners looks at this young man leading the young boy and young girl into the city, not only did those soldiers guarding the city gates not stop him, they take a step back and salute with their heads lowered to show respect.

Winter Wind City is very big, the roads in the city are all paved with black stone slates. Liang Li Dong walks at the right of the road, Kyle and Behring follows behind him. The trio did not occupy the road on purpose but still resulted in the road being occupied……Once those oncoming sees Liang Li Dong, they immediately hide to the side and let him pass through first while those behind dare not overtake them.

That believer robe with faint flowing blue magic luster that Liang Li Dong is wearing, and magic cape, and magic cloth shoes are reminding the surrounding people that this is a spellcaster, strangers should not be near.

In Winter Wind City, there are numerous spellcasters living here so the residents of the city are clear what consequences there is to offending a spellcaster.

“Spellcasters are really amazing.” Kyle looking at the surrounding residents’ careful demeanor, sighs heavily again.

Up ahead is a crossroad, Liang Li Dong turns his head and asks Kyle: “Do you know where alchemy items for sale in the city are?”

Kyle answers: “There is a Mercenary Guild west of the city, I think there should have the alchemy items that you need.”

“Lead the way.”

Kyle immediately walks to the front. Compared to the people in the village, people of Winter Wind City has cleaner clothes, and more variation. Now, it is not midday yet, the sun is very strong. Normally, there will not be noble girls out on the streets but the common female residents of the city are wearing clothes that are not too bad. From Behring’s viewpoint, these residents in the city are really very pretty.

Mercenary Guild is a force that spread all over<Flange Continent>. Wherever there is intelligent life, there is probably a branch there. Looking from the surface, this force is very strong but in actual fact, Mercenary Guild is only a platform that lets nobles and tycoons to contact Class-ers. Be it nobles, or Class-ers, Mercenary Guild has no way to effectively rope them in. They draw commission, can earn a lot of money but they do not have much political voice.

Mercenary Guild’s shop front is very big, there are even a few vicious-looking guards outside. Normally, ordinary people has no right to enter the Mercenary Guild but Liang Li Dong’s very obvious believer robe made that few guards shut their mouths and pretend that they did not see the 2 village kids Kyle and Behring.

In the game, Liang Li Dong has been to Mercenary Guild to receive some quests too so he is still quite familiar with the workings here. He walks up to a female staff with delicate looks and asks: “What conditions are required to buy alchemy items here?”

“As long as you can prove your spellcaster identity, you can buy it.” Female staff looks at Liang Li Dong’s believer robe and says again: “I think you do not need any proof anymore, please go up to the 2nd floor, there will be someone to attend to you.”

Magic items can only show its effect when worn by spellcasters. It can be said that spellcasters cannot be posed off as. Liang Li Dong’s believer robe is the best proof of identity. The entry condition of Mercenary Guild is the same as in the game. As long as you can prove you are a spellcaster, you can purchase alchemy items. As long as you can prove you are a Class-er and register in the Mercenary Guild, the guild will open the quest list for members to look at.

Going up to the 2nd floor, a male staff comes up and after asking for Liang Li Dong’s purpose, he brings them to a big room at the side. There are many counters placed here and on it are items with various colors, from plant roots to animal specimens, and all kinds of gems, and what have you.

Liang Li Dong intends to buy some materials to create magic scrolls. Teaching students gives character EXP, similarly, creating magic scrolls gives character EXP too and it gives more EXP than teaching students. Liang Li Dong intends to create a few scrolls after returning to the village later. And later at midnight 0am, when system calculates the EXP, he should be able to raise his character level from ‘0’ to ‘1’.

Parchment processed with alchemy means, fragment of shattered sapphire, miniature ruby, root of water tree, and sodium carbonate powder[1]……Liang Li Dong bought more than 10 kinds of sundries and put all into his dimensional backpack. The middle-aged man in charge of selling is also a spellcaster, he wears a black magic robe with red magic lines on it. Seeing that the items Liang Li Dong bought disappeared, he is startled for a while and then suddenly understands and immediately closes in to cotton up to Liang Li Dong: “This Lord, you have a dimensional equipment, are you from Colorless Magic Tower?”


T/L note 1: I’m not really sure what 巩矾 is but the closest i get from google is sodium carbonate


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