Owari no Seraph - Volume 1 - Chapter Ep

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Epilogue – About the Spring before the Destruction——

“Guren-sama, Guren-sama, from today’s school reopening onwards, I swear to never leave Guren-sama’s side again!”


“I didn’t expect that on my second day of being at the hospital that Guren-sama would end up fighting in a battle. When I heard about the news, Yuki-chan and I looked at each other and jumped up in shock. We were meant to be by your side to protect you, but we ended up leaving you in the middle of danger, what on earth were we doing! Um, so……”

Sayuri said as she stuck closely to Guren.

Shigure was also standing closely on the other side and said.

“So we have decided that from today onwards, we will never leave Guren-sama’s side even for a moment.”

Guren who was in between the two wearing the sailor school uniforms, looked down and said.

“But you don’t have to stick to me this closely.”

Shigure opened her mouth.

“But just in case……”

Sayuri also spoke.

“Since the battle……”

Guren put his hands on both their shoulders and pushed them apart as though opening a door.

“You’re in the way. I can’t even walk properly. And also, you two are actually weaker than me.”

But Shigure continued,

“It is true our strength definitely cannot beat Guren-sama’s. But we can at least fend off the attack for you, so please don’t leave our side.”

They looked around them. Checking out for any enemies. Whether anyone would suddenly attack. They wouldn’t let off anyone who looked even just a little bit suspicious. The two of them were so nervous that they almost looked crazy.

Yes, we’re now walking along the usual route to school.

Towards First Shibuya High School.

A group of unknown assailants attacked the school during the sorcery selection examination——since then, after two weeks of closure, the school finally reopens.

The group who attacked the school was a little known terrorist group——or so what I’ve heard.

『Mikado no Oni』had reported that they had since killed all the members of that terrorist group and issued a statement that the same fate will befall all those who tried to attack them.

So, everyone at school was reassured. The followers of 『Mikado no Oni』 had their anxieties erased.

Of course, this is a complete lie.

The biggest sorcery organisation《Hyakuya Church》who attacked the school isn’t a target that the 『Mikado no Oni』can easily eliminate.

It could be that the so-called terrorist group was fabricated by 《Hyakuya Church》, or it could also be made up by the 『Mikado no Oni』as they didn’t want to look as though they had made a blunder——as for which is true, I have no idea.

But no matter what, the situation isn’t going to just improve.

Because the war between the country’s two biggest sorcery organisations had started.

In this situation, Ichinose House of the 『Mikado no Tsuki』will definitely be the victor in the war between these two. Standing on the sidelines, waiting for these two groups to destroy each other before taking over.

Suddenly, the two biggest sorcery organisations started fighting each other——information had not been disseminated to others apart from the executives. On the surface, it looked like there was tight control of information, but underneath it all, a fierce intelligence war had already begun.

Agents from the two organisations were desperately trying their best to not to be in a passive position against the enemy.


“…… I’ll definitely never let any harm come to Guren-sama again!”

Shigure said, determined to make her voice firm.

Just then, an enemy suddenly attacked.

Though, it was really nothing threatening.

“…… Um?”

Guren looked up.

A Coca-Cola bottle was aimed at him with the cap still intact. If it was broken, it would soak Guren.

This was the exact same situation as the first day of school.

There were a group of 『Mikado no Oni』students across from Guren, laughing at him viciously.

During this war——those who weren’t even informed of the war, those who just blatantly accepted the fabricated terrorist group excuse, those bunch of overconfident idiots——they just kept laughing with their silly faces.

Guren squinted his eyes,

“Shigure, don’t interfere.”

And said.

There is no need to reveal my strength here. No, I should say that now more than ever I should hide my strength.

After all, maybe I don’t need to be patient for another three years.

After all, the war had already started.

The two strongest organisations I’ve always wanted to get rid of have already started destroying each other.

So, I still have to endure this humiliation.

Continue to endure until the limit.

Those idiots who——

Those arrogant self-righteous idiots, let those who take pleasure in looking down on the Ichinose House quickly go to hell.

So Guren was prepared to tolerate the bottle being thrown at him.

He also saw that Shigure had already reacted. She was always very wary. Anything that was near Guren, especially anything hostile, she already had a kunai ready to attack it.

Shigure then threw her kunai, aiming straight at the bottle.

And if the bottle is destroyed mid-flight, those students will definitely shut up. They will realise Shigure’s fury, and see her real strength.

But this is all meaningless.

It doesn’t do any good.

I think I better give her a lecture later.

Then, at this time,


Guren heard a voice.

The kunai that was flying through the air had been caught by the boy who just appeared out of nowhere.

Guren knew it was Hiiragi Shinya.

At the same time, because the kunai didn’t hit the bottle, it continued its trajectory. And hit Guren right on his head, soaking him from head to toe.

Seeing this, the students who threw the bottle burst into laughter.

“He’s completely drenched in coke!”

“Weakling, don’t come to our school!”

“Get out of here, a rat from the Ichinose House is not fit to be here!”

The mocking didn’t stop.

Finally, Shinya turned to look at him. A smile formed on his lips,

“Oh. I see you’re still the same, eh? You can’t even dodge a coke bottle.”

At this, the students laughed again. With Shinya from the Hiiragi House as support, the students became more and more daring.

It looked like Shinya was helping Guren continue his charade.


Guren stopped the fuming Sayuri and Shigure and said to Shinya.

“Thank you for your help.”

“Naaah, we’re all comrades, right?”

“Comrades? You mean you’re planning on joining the 『Mikado no Tsuki』?”

“Whoever said that?”

“Then we are not comrades.”

“Fufu, well, but we are fighting the same enemy, so we should try our best to work together. Alright then, meet you back in the classroom……”

Shinya said then turned around and walked off.

Shigure wanted to find out what was going on, but her sight was blocked by another person,

“Hang on, how on earth did you get this wet?”

Another voice from behind.

It was Juujou Mito.

It seemed like she wanted to protect Guren from the students who threw the bottle at him as she stood in front of him.

“Seriously you all, doing something like this? Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?”

She said emphatically.

The students around started getting a little nervous,

“That hair colour…… it’s someone from Juujou House……”

“Oi, oi, this doesn’t look too good. That guy from the Ichinose House actually got someone from Juujou House on his side……”

“Don’t be like that! We still have Shinya-sama!”

“Also, Seishirou-sama really hates that Ichinose rat……”

Even though it didn’t really matter to Guren, in the middle of the bullies vs. those against the bullies fight, another appeared,

“Uwa, that sucks. What the hell happened to you, Guren?”

Goshi Norito has appeared.

He looked at Guren,

“Why do you smell of coke?”

“I like coke.”

“Haha, what are you talking about? Seriously, are you being bullied? By who? Since you saved me, shall I return the favour?”

Goshi said as he looked at all the students around.

Also, all those students,


Gasped and lowered their heads, and started walking away.

“Quick, quick let’s go to school!”

“We’re gonna be late!”

One by one, all of them found an excuse to leave.

At this,


Guren stared blankly, then said to Mito and Goshi who helped him.

“Wait, I have something I want to tell you.”

Goshi asked in return.

“Oh, what is it? You want to thank us?”

Mito said,

“You don’t need to thank us, since you’ve already saved us once.”

Guren nodded his head and said.

“Why do I have to thank you? I’ve said before, leave me alone. I don’t need any friends.”

Hearing this, Mito and Goshi widened their eyes, then,

“As I’ve said, you’re really a shy guy~”

Goshi laughed.

Mito laughed too,

“What? You’re worried that we’ll be bullied because we’re around you?”

“Ah? That’s not……”

“You don’t need to worry too much. But it seems that I’m beginning to understand you a bit more.”

It appeared that she had no idea what was going on and had a look of complete misunderstanding on her face.

Then Mito said to Shigure.

“Ah, Yukimi-san.”

“…… I am not interested in you.”

“Yukimi-san, why don’t you come to my house and play next time? I mentioned you to my father and he became very interested……”

“…… I am not interested.”

“How about you come to my place after school today……?”

On the other side, Goshi found someone else to harass.

“Hey hey hey, you’re called Sayuri right? So, you, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Wa—waitwaitwaitwaitwait a minute, why on earth are you so close to me? Do you want me to kill you?”

“If you don’t have a boyfriend, we should meet after school for a date……”

“I don’t want to meet up with you!”

“So you’re saying that you already have a boyfriend? Is that it?”

“Eh, ah, no, I don’t have a boyfriend….. But to me, the most important is my master……”

Sayuri’s face was completely flushed, her eyes couldn’t stop glancing over at Guren.


So just to confirm once again, this is definitely wartime.


“These easy-going idiots, what on earth seriously?”

Guren thought.

But, idiots will always keep arguing. Even if you try to shut them up, it will go in one ear and out the other.

Looking at the scene before him, Guren sighed and slicked back his cola-drenched hair.

He raised his head to the sky.

Looking at the peaceful calm sky, as well as the ridiculously naïve scene in front of him,

“…… Haha.”

Guren let out a small smile.

So, it seems the story starts from here.


Killing one another.


Love, and hate.

From start to finish, it is all accompanied by people’s feelings.

With desire as the source, a continuous cycle.


And the desire continues to grow, leading to the destruction of the world.

This is the story of what happens to the humans before their extinction.

The Seraph of the End has sounded its final trumpet, before the world’s destruction, because humans are that ugly, how they struggle in despair, the story——

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