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Chapter 002-1 – xxx

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Ling Zhi Zi spoke: “Don’t mention all the ugly things from your past! After Senior brother’s most precious flying sword was contaminated by you, he had to use the true Samadhi flame to refine it for an entire year before it was fully recovered. Even now when he talks about you, he would say that this pant-pissing Little Eleven got him into serious trouble.” As he spoke, Ling Zhi Zi even adopted their Senior brother’s helpless look, making the others burst out into laughter.

After some time, the sounds of laughter dimmed and Ling Tong Zi recited an incantation “Heaven and earth is everlasting, the universe shows the way, Brahma’s incantation is clear, my heart is mine to transcend.” A ball of green light appeared on the tip of his forefinger, which he ignited into two streams of green light that shot into the space between Hai Long and Zhang Hao’s eyebrows.

Their bodies spasmed, Hai Long and Zhang Hao then gasped and gradually awoke from their slumber. Everything that happened before seemed like a dream to the both of them, as they looked at Ling Tong Zi and the others in front of them, they concurrently did the same action, to pinch their own thighs “Aiyo!” “Aiyo…” two groans of pain sounded out.

From the pain that they’re experiencing on their thighs, they knew that this was not just a dream. Their amusing act caused Ling Tong Zi and the rest to burst into laughter again.

Zhang Hao tugged at Hai Long, both of them knelt down and chimed “Disciples pay their respects to 4 masters”.

Ling Tong Zi dismissed them with a wave and smiled “Both of you don’t be in a hurry to pay your respects, I have questions to ask”.

As they felt a large wave of power supporting them up, Hai Long and Zhang Hao’s expression became even more respectful. Zhang Hao said “Please ask”.

Ling Tong Zi smiled “First, let me tell you two, we are not immortals, just daoist cultivators. Where did you two come from, and why do you want to be our disciples?”

Zhang Hao replied “Us brothers come from a small village about 100 li away. Several years ago, we heard people talk about about immortals accepting disciples at this very place, hence we decided to try our luck. As to.. As to why we want you all to be our masters…..” He scratched his head and looked to Hai Long for some assistance. Hai Long laughed bitterly, saying “Don’t look at me, I am just here for 3 meals a day of sweet potatoes. Didn’t you have big ambitions? Since you’re here, why not tell them?”

Zhang Hao smiled bitterly “my great ambition is to cultivate under a master, but, I don’t know what is the goal of cultivating.”

Ling Tong Zi said “Alright, that is enough, this sort of meaningless cultivating actually isn’t harmful. I can accept you two as disciples, but there are some things I have to let you know. Our Cloudlink Sect is one of the 7 Great Sects, our cultivation is based on the Cloundlink founding ancestor’s authentic legacy. If you decide to join us, you have to give up your other worldly affairs, I’m afraid it will be difficult for you to meet with your families for the next 60-year cycle, are you able to do that?”

Hai Long nodded and replied “My parents passed away when I was young, my only concern is food, as long as masters provide me with daily meals, I have no objections”. He paused for a moment, looked at Zhang Hao and said “But little beansprout, how about your parents?”

Zhang Hao is but a child that dragged Hai Long along this time, he simply did not give this matter much thought, as he heard Ling Tong Zi’s words, he felt a little awkward. He was his family’s only child, if he doesn’t return, who will take care of his parents in the future! He flattened his lips and said “Immortal masters, could it be that a few years isn’t enough to finish learning cultivation from you?”

Ling Zhi Zi laughed “Of course it’s impossible to finish learning. To be successful at cultivation, you would need at least a thousand years or more! Cultivating isn’t a simple task”.

Thousand, a thousand years!? Isn’t that way too long. Can humans even live that long?” Zhang Hao’s eyes showed signs of disbelief.

Ling Zhi Zi lightly sighed “As your cultivation increases, your body will dispel impurities, thereby gradually increasing your lifespan. Child, since you’re worried about your family, why don’t you come back 100 years later? At that time you can put your mind at ease and practice cultivation”.

Disappointment flashed on Zhang Hao’s face as he silently nodded “I, I’ll head home. Immortal masters, could you provide me with some rations for my journey home? Although I’m usually lazy, I can’t possibly let my parent’s grieve over losing me!” His gaze turned to Hai Long, as he dimly said “Brother Long, you cultivate well under these esteemed masters. You don’t have a home, only me as a friend, after being with my parents for the next 100 years, I’ll definitely come back to look for you”.

Hai Long’s face was filled with unhappiness as he shook his head “No, little beansprout, I’ll head home with you. We’ll head back here together after 100 years.”

Zhang Hao forced out a smile “Don’t worry about it. Brother Long, you study under the immortal masters first, when I return in the future, you can also help me! Furthermore, it was already hard for you to settle your meals back in the village, this place is a much more suitable dwelling for you”.

Ling Yan Zi flashed a look at Ling Tong Zi, Ling Tong Zi intuitively understood that look and hurriedly spoke “tens of years will pass in the blink of an eye, Hai Long, why don’t you follow Zhang Hao’s wishes. Zhang Hao, don’t be too disappointed as well, we won’t let this trip of yours be for naught. This is our Cloudlink Sect’s most basic cultivation method, you can cultivate it yourself back at home. You can return to the sect after your parents have left this world.

At that time, Hai Long can personally guide you in your cultivation.” As he spoke, he stuffed a small manual into Zhang Hao’s hands. How could they possibly let Zhang Hao and hai Long both leave? Even though it might be bending the rules, they really could not accept Zhang Hao in this situation. However, for the sake of having a 5th generation disciple, they naturally would do everything they can to keep Hai Long.

Hai Long hesitated, although he wouldn’t have to worry about his belly being fed if he followed these immortal masters in front of him, it could be said that Zhang Hao was his childhood playmate, how could he bear to part with him?

Ling Yu Zi’s pupils flickered, an immortal’s aura emanated as he walked and stood by Zhang Hao’s side. “Little brother, there’s no need for dry rations. How about this, I’ll escort you back home. Using my flying sword, you can arrive home within the hour.” Without waiting for Hai Long or Zhang Hao’s replies, he carried Zhang Hao, gestured his flying sword and transformed into a streak of light as they sped off.

Ling Tong Zi helplessly shook his head and thought within his heart “This junior brother of mine is too anxious.” He hurriedly transmitted a warning “Ling Yu Zi, quickly hurry back, the spiritual array is about to close soon”.

”Little beansprout—..” Hai Long cried out. Zhang Hao’s voice could be heard in the air “Big Brother, wait for me, I’ll definitely be back to look for you!”

Tears already flowed down Hai Long’s eyes, and they shrouded his vision as he muttered “Little beansprout, little beansprout, you have to come back quickly!”

Ling Tong Zi walked to Hai Long’s side, gently pressed his shoulders and said “Don’t be too down. In the eyes of us cultivators, decades truly pass by in a flash. In order to help your brother in the future, you have to set your mind to properly cultivate henceforth and achieve success on your cultivation journey”. Hai Long looked up to Ling Tong Zi and quietly nodded his head.

Ling Tong Zi said “Alright, let’s wait for Ling Yu Zi to get back, then head towards Cloudstroke peaks to see your grandmaster and properly complete your disciple initiation. In the sect, only the 3rd generation disciples, which means your grandmaster’s generation, have the ability to accept disciples into the sect. While we wait, I’ll first tell you about the current situation within our sect.

Our Cloudlink Sect is one of the 7 great sects, and possess rather formidable strength. The 72 peaks of Cloudlink ranges are our base of operations. Usually, because of the protective spirit array laid by our Cloudlink’s founding ancestor, outsiders are wholly unable to enter the regional area of the 72 peaks. That’s also why outsiders are only aware of the Cloudlink mountain and not the Cloudlink ranges, which consist of 72 peaks.

Hai Long was still a curious child at heart, after hearing Ling Tong Zi explain till here, he couldn’t help but ask “You mean this isn’t the Cloudlink Mountain? How come there are so many peaks? They even number 72?”

Ling Tong Zi smiled and replied “This place we’re at is Groundspirit peak of the 12 outer mountains of Cloudlink range’s 72 peaks. Usually we wouldn’t venture this far out, you don’t have to fret, you’ll naturally understand in the future. The 7 Great Sects within our world are namely the Brahmaheart Sect, Lotus Sect, Heaven-ask School, Fullmoon School, Thousand Wisdom Valley, Pentashine Grotto and our Cloudlink Sect.

The Brahmaheart and Lotus Sects cultivate the path of the Buddha, whereas our Cloudlink sect, along with the 4 other great sects, cultivate the path of immortality. However, our sect only has 5 generations of disciples. Strictly speaking, there are only 4 generations, since the 1st generation was created out of respect for our Cloudlink founding ancestor. Our sect’s strongest would belong to the 2nd generation, and the weakest would be the 5th generation. Since you’re new to the sect, you would naturally be part of the 5th generation, but as your cultivation level increases, there’s a chance that you can be promoted to the 4th generation, which is our generation. In the end, you can even work your way up to the 2nd generation. Strength equates to standing. The reason why our founding ancestor set the rules this way was to incite hard work in cultivation amongst the disciples.

Hai Long’s attention was completely preoccupied by Ling Tong Zi. He doubtingly asked “In that case if I directly take a 2nd generation grandmaster as my master, doesn’t that mean that I would be your senior uncle?”


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