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Ning Shuqian pushed and nudged Wen Haowen. Just as he was feeling overjoyed thinking that he had finally succeeded, she glared at him sultrily and chided. “Stop whispering sweet nothings to me. I have something serious to ask you about.”

Feeling a little disappointed, Wen Haowen asked, “What’s the matter?”

Ning Shuqian said, “Madam Zhang told me to ask you about the progress of the entertainment city.”

Madam Zhang was another patient living in the nursing home who had been diagnosed with depression because she could not take the emotional blow from her husband’s and son’s demise that had resulted from a fatal car accident. However, her condition was not too severe.

The proposal that Wen Haowen had submitted to the shareholders was given by Madam Zhang.

The mention of the entertainment city caused a sullen expression to form on Wen Haowen’s face. “The proposal I raised during the board meeting has been approved.”

Although he had already gotten intimate with Ning Shuqian, he was still resentful, disgusted and suspecting towards her.

After reading through the proposal about the entertainment city, he was extremely tempted and excited. Since he had already been utterly embarrassed and had his reputation ruined by the exposure of his adulterous affair and Yang Ziyu’s pregnancy revelation, he felt this was the perfect opportunity for him to make a comeback.

Everyone knew that the entertainment industry was currently the most lucrative one. Although there were various entertainment joints in the nation, there had not been such a large-scale development before. He could imagine the glory and benefits that he would receive should the entertainment city really be built. It would mean that he had the best weapon for building his wealth.

However, he did not let the proposal overrule his rationality and decided to still be on his guard.

He then asked Ning Shuqian about the origin of the proposal, for he did not believe that she would be able to come up with such a flawless proposal based on her own abilities.

After hearing her explanation, he found out about Madam Zhang, the wife of a deceased wealthy American-born-Chinese businessman who had returned to China with the purpose of investing in the development of an entertainment city. Unfortunately, he and his son died in a car accident and as a result, the grief-stricken Madam Zhang developed depression and admitted herself to the nursing home after inheriting the wealth left behind by her husband.

Ning Shuqian had obtained that proposal from Madam Zhang.

Wen Haowen was still a little apprehensive about her words.

Hence, he secretly sent someone to check up on Madam Zhang’s background, only to realize that Ning Shuqian was speaking the truth.

Hence, Wen Haowen was completely tempted by the proposal.

He then began getting in touch with Madam Zhang, who unfortunately refused to speak to anyone except Ning Shuqian. Hence, he had no choice but to use Ning Shuqian to get closer to Madam Zhang.

Ning Shuqian sat on the bed and placed Wen Haowen’s head on her lap, after which she caressed and massaged his head with her tender hands. “What does Old Mr. Wen think of this? He holds 25% of the Wen Corporation’s shares and he’s currently still the chairman of Wen Corporation. If he doesn’t agree, we probably won’t be able to carry out the plan successfully.”

After hearing her words, he held Ning Shuqian in his arms and gave her a kiss. “Speaking of this, I still have to thank you. If it weren’t because of the suggestion that you gave me about holding a board meeting to persuade the shareholders, I doubt it’d be so successful.”

Wen Haowen thought about the discussion he had with Old Mr. Wen about the proposal two nights ago, during which Old Mr. Wen appeared rather displeased and obviously disapproved of the proposal. Had he not gained the approval of the shareholders beforehand, his plan would probably have been ruined.

Ning Shuqian laughed and said, “That’s great. We’ve been married so many years and you’ve been devoted to me as well, despite the fact that I came from a sordid background and I had a daughter from another man. I committed so many mistakes but you still remained loyal. I’m not asking for your forgiveness, but I do hope that this proposal can be carried out successfully so that your reputation can be salvaged and your status can be stabilized.

It was as if her touching words had moved Wen Haowen.

Wen Haowen’s feelings towards her were complicated and he said in a mellower tone, “You’ll deserve all the credit if the plan can be carried out and the entertainment city can be built.”

Ning Shuqian smiled tenderly and said, “I just wanted to help you.”

That man was indeed correct. It would be no use having just good looks and the title of Mrs. Wen. Men were pragmatic and they would get sick of their wives sooner or later, regardless of how beautiful they may be. It was commonplace for men to have multiple partners in the upper-class society. Actual benefits were the only things that would last forever.

Hence, that man suggested that she use the entertainment city to win Wen Haowen’s heart.

Wen Haowen pretended to be touched and kissed Ning Shuqian again.

Ning Shuqian said softly, “Haowen, the proposal may have been approved, but you can’t let your guard down. Now that Wen Xinya has returned, you have to be extra careful. That little bitch is not simple at all.”

The mention of Wen Xinya made her sound extremely resentful.

Wen Haowen sneered. “She’s merely a successor in name. So what if she holds 10% of the Wen Corporation’s shares? She still hasn’t officially taken part in the management. What can she do? Besides… even the old man can’t persuade the shareholders to change their decision. She’s just a greenhorn. What tricks can she get up to?”

Although he admitted that she was indeed capable, he felt that she was too inexperienced.

Ning Shuqian thought otherwise. She continued, “That may be the case, but it’s hard to prevent against Wen Xinya. She’s always been vicious and disrespectful towards you. She’s never seen you as her father. Take the Ai Shang product launch, for example, she openly used you to claim the credit. Now… you’re making preparations for such a promising project. Once it’s built, you’ll definitely secure your position as Wen Corporation’s CEO. By then, the successor might no longer be Wen Xinya. How could she possibly let you finish this project? Even if she can’t stop it from proceeding, she can just jeopardize it.”

Most importantly, there was someone behind Wen Xinya to support her.

It was not the best time to reveal who he was.

The entertainment city was a deciding factor of whether or not she could return to the Wen Family and become the rightful Mrs. Wen again. Even that man was rather concerned about it. If she could settle this, not only would Wen Haowen be impressed, even Old Mr. and Mrs. Wen would not have any objections towards her. Once she claimed credit, even Wen Xinya would have to stoop below her and that man would be pleased with her performance. Only then could she secure her footing in the Wen Family and deal with Wen Xinya easily.

Hence, she could not allow there to be any blunders.

Wen Haowen’s face grew sullen at the thought of the Ai Shang product launch. “You’re right, I’ll take note.”

Ning Shuqian smiled in satisfaction.

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