Noble Emblem - Chapter 3



The white and gold light in the basilica slowly turned into a human shape. As the shape materialize, the light gets weaker. At the moment before the light totally vanishes, a naked man appeared in the very center of the basilica and this building buried deep under the mountains returned back into darkness.

Although it is pitch darkness and totally cannot see anything, there is still images in front of Liang Li Dong’s eyes. In the middle of his sight is a shining notification: Character created, please select character feat.

Liang Li Dong’s race is human, so there is 2 human feat at the start, typical class comes with 1 class feat but noble has a special trait, Noble’s Knowledge, additional random non-combat feat, and bloodline gives another feat to choose, making a total of 5 feats.

Normal classes comes with 2 human race feats at birth plus 1 class feat so at the starting line, the class noble is richer in playing style than other classes. But pros comes with cons, noble’s stats growth is restricted to 7, while other classes can choose to strengthen their strong points, for example the warrior class normally will increase the physique growth to 10.

The game <<Flange Continent>> is derived from DND system, its character status is fundamentally similar to DND system. Human race starts with all average stats. The 5 basic stats Physique, Coordination, Intelligence, Will, Charisma are all 5, then the system gives 10 potential points for player to allocate and create their own unique character.

At first glance, player can maximize 2 stats by increasing 2 main stats to 10, for example warrior can add Physique and Coordination to 10. Many players when first came in touch with the game will think of this instinctively but this is not gonna work in reality.Stat growth is very important in this game <<Flange Continent>> , it decides the future path of a character, sometimes 1 stat point higher will make a huge difference in strength in the end.

Therefore, the game’s stats have this thing call potential weakening. When raising a single stat from 5 to 7, every 1 point of stat growth will cost 1 potential point but raising from 7 to 9, every 1 point of stat growth will cost 2 potential point and raising from 9 to the max value of 10 cost 3 potential point.

So for a human warrior to add Strength to max value will require 1+1+2+2+3, a total of 9 potential points and the remaining 1 potential point will be added to other stats. Although this type of adding  wastes a bit of potential potential but it is very worthwhile because the main stat of every class is very important to raising the class’s strength.

Adding of main stat to 10 and sub stat to 6 is the mainstream character stats allocation in the game and is also called the 10,6 allocation. There is also other special ways to allocate like 10, 7, 6 etc which is only done by minority. But no matter how the allocation is done, there is many classes to choose. For example, Warrior’s branch class ‘Great Swordsman’ requires Coordination greater than 7, Strength greater than 8 and Will greater than 6 as base states to class change. Typically classes that require 2 stats above the bottom line standard are special classes. And with these stats, it is also classes like Scout, Long-bowman, Mercenary etc to choose from! The class options is very diverse in the game.

Currently there is more than 130 known Class in <<Flange Continent>> but the official data states that there is a total of 250 Class…… After seeing this figure, players can feel the malice from the game developers.

Divine Noble is the alien among special Class, ordinary special Class requires 2 to 3 stat growth and completing of certain quest in the game or trigger certain event to change into the Class. But Divine Noble is different, it is can be chosen during character creation. It is activated when all stat growth is 7. No special quest to be completed, it can changed into easily.

Of course, there is pros and cons. All of Divine Noble’s stat growth must be 7, not higher than 7 nor lower than 7.  Also after becoming Divine Noble, if someday you completed a Epic level quest and obtained a bottle of dragon’s blood or god’s blood which can increase your stat growth, do not be happy yet…… Items or equipments that can increase character stat growth is effective for other Classes, it only do not have any effect on Divine Noble. It is a waste to use or obtain!

Not only that, Epic level quest is not something just anyone can complete, it is the right of the 1 in 10,000 strong players. But because Divine Noble’s stats are too balanced……  To put it bluntly, average, this cause the combat capability of Divine Noble to be very weak, not as strong as close-range Class like Warrior, Thief etc in frontal assault. Although long-range spells are powerful, but because unable to actually learn magic, as a semi-Warlock, Divine Noble has little bloodline magic, there is only 8 at max level. Taking all into account, everyone in the game is clear how many types of magic a Divine Noble has, it very easy to counter as long as they are well prepared.

Although Warlock does not have many bloodline to awaken but there is at least 20 types. This cause the possibility to increase greatly. Also Warlock is able to choose from many bloodlines like Gold Dragon, Silver Dragon, Red Dragon, Archangel, Devil, Ancient Titan…. Warlock with different bloodline have very different combat style. Even Warlock of the same bloodline can have different combat style. Therefore trying to specifically counter against Warlock is very difficult. Most importantly, as a true Warlock, their magic potency is much stronger than Divine Noble.  At the same level no Class other than Anti-Mage is able to survive a magic from them. It is incomparable with Divine Noble.

But Divine Noble is not without merits, balanced stat, more feats from the start cause Divine Noble to have diverse combat styles. As long as close-range swordplay and magic are well-coordinated and very experienced in combat, it is easy to kill those with poor combat awareness or lower level players and NPC. But when dealing with those with similar level of combat awareness, try to retreat. After all more feats from the start, all-rounded combat style is more than suffice for self-protection.

Players born with combat awareness are just too little. Those that chose Divine Noble, after the initial refreshing feeling comes the harsh reality. <Flange Continent> is real beyond imagination, NPC have their own division of forces, can cry or laugh, can think, some are kind, some are evil, some are stupid, there is also those that are ridiculously smart. Players that chose Divine Noble not only died in the hands of players, more died in the hands of NPC!

If killed by player, only 10% of total character exp is loss, that is still acceptable! If killed by NPC, it will get more “fun”, not only same amount of exp is lost, NPC can also rob the dead of gold and equipment. After reviving at the nearest Goddess of Life shrine, the Divine Noble will only have a blanket on them and nothing else!

Compared to other Class, Divine Noble is easier to die in battle. This not only cause them to lose exp, equipment and gold, it also gravely slows down Divine Noble’s growth speed…… When the average level of the whole server reached 7, average level off Divine Noble players is only 4!

The difference of 3 levels may not seem much but it is actually very larger, exp acquisition is very difficult in <Flange Continent> and character leveling is exponential, the exp required for the next level is always twice of the previous level. 2 months after the start of the game, 90% of Divine Noble players deleted account to restart, only 10% persist on.

Among this 10% of Divine Noble players, there is success and failures. Liang Li Dong is a relatively successful Divine Noble player. Before he died, the game run for 8 years already. Average level of whole server is 14, highest level is 19. He is level 18 which makes him among the first-tier players.

Also because of his confidence in his Class, Liang Li Dong chose this Class that is relatively weak in the beginning. After all, all players realize in the end that although Divine Noble is weaker in combat, itself is not a weak Class. When character level reach 5, all Class unlock its first Specialization, Divine Noble will slowly show its strong point.

Staring at the system notification for a short while,  chose confirm, system notification indicate to choose 2 Human racial feat, Liang Li Dong chose ‘Sword Mastery’ and ‘Agile Movement’ without hesitation. <Flange Continent> has many feat, rumored to have thousands of types but most have base stat growth requirement or level requirement. But at character creation, many racial feat have no requirement to learn, of course minority still have stat requirement.

For example, ‘Sword Mastery’ do not have any requirement except for being human, even magic Class can learn it. Its effect is: When using sword-type weapon, slashing speed +2, sword toughness +5, sharpness +1.

This feat’s slashing speed +2 is not an amazing characteristic, after all Liang Li Dong’s character has 7 strength growth. Even at level 0 using a single-handed sword with normal weight, slashing speed is more than 14. Although slashing speed and damage have a direct relation, +2 to slashing speed really does not have a big effect, especially in late game, as level rises, strength increases, coupled with the trait ‘Noble Swordsmanship’, Divine Noble’s sword-type slashing speed can easily exceed 30, slashing speed +2 is useful, but the effect is not obvious. While sharpness +1 is also better than nothing, normal metal sword already has sharpness of 6, goodly weapon can have sharpness of more than 12 so the effect sharpness +1 is not big.

The actual useful effect is sword toughness +5. Because <Flange Continent> is very realistic, weapons in it can be damaged and many Class have weapon destroying skill. If toughness is not high, weapon on hand can be easily destroyed. Warrior without weapon is like tiger without teeth. While toughness +5 is a practical number, even a normal 2-handed great sword has a toughness of 9 to 10. 2-handed weapons are heavy and very durable. Normal 1-handed sword has a toughness of about 4, if possessing ‘Sword Mastery’, can instantly raise to 9. 1-handed metal sword will be durable as 2-handed sword, the main disadvantage of 1-handed sword is not the lacking in damage but too easy to be damaged in battle. While this feat can perfectly cover this weakness.

As for ‘Agile Movement’, it is a rather good trait. An balanced Class like Divine Noble, although stronger than mage-type in health and defense, it much weaker than close-range like warrior. Furthermore, <Flange Continent> is a very realistic VRMMO, it is not like turn-based game where you hit me once, I hit you back. In this game, as long as your speed is fast enough, movement are smooth enough, it is possible to dodge most skill and long-range attacks. Most importantly, if speed is fast, it is possible to control the flow of battle, attack if it is win-able, run if it is impossible to win, and there is nothing you can do to me!

Agile Movement: Your basic moving speed +3, mobility +3.

Moving speed is the hardest to raise stat, it is mainly decided by Coordination. Mobility is the ability to strafe and dodge. Plainly put, it is the ability to dodge left and right and reverse acceleration.

After deciding human-race feat is the Class feat. Divine Noble is created with an extra feat although it is a random non-combat feat.

After about 10 seconds, the scrolling feat window stopped, it shows: Magic Scroll Crafting!

Liang Li Dong nodded, it is a very useful non-combat feat, any Class that can cast spells can craft magic scroll but with this feat, the chance of successfully crafting a magic scroll is higher. Moreover, because Divine Noble has very little awaken magic, normally will carry multiple magic scrolls to increase the diversity of his magic. At times, one more magic scroll can be the crux of winning.

Next is the self selected Class feat, Liang Li dong looking at more than 10 feats, only thought for a while and chose ‘Lucky Wealth’.

Lucky Wealth: As a Divine Noble, you never have to care about money, even if you do not go and earn money, considerable amount of money will automatically be sent to you, effect will increase with level!

This feat is exclusive to Divine Noble, among all Class, only Divine Noble is able to choose this feat when creating character. Once missed, there will be no chance to obtain it. When Liang Li Dong played the game before he died, he chose other feat and regretted it greatly at the end.

Next is bloodline feat, the Cloud Dragon bloodline, it is the first time Liang Li Dong is seeing this, no other players ever mentioned it before, he scrolled though the Cloud Dragon bloodline’s feat and discovered Cloud Dragon’s bloodline feat is also very little. There is only 3 but just like other bloodline magic, all are relatively useful feat.

Cloud Dragon’s Blue Eyes: You possess truth vision, effective field of vision +600, clear field of vision +200, able to see things in extreme darkness and cannot be deceived by illusions.

Cloud Dragon’s Will: You will additionally awaken bloodline magic ‘Lightning Flash, Thunderbolt’.

Cloud Dragon’s Body: Your body will grow dragon scales at some parts, health growth and defense growth will be increased greatly and your lifespan increase by 300 years.

At this point, Liang Li Dong roughly knows what kind of creature a Cloud Dragon is. These 3 feats are quite useful, especially Cloud Dragon’s Will, 2 bloodline magic. If under normal circumstances, Liang Li Dong will naturally choose the feat Cloud Dragon’s Will but the situation now…… He look at his surroundings, not even a bit of light, he cannot even see his hands in front of him.

Bloodline feat chosen: Cloud Dragon’s Blue Eyes!

The darkness in front fades away, Liang Li dong can see his surroundings now and Cloud Dragon’s Blue Eyes is even better than imagined. Typically, when looking in the dark with night vision, there will be a green vision and objects in front are blurred. Liang Li Dong has used the magic scroll ‘Night Vision’ a lot in the past so he is very clear about the pros and cons of this magic: Able to see things in the dark but clarity is not high and field of vision is not far.

But this Cloud Dragon’s Blue Eyes is different, Liang Li dong not only is able to see things in the basilica clearly, it is also in color just like seeing things under sunlight. Most importantly, his eyesight now is really good, good beyond imagination! The basilica is very big, from the center to the walls, there is at least 50 meters. At this distance, he can see a tree root that is the size of a hair at the right wall!

This basilica is empty for very long and is buried deep under mountains. There is rotten smell in the air. Although not choking, it is still not fragrant at all! Liang Li dong look at the main hall of the basilica, he remembered a strong mass of light ‘lived’ there before but now he cannot see any light, only a goddess statue that is at least 10 meters tall!

Goddess statue is cloaked in armor, very good figure but face is blurry! Because of old age, the coat of paint has already dropped from the goddess statue showing the grey rock structure underneath. Liang Li Dong stared at this goddess statue for a while before leaving.

Darkness already cannot stop Liang Li Dong’s footsteps. He cannot wait to leave this silent place.  He walked slowly to the basilica’s room at the west. Footsteps echoed in this large and silent world. While in spirit form, his perception ability only covered this basilica. Because of constant gazing, he is very clear about this goddess basilica. If his memory is correct, there should be clothes still intact here.

Soon, he found a set of clothes in the wooden cabinet in the western room. At the moment the clothes is taken out, the wooden cabinet turned to dust. Smell of rotten wood filled his nose. Liang Li Dong opened up this set of red clothes and discovered blue light flowing on the clothes.

So it is a magic item, no wonder it is still intact after so long.

‘Waukeen Believer’s Robe’

Type: Cloth

Defense: 1

Enchant: Magic recovery in normal status increase by 5%

‘Waukeen Believer’s Cape’

Type: Cloth

Defense: 1

Enchant: Magic recovery in normal status increase by 5%

‘Waukeen Believer’s Cloth Shoes’

Type: Cloth

Defense: 1

Enchant: Low-level Featherweight, offset the wearer’s 5 kg of weight.

There is actually item info, is this in the game or is it in the real world?

The robe is fitting while shoes is slightly big. But Liang Li Dong does not despise it, under these circumstances, just having clothes to wear and furthermore a magic item is already a very lucky thing. After wearing the clothes, Liang Li Dong is feeling hungry. This basilica is buried under mountains, the only way to get out is to dig an exit. He knows which part of the basilica is nearer to the surface but before that he needs to find tools for digging first.

Liang Li Dong searched 4/5 times in the basilica and there is nothing that can be used for digging. He originally found a small metal shovel but because it is not a magic item, when he just touch it, the shovel turned into a pile of metal scraps. With no choice, Liang Li Dong can only return to the main hall. He averted his sight onto the goddess statue. After awhile, he leap and kick off the goddess statue’s right index finger.

This statue finger is almost as thick as his arm. Next he use the goddess statue’s thigh to sharpen this finger. Lastly at the basilica’s north wall, half of this side of wall has already crumbled. Soil from the mountain has ‘squeezed’ in quite a bit. This is the place nearest to the surface. Liang Li Dong squint his eyes a bit and start digging.

Digging a hole using a stone pick is not a easy task, even if this place is less than 5 meters away from the surface. As Liang Li Dong digs, his stamina decreases and he gets hungrier but he can only endure. Taking a short nap when tired, after god knows how long, until his mind is getting faint, he finally dig through a hole. Fresh air together the smell of plants gush in. He plow through the hole and crawl out from the hole.

Because of the magic item he is wearing, his clothes is not dirty at all but his hands are full of dirt. Liang Li Dong look at the surroundings. He is currently in a forest. Sunlight shine through the gaps between trees. Warm sunlight fall onto his forehead but the forest is very cooling.

Now is in the afternoon…… The season should be summer. Liang Li Dong ponders about how to get out of here when he hears a sound from the bushes at the side. After a while, a grey rabbit stretch its head out and shrink back after seeing Liang Li Dong.


Liang Li Dong’s eyes shone, ‘Driving Fog’ skill activate…… Because he just created his character, there is no level, according to skill description, thick fog only covered a 100m radius of his surrounding but this is enough. Liang Li Dong grab the stone pick firmly in his hands. In the fog, he activated the effect of silent movement, movement acceleration and position detection. Also, the rabbit is only an ordinary animal, once covered by fog, hearing, sight and movement ability is almost robbed completely.

Liang Li Dong walk to the side of the rabbit and easily stab this poor little thing to death. Next, he raise it up and let its blood flow into his mouth.

After drinking all the blood of the little thing, Liang Li Dong finally feel his hunger fade quite a bit. At this moment, he hears cries of goat for afar together with some crisp sound of a girl.

Human! Liang Li Dong use the Driving Fog skill and walk towards the sound while carrying the fog. In this unknown world, safety is the top priority. In the fog, he can conceal his figure and survey the situation outside without qualms.

At the waist the mountain, a grassland, 7 goats is grazing on grass. A young girl wearing old clothes is sitting at the side of the grassland happily singing. While at the edge of a forest higher up, a bank of fog covering there, Liang Li Dong stands within and gaze at the young girl below.


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