NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 50.2

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Chapter 50 (2/2): Ship

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi(edited)

Even if high-level players can use a wide range of miracles, they would not get involved in crowded areas.

It is unlikely for my house to be attacked by them as Destiny is the same as a bodyguard.

On the third of January, I told Seika that I would be sending Carol to the village in Hokkaido, and she is to arranged the transportation. It seems that she is used to the business trips so I left everything to her.

I need to thank her. She shouldn’t have any time to rest as she spent her whole New Year holiday with us.

I spent the last two days playing with Carol, but I didn’t neglect gathering information about the Village of Fate.

It’s expected that there are many players who suspect the game world to be a different world, just like me.

It was a little surprising to know that the contents of the miracles tend to be different for different Gods. For example, if the player is God of Water or God of Purification, the miracle will be to manipulate some water or purify the dirty water.

The poster said that he was a level 3 enthusiast and enjoyed his outdoor pursuits, so his purification ability was convenient.

Now one question emerges in the research. Others neither have the Golem Summon nor Weather control. I guess the original miracle of the God of Fate has something to do with fate.

… Maybe the God of Fate can control luck?

Manipulate the luck on the spot and control the weather. The image is like of a traditional shaman.I don’t think it makes sense when I think about it though. The only way around to know is ask God.

The typical oracle can be used by any deity and its said that it’s transmitted by using the Bible as a medium.

When I think about it, its like being the God of Fate is sort of a niche. Miracles which doesn’t seem to work in real life but have great advantage in games.

I just regret not being able to use my abilities even though I am blessed.

“Yoshio! I am ready! “

Carol is wearing the same clothes as the ones wearing during Hatsumode festival. [1]

Destiny, while showing his face from her backpack is making annoyed appearance.

Destiny has to accompany us on this trip.

He has saved me many times from trouble. It doesn’t know what this trip is about but it will work hard as a bodyguard and Carol’s pillow just like the last two days.

In addition…

I stroked Destiny’s head, who is a lizard but rich in emotional expression.

“You are also born in a different world”

I want to return it to a open world..

If I can, I will ask Destiny to go back to the game world.

“Well then, let’s go.”

I checked my luggage again and again at the entrance.

In the past, the door seemed like a large heavy gate but now its just a door.

I grasped the doorknob and opened the door vigorously.

“I’m going!”

“Wow, look at it! That’s big! Ahaha smells strange!

My cheeks naturally relax while watching the cheerful Carol.

“it’s true is it not”

Carol’s eyes are shining and staring, and she’s going to ride … a ferry.

The ships anchored at the port are quite large and rather impressive when viewed up close.

I was actually planning to fly there but I don’t think I will be able to get past baggage inspection when I take Destiny.

The Bullet Trains had the highest price and had no seats left for reservation.

Seika told me that she can lend me the money but I refused, it as I could’nt afford to do so.

As a result, the transportation got limited to the ships.

The ferry have a large private room, so me and Carrol chose a private room for two.

Entering the ship, we left our luggage in the private room and breathed a sigh.

“Can I let Destiny out?”

“Good, it was a bit restricted there.”

A golden lizard comes out of the rucksack slowly and peeks around. It seems to be saying “Yokossho”. [2]

It looked around and dived under the bed.

It was released from a cramped place but then it got to a cramped place by itself?

We have to stay onboard for the a day on the ferry before arriving at Hokkaido, tomorrow evening.

“I hope nothing will happen as it is now.”

“Hey Hey! How big is this big lake”

“This is the sea.”

While watching Carol who is interested in the sea which she is seeing for the first time, we will soon arrive in Hokkaido.

While watching the sight from the port, I was thinking about Hokkaido.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Hatsumōde (初詣, hatsumōde) is the first Shinto shrine visit of the Japanese New Year. … spend the early morning of New Year’s Day in domestic worship, followed by sake—often containing edible gold flakes—and special celebration food.


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